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Apprentice Toymaker Achievement Guide

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December 18, 2012 - 1:08am -- innuendo

This title track requires you to complete any 12 of the following achievements. The two monthly achievements also count towards this title, so feel free to skip any of the ones that are really driving your crazy.

Cold Weather Friend - Building 50 Snowmen

You may remember the pumpkin carving achievement of Halloween and this is in the same vein. Travel around Tyria looking for snowpiles that you can turn into snowmen. Unlike the pumpkin carving there are comparatively much less common in the world.

The simplest way to do this is to capital city hop each day. Use Lion’s Arch’s Asura Gate hub and go from capital city to capital city. You can get 15 each day that way. Which is more than enough to complete the Achievement before the holiday ends.

For extra dutiful hunters, each overflow shard resets the snowmen for the map. So as you hop in and out of Lion’s Arch, if you find yourself in an overlfow map (which you should), go get the 3 snowmen in Lion’s Arch again since they should be ready to grab.

Another little hint: each snow pile is marked by a floating “snowmaker” in the sky, shown below.


Wintersday Cheermeister - Complete the Jumping Puzzle

Either you got the stuff of you don’t! See lewisb’s guide to complete this puzzle here. If not, skip it and save your sanity. You can skip a few achievements from this list and still get the Title at the end. And as much as I wish I could give you jumping skills I'm just not that good

Gift Bringer - Capture 5 Gifts in Snowball Mayhem

Snowball mayhem is a great game type, so if you play this with any regularity the Gift bringer should come naturally. For best results use the Scout class and remember that casting the 5 ability gives you swiftness (even after you pick up the present). So go scout for a few rounds and this should come fairly quickly.

If you are really stuck, stay with scout but really focus on the first capture in the game. Depending on the skill of the opposing team I found it pretty common that by going scout I could get the first capture uncontested. The trick is to cast 5 immediately at the start of the match, then make sure you get the swiftness potion just outside of your base. follow that up with casting 5 again right before you grab the present and make a hasty retreat.

Gift Stopper - Stop 5 Gift Captures

This is much harder than Gift Bringer. There are 2 paths you can take with this one. One is to again use Scout and use the 4 ability to snipe targets as they run away. The other is to use the Heavy Gunner and use a mix of 3 and 4 to dish out damage and close range.

Either way you go you will want to position yourself about halfway up the path to the enemy base and just wait. In order to get credit for this achievement you must deal the final blow that causes the carrier to go into the down state. To that end I find the scout 4 skill the best since it deals so much damage in one go.

Toypocalypse Canceled - Complete Toypocalypse with at least one Dolyak

Check our guide for Toypocalypse. It should help you get through this crazy awesome game type. Our  Toypocalypse Guide.

Not Toying Around - Survive 50 Waves of Tyopocalypse

The first few waves of Toypocalypse are pretty easy. So depending on how successful you find your group o be you can just retry a few times. One trick is you don't have to leave after each successful run through the game. If you complete the whole 10 waves you can stick around and go again.

Ring in the Season - Play 500 Correct notes in Bell Choir

This one just takes patience. We have a guide up for this event that you can use to help hone your skills, but since this doesn’t require anything but effort by trying to get 100 notes a day you could complete this achievement without pulling your hair out. Unless you are a maestro and need no help (we aren’t all so blessed).

Become the Bells - Complete 10 Songs

Slightly harder than the above since you can’t just grind it out over time. Make sure even if you fail a song you stick around because you can jump back in the next song before the event resets. And if you complete a few songs and fail on the harder songs stay as well to ensure you get credit for the songs you did complete.

If you are having a real hard time you can complete the easy songs in the mix and then check out of the instance to go progress your other achievements. That way you aren’t wasting your time attempting songs you won’t be able to complete.

Smash the Town - Destroy all the items in Tixx’s Dungeon Instance

Smash and more smash! Make sure you pack a weapon that doesn’t have a targeted auto attack (most swords serve this purpose). And don’t make your party members go crazy while you try to do this during the dungeon. You can complete this achievement after the dungeon is over and all the enemies are dead and gone. Just stick around after and clean up the town.

Also, if you have an engineer friend, bring them with, the flamethrower absolutely demolishes little wooden structures!

Sylvari Surprise, Disaster Derailed, Charitable Charr, Help in Hoelbrak, Honorary Krewe Member (5 Achievements)- Complete the Tixx dungeon event for Each Race

I grouped these together since they are all the same thing. Nothing is more fun than little mini crazy dungeons verse renegade toys. It seems that each event is just a longer version of the one before it. So try and grab these the day Tixx’s is in the correct town. If not find him in Lion’s Arch to complete any one of the ones you missed.

The good news is completing these events will give you more than enough presents and toy kills to complete the 2 monthly achievements...

In the Spirit of Giving (Monthly) - Open 50 Presents

If you are completing the dungeon events, and doing the other achievements on this list, you will get more than enough of these presents to complete this achievement. If you find yourself short, cash in some of your unwanted gifts at any of the gift exchangers near the dungeon event locations and you can get the missing presents to complete your achievement

Buster of the Busted (Monthly) - Kill 100 Toys

A healthy mix of Tixx event running and finding presents in the open world is more than enough for this monthly achievement as well. If the dungeon’s leave your short (and they shouldn’t), a quick trip to a few world maps will find enough presents to complete the achievement. They are marked by peppermint icons on the map and despite the toys being a pain to kill, they are very easy to find and complete.


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Submitted by UncommonCalibur on

Thank you for the tips, especially the snowman building one.

BrownFang Harbinger's picture
Submitted by BrownFang Harbinger on

I didn't realize Tixx was currently in LA making past events available. I'll try this out today and test it out. If if works, I'm sure the members of my guild will be happy to know they can catch up on past events now. I've been telling them that the events would be unlocked after the 20th, as that was my understanding of the promotional material.

Thanks for all the fish, I mean tips.

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Submitted by innuendo on

Ah I was worried that wasn't clear. No he's not there till the 20th. My apologies.