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Sky Pirates of Tyria: Scavenger Hunt Guide

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June 24, 2013 - 9:04am -- Lee B.
Scavenger Hunt


One of the things to do in the newest content patch “Sky Pirate of Tyria” is a scavenger hunt to go along with the release of the newest book “Sea of Sorrows”. This hunt will send you all over Lion's Arch and beyond to learn the rough beginnings of Lion's Arch and the man behind it all. With this guide we will help you get to all of those, sometimes tricky, locations and net yourself a book that will give you five free skillpoints and the newest Explorer Achievement. Beware the spoilers within the guide and the plaques themselves can spoil the book if you intend to read it!

Lion's Arch Locations Map

Scavenger Hunt Map


First location is just south of the Western Ward Waypoint. Your destination is the new statue that overlooks the bay. Activate it and you are well on your way!

Location 1

Second location just just east of that statue to the Moran Memorial Point of Interest. Just at it's base is your second of twelve plaques. 

Location 6

For the third location keep heading east of that Memorial past the Macha's Landing Point of Interest. Here, in an alley that leads away from the dock, is your next plaque.

Location 7

Fourth location require you to take a little dip in the sea. Go south into Sanctum Harbor and head just north east of the  Lion's Gate Point of Interest. You'll see a rock jutting out of the water, and down at it's baste will be a plaque.

Location 3

Head east from that plaque to the Claw Island Portage Waypoint. Right next the Waypoint will be another plaque.

Location 4

Look east of the Claw Island Portage Waypoint and to the dock that sits on the beach. Go UNDER that dock and you'll find, in my opinion, the hardest to locate plaque. Halfway done!

Location 11

From there head southwest and over to the Lion's Gate Point of Interest. At the base of the old lighthouse will be that plaque.

Location 5

Jump over to the Fort Marriner Waypoint and head north along the bridge. About midway over the bridge will be another plaque.

Location 8

Keep heading north to the Yomm's Mercantile Point of Interest. Right next to the building will be your ninth plaque.

Location 10

Now head east and up to the Crow's Nest Tavern Point of Interest. Within the Tavern, near the bar, is yet another plaque.

Location 9

For your last plaque in Lion's Arch, head to the Deverol Island Point of Interest (which is north of the Farshore Waypoint). Here, head to the rock cropping that juts south of the peninsula and you'll find your eleventh plaque.

Location 2

Your last plaque will be all the way over to Malchor's Leap. On the far west of the map you will see a lonely Point of Interest called “Harbinger”. Go there, swim down and onto the main deck of the sunken ship. At the heart of it you will see the last plague! Congratulations!

Location 12


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