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Sky Pirates of Tyria: Aetherblade Retreat Dungeon

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June 24, 2013 - 9:04am -- Lee B.
Aetherblade Retreat


The newest dungeon associated with the “Sky Pirates of Tyria” content update pits you up against the core of the Aetherblade Pirates and pits you against their toughest schemes. Here you will find plenty of crowd control and an astounding amount of heavy hitting damage. For this dungeon I wholeheartedly recommend invulnerability utilities, spike heals, condition removal, stun breakers/stability and utilities to pick up downed allies quickly.

This dungeon is repeatable which allows you to get a chance at a 100 Dragon Coffer drop, special statted armors and utility recipes. Regardless if you get the rare loot, you will be guaranteed 1 gold per run through. Mastering this dungeon could turn to be very profitable.



This dungeon is located within Lion's Arch, just underneath the Diverse Ledges Waypoint. You'll find a Lionguard and a Living Story marker telling you exactly where to go. Run full steam ahead with a full group and you'll be on way to taking out the Aetherblades.



Prior to the mid-way part of the dungeon you will find yourself pitted against standard Aetherblade affair, which is not to say it will be easy. These baddies do synergize well and have skillsets similar to some builds I've seen.

The most notable part in this leg of the dungeon is a gauntlet-like area where you must clear a certain amount of Aetherblade before you can continue. What makes it particularly difficult is two gunners (whom you cannot harm) on cannons occasionally raining down fire and death. Vigor, damage invulnerability, spike heals and skills that pick up allies from down state will be invaluable. Clear out the requisite amount of Aetherblades, kick the gunners' butts and move on.

Frizz and Kleptotronic Advanced Designs

Frizz Fight

This mini-boss battle will practically require ranged weapons if you want to get the special achievement “Faster Than Light”, which requires you to completely avoid the lasers.

Starting this battle is a simple tank and spank where you beat on Frizz until he drop down to three quarters of his health. At this point he'll run to the center of the room, go invulnerable and lasers will begin rotating around the room slowly. Using dodge skills or the piles of boxes you can avoid the lasers. As the lasers spin the golems from the walls will go hostile and begin to attack you. Two important things to note at this point:

First is that the lasers do quick damage. If you aren't tanky you will drop to downed swiftly. Ranged weapons are invaluable just to stay alive during this fight.

Second is that when these lasers pass through the golems, they become invulnerable for a short time. Kite the golems with you as you walk backwards and you can get a good pace going to avoid that issue.

Killing all the golems starts the second leg of the fight. Beat up Frizz til he's at half life and he'll run back to the center console again. At this point walls of lasers rotate around the room. The only way to avoid these are to continually move. Luckily, when this laser passes through the Golems they instead get a special attack that can be easily interrupted.

Beating up Frizz a third time, to a quarter of his health, initiates the last phase of this battle. Here both sets of lasers rotate around the room and force you to remain mobile. Take it slow, and res allies when they fall, and you will get through this just fine.


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