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Secret of Southsun Achievement Guide

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May 16, 2013 - 4:08pm -- Xerin

Southsun Stalwart (awarded for completing 25 achievements)

Consortium Reward Club Member 

Talking to any number of the Consortium and offering to help will provide you with a Consortium Supporter buff. The buffs last for 24 hours and during this period you need to complete 5 events in Southsun. I'd recommend you simply look for contested Waypoints to find the nearest events and you should be done in no time. 

Southsun Settler Support 

Exactly the same as the above however this time you talk to a Settler, to receive the Settler Supporter buff. You'll need to go on and complete a further 5 events.

Southsun Sightseer

Visit all seven of the below locations.

  • Camp Karka
  • Owain’s Refuge
  • Kiel’s Outpost
  • Pearl Islet
  • Lion Point
  • Pride Point
  • The Fortress connecting Dappled Shores and Drift Springs


Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork/Sample Collection

See our Secret of Southsun: Sample Guide for an additional 12 achievements.

Southsun VIP Meet and Greet 

A very easy achievement, simply speak to five individuals dotted around the map. Luckily 4 of these are in Pearl Islet with the fifth out in the Scoured Plains. The best tip here is to simply hold down Alt when near NPC's to have their names appear. 

  • Researcher Levvi (Scoured Plains)
  • Subdirector Noll (Pearl Islet)
  • Inspector Kiel (Pearl Islet)
  • Lady Kasmeer (Pearl Islet)
  • Lord Faren (Pearl Islet)

Gossip with Lord Faren and with Lady Kasmeer

Head on down to the beach from Pearl Islet to talk to Lord Faren and Lady Kasmeer who are both stood under a palm tree. While you're hear and after talking to them (because you automatically put your bikini on when entering the beach) head in to the water to complete achievement 25/25 (Southsun Skinny Dipper).

Briefing by Inspector Kiel 

Inspector Kiel is right next to the Waypoint (outside the Asura Gate) on Pearl Islet. 

Consultation with Researcher Levvi

If you've completed the Secret of Southsun: Sample Guide you'll have completed this achievement as Levvi is the individual you need to speak to. If you haven't, you can find her on the left hand side of the island. 

Confer with Subdirector Noll 

Similarly to Inspector Kiel, Subdirector Noll is an asura just outside of the gate or next to Pearl Islet Waypoint. 

Crab Toss Participant 

Talk to the NPC to enter the Crab Toss Arena to be awarded with the achievement. You can find the arena to the left of Pearl Islet. 

Crab Carrying Competitor

Simply participate in Crab Tossing and carry the crab 300 times.


When participating in Crab Tossing, be the last person standing while holding the crab. It's easiest to complete this during the early hours when fewer players are around or get guild members to help. 

Crab Grabber

This is easiest to complete simply by playing with guild mates to play together as public groups are far too disorganised. It's relatively slow though as you need 100 steals. 

Crab Toss Champion

Win a game of Crab Tossing! Again and similarly to the above, it's far easier to participate alongside friends and guildies in order to complete this achievement as public participation is a frantic, sloppy affair.

Southsun Omelette Gourmand 

Over in Owains Refuge (next to Levvi) you'll encounter an event where you have to collect Karka eggs. Pick these up from the surrounding nests and bring them to Owain. Once completed Owain will become a vendor that allows you to purchase the omletes for 119 karma. 

The Goggles Do Nothing 

Head into Bakestone Cavern and climb the spiral right to the top. Just before the Champion Karka is a pair of goggles on your right hand side (looking over the edge). Pick them up (holding down control highlights them) and jump into the lava below to gain the achievement. 

Southsun Skinny Dipper 

Swim in the Southsun water without your armour on. The easiest method is to head to the beach south of Pearl Islet which will automatically get you naked as you run into the water. 

Lair Light-Foot

This is difficult, but you simply need to complete Canach's Lair without touching a mine. The best bet is to just follow a path around the dungeon, triggering the mines- letting Canach run on them but ensuring you dodge when he charges. 

Sub Director NULL Demolitionist

Enter the explorable path of Canach's Lair and simply kill the rampaging golem. It takes around 10 minutes and is incredibly easy.


Ayelet's picture
Submitted by Ayelet on

The tips that you give to work cooperatively for Crab Toss instead of playing the game as intended is directly against EULA.  It's also an affront to every honest player in the game.

Ayelet's picture
Submitted by Ayelet on

Laughter is good.  Cheating is not good.  Just go play the game; it's fun.  

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

The tips that you give to work cooperatively for Crab Toss instead of playing the game as intended is directly against EULA.  It's also an affront to every honest player in the game.

I am an internet douche. Look at me.

Lewis B's picture
Submitted by Lewis B on

I'm not sure that playing Crab Tossing with friends and guildies can be considered cheating :) Coordinated play between friends and guildies is the entire point of Keg Brawl or Crab Tossing as you can time your steals/passes much better.

I wouldn't recommend you simply passing the crab between you and a friend (that likely is cheating). But playing a game with guildies/friends will see it achieved much easier. 

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Lewis, if coordinated play with friends and guildies were really the entire point of Keg Brawl or Crab Toss then why isn't it allowed to go in with a preset roster?  I must say that the guide definitely reads as if the writer is advocating playing Crab Toss cooperatively rather than competively, which is most assuredly NOT the point  of the game.  It's definitely not earning an achievement.

Lewis B's picture
Submitted by Lewis B on

Keg Brawl and Crab Toss are obviously designed to be played with friends, why you can't go in with a roster before hand I really don't know. We've had so much fun playing it as a guild or with friends. Just because you go in with guildies doesn't mean you can't play competively (and cooperatively). We all like to win :)

Ayelet's picture
Submitted by Ayelet on

I view cooperative play in a competitive PvP type setting as match manipulation.  Playing fairly is important to me, even in mini-games.  

Winning is good -- trading wins is not good.  Not playing to the best of your ability for the sake of controlling the outcome of a  match is cheating.  A-Net has set the precedent of suspending some of the highest ranking players in GW1 for the offense.   The difference in dancing to a draw in a Monthly Tournament and trading steals with a guildie in Crab Toss is only one of severity, not one of principle.  

none's picture
Submitted by none (not verified) on

It isn't cheating. An achievement has no value. If you want to get yours competetively for some sort of self satisfaction then go ahead. Don't mock others for being efficient.