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November 24, 2012 - 5:30am -- Xerin
Fractals of the Mist

Harpies and Platforming

Arriving in the Uncategorized Fractal, like most of the Asura locations, you'll have to work your way through a series of platform elements before you reach your first boss encounter.  Unfortunately for you, Haripies block your path with ranged bow attacks.  In the lower levels of this fractal, the arrows simply damage you.  At higher levels however, the arrows will knock you back and off the platforms.  You should be aware that during this part and by entering into combat, your character will reduce his movement speed, which can make the jumps difficult.  It's best to attack the harpies from range and then jump. If you do fall, don't worry; you'll reappear in a downed state back where you first started.

Fractals of the Mist

Champion Encounter

After bypassing the harpies you'll find the first "boss" encounter of the fractal. Inside the room is a power node stashed away in the corner.  When you destroy it, four enemies will appear out of the side rooms and attack you. Two of the enemies are Champions (Flame Legion Fire Shaman and Ettin) and two are Veterans (Rabbit and Saboteur).  It must be said that for the most part, the Ettin, Shaman and Rabbit are ignorable as they can be easily kited however I found the Saboteur caused the most problems for many of the parties I've played with.  The Saboteur is the equivalent of a Bomb Kit engineer, so will run towards you dropping explosives at your feet.  Make sure you keep your distance and kill her as quickly as possible before moving onto the Rabbit, Ettin and Shaman. 

Fractals of the Mist

Electric Staircase

As the second environmental encounter in the fractal (the first being the platforming) you'll find a staircase, after defeating the Champions, which provides the only access to the upper levels.  Sadly the staircase is being blocked by a series of electrical pulses that flow down the stairs in a random pattern. If you touch any of these electrical beams you will be downed and teleported instantly to the foot of the stairs. At the top of the staircase are three control panels which need to be activated in order to turn off the electrical beams.  When activating the control panels, you will be immobilised for several seconds, leading many to believe that you have to have 3 members of your party interact with each panel.  However, if you have skills which remove immobilise, you can have just 1 person activate them all.  If you cannot do this, it's best to equip skills which make you immune to damage such as an Engineers Elixir S or an Elementalists Mist Form.  That way you can quickly run up the staircase without fear of the beams harming you, before shutting off the power. 

Fractals of the Mist

Old Tom

The second "boss" in the fractal is Old Tom, a Golem complete with cats ears and whiskers.  First and foremost, make sure your enter party enter the room at the same time.  If they don't and the boss encounter is triggered the door will shut and unless you have a mesmer in your party (with teleport) you'll be a man down for the duration.  Old Tom does very little besides spit poison in a whirl pattern around him which envelops the room and can kill you incredibly quickly.  Thankfully there is a handy fan at the back of the room which when activated will clear the poison.  The key to this encounter is to have one member of your party activate the fan at all times, while the other four tank-and-spank Old Tom. 

Fractals of the Mist

Final Encounter

Possibly the most surreal moment in Guild Wars 2 is walking up to the final boss encounter in the Uncategorized Fractal to see an Asura with an Afro, surrounded by four Golems in cat ears and whiskers (in different colours) with disco music playing.  If it doesn't make you laugh, I'm not sure what will.  As for the encounter itself, each Golem will repair itself unless pulled away from the pack.  Having a high damage team makes this encounter incredibly easy as you'll quickly be able to burst down the Golems before they know whats hit them.  As for the Asura, you can ignore him as he is surrounded by an impenetrable forcefield.  Although he'll make every effort to attack you, simply concentrate on the Golems and once all four are dead, you're finished!

Please note that this guide covers all encounters and fractal difficulty changes up to level 10 only.  This guide will be updated based on the author taking part in higher difficulty levels and will be expanded to include achievements.


Wedge7's picture
Submitted by Wedge7 on

Definitely my favourite Fractal. The layout and design are brilliant, the area varied, and the golem bosses are hilarious. I could not stop laughing whilst fighting them!! 

With the first 4 bosses in the room, my preferred order to take them out is rabbit - saboteur - shaman - ettin. Seeing as the rabbit is the closest to the power node, your party can take it out quickly before moving onto the others. Also, can the rabbit one-shot you? A la Monty Python killer rabbit?

kvikramg's picture
Submitted by kvikramg on

If the Old Tom fight starts without u and your stuck outside, there is a lever/button next to the door that'll let u in.

This also happens with the last boss in blizzard fractal. If your stuck outside, click the Savnir banner next to the door and it'll teleport u in. 

I was horrible at the Electric Staircase puzzle. The closer u get to the top, the less time u have to avoid the electric pulses. The key is dodging, it works here. Save your dodge for the end. When u get closer to the top , double dodge, thus if there was any electrical pulses produced u would evade them. 

Lore moment, we think this fractal is showing us Rata Sum in the future. Some disaster must have struck  the city, and its destroyed. Final boss is the last asuran left and has gone mad. He shows the cat lady symptoms , by modifying his golums to look and act like cats. Pretty funny. 

tzahr's picture
Submitted by tzahr on

Nice write up.  Only thing I would add to the final boss fight are the debuffs party members can get.  Anyone with the debuff will have a dash or a circle over their heads.  If two players with opposite debuffs get to close they will take periodic damage.