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How to Use Your Spare Materials

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July 24, 2014 - 9:17am -- Lee B.
How to Use Your Excess Materials

Let’s face it. You have been hoarding materials like Thick Leather Sections, Bloodstone Dust, Elder Wood Logs and Mithril Ore. All those materials are reaching ten or so stacks and are quickly clogging up your bank. What are you supposed to do with all this stuff? Use this guide to figure out the most practical and profitable ways to turn these useless materials in your favor.

What to do With Your Spare Materials

Mithril Ore

Mithril Ore has the most use out of all the tier six materials. You have a chance for profits, personal use and can even gamble it a bit. For all of these options you will need about 300 ranks in armorsmithing, weaponsmithing or artifice to get the best use out of this material.


Superior Flame Ram Blueprints

One method to make profit is to make Superior Siege Blueprints in the Mystic Forge. These simply require mithril ore, elder wood logs, blueprints and some Siege Masters Guides. With these you can easily come out with a ten silver profit or more. We highly recommend you stick to Superior Flame Rams or Superior Arrow Carts as you can always make use of these if you happen to be in WvW.

Another great way to make money is to make 18 Slot Mithril Boxes. The materials for this item cost about two gold and nine silver and can be sold for nearly two gold and fifty silver. That comes out to nearly a forty silver profit for a material you have tons of. It also is handy to make these if you have alt characters that can use some bag space.

Mystic Forge

Four Sigils in the Mystic Forge

With 300 ranks in armorsmithing, weaponsmithing or artificing you can create some major sigils and runes. You can combine four sigils or four runes together in the Mystic Forge for a chance to get a random superior run or sigil. Because of how cheap these are - only costing you only two mithril ingots and one crystal core - you can make a huge amount of these to get a decent chance at some superior runes or sigils you can sell or use.

With those same ranks in those professions you can also make mithril weapon pieces. The pieces you will want to make are greatsword or shield pieces to make masterwork greatswords or shields. It will take a large amount of greatswords and shields to get a chance at an exotic precursor by churning four of them at a time in the mystic forge, but there is a chance for it. Alternatively you can sell any type of weapon piece or greatswords and shields for a small profit depending on which fine tier six material you use.

Elder Wood Logs

Elder Wood Logs have the least profitable uses for a player outside of making ascended materials. To get the most use you will likely be spending a lot of time at the mystic forge. Luckily you all need to invest is 300 ranks weaponsmithing, artificing or huntsman to get use of this material.

Mystic Forge

Superior Flame Ram Blueprints

Just like Mithril Ore one of the best things to make with Elder Wood Logs are Superior Siege Blueprints. You can make a small, reliable profit if you focus on making Superior Flame Rams or Superior Arrow Carts. You can also keep the blueprints so that whenever you do WvW you have a small advantage for your team.


Also like Mithril Ore you can make weapon pieces for a bunch of different weapons. If used in combination with Mithril Ore or Thick Leather Sections you can make bows, hammers, rifles or pistols. With these weapons you can combine them all into the Mystic Forge for slow progress towards a precursor or you can sell the weapon pieces on the trading post for a very small profit.

Thick Leather Sections

Out of all the materials listed here this is the one that is bound to be what you have the most of. Unfortunately there truly isn’t that much use for this material. For getting the most use out of this leather you need to get 300 ranks in huntsman or leatherworking.


18 Slot Leather Pack

Having 300 ranks in leatherworker will turn you a bit of profit considering how much leather you likely have. For a mere two gold and six silver investment you can sell 18 Slot Thick Leather Packs on the trading post for nearly two gold and forty silver. That’ll net you a reliable thirty silver for only ten Cured Thick Leather Squares. If you have alternate characters don't be afraid to give these bags to them. You will very likely get a lot more leather and two gold to turn some profit later on.

Mystic Forge

The only other major thing of note to make with Thick Leather Sections is to make Major Runes of the Thief. For only six and a half silver you can make an excessive amount of runes to combine in the Mystic Forge. This will give you the cheapest way of trying to get superior runes to either sell or use.

Bloodstone Dust

Bloodstone Dust can be gotten just about anywhere. The issue is that all that dust is so hard to get rid of short of just deleting the material. However there is one recipe that you can make use of to get some decent profit or daily use out of this material.


Toxic Sharpening Stone

First you will need 450 ranks in weaponsmithing so you can use this material effectively. Secondly, you need to get your hands on a Recipe: Toxic Sharpening Stone so you can make one of the best consumable items in the game. Finally you just need to get your hands on a decent amount of Pristine Toxic Spore Samples and get to crafting. These stones will net twenty silver per stone and can get you some decent gold if you are willing to farm for the ingredients.


Of course all of these materials can be used in their traditional sense of just outfitting your character with level appropriate weapons and armor or to craft ascended materials. There is also the option to just continue to horde these resources for any potential crafting recipes or patches in the future. Whatever it is you choose to do just make sure you aren’t selling these base materials to the Trading Post or to vendors as it will turn you the absolutely least amount of profit possible.