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Ranger Build Guide: WvW Roamer/Longbow/Greatsword

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February 10, 2014 - 3:51pm -- Lewis B
Ranger Build Guide: WvW Roamer/Longbow/Greatsword

In this ranger build guide we present to you a tried and tested setup focused on roaming in World versus World. Utilizing the Longbow and Greatsword, this build not only deals damage but has considerable survivability without relying entirely on a traditional bunker setup.  Please be aware that this build is drawn from a PvE setup of items- the item combination of Toughness/Power/Precision is not available in sPvP.



High damage, but not equal to Berserker

Lacks repeat-burst potential once your skills are used up

High levels of survivability and condition removal

Still struggles to kill bunker players 

Excellent at keeping players pinned down

Relies on Bloodlust and consumables to really push your attack power

Excels in open world play where you have room to move (and distance!)

Has little team utility (it's quite a selfish build)

Can escape easily with the greatsword.

Relies heavily on your pet staying alive

Ranger Build Guide: WvW Roamer/Longbow/Greatsword

Please Note: Other than this, it's also possible to drop 20 points from Natures Magic and place them into Marksmanship, taking traits Steady Focus, Eagle Eye or Piercing Arrows for more damage potential. Lastly, due to condition removal from dodging and Healing Spring (see below) you can also use Bark Skin to give you extra staying power.

Please Note: Entangle is an amazing replacement for Rampage As One if you want a little more control against your enemies.   

Ranger Build Guide: WvW Roamer/Longbow/Greatsword

Ranger Build Guide: WvW Roamer/Longbow/Greatsword

To compliment these upgrades and amulets, I'd recommend you use Plates of Orrian Steak Filets and Sharpening Stones to boost your Power.

  • Spiders (Primary)
  • Wolf (Secondary)
  • Shark (Primary Underwater)
  • Red Jellyfish (Secondary Underwater)

Ranger Build Guide: WvW Roamer/Longbow/Greatsword

Ranger Build Guide: WvW Roamer/Longbow/Greatsword

This build exists to prove that a roaming Ranger is indeed a very deadly and formidable opponent. With the long distance punch of a longbow, and the true might of the greatsword, this build makes certain there is very little one can do to withstand any attack you might bring. At your disposal there are four immobilizes, three cripples, a knockdown, a fear, a knock-back, a daze and an invisibility all in your attack rotations to make distance or close gaps.

You have a solid cushion of survivability and utility to help you lay on some serious damage in a solid roaming situation. Your weakness will likely be the fact that you can't handle too many conditions and that you can't pierce a strong bunker build at all. You simply cannot burst them down before they kill you. Swoop, Muddy Terrain and Hunter's Mark will make sure you get all the distance you need. Remember that Counterattack on your greatsword also blocks conditions and ranged attacks.

It's also terribly important that you make certain you don't let your pets get killed off. They won't be able to take your conditions from you if you have to wait a full minute during a fight, and not having their abilities to control you opponent will make that job all that much harder. 

Ranger Build Guide: WvW Roamer/Longbow/Greatsword

I always open with the following:

  • Have your Spider ready and use Paralysing Venom
  • Use Signet of the Hunt (150% damage boost on your pets next attack)
  • Use Rampage As One
  • Quickening Zephyr
  • Rapid Fire
  • Point Blank Shot
  • Barrage
  • Change to Wolf + Greatsword
  • Swoop
  • Hilt Bash
  • Maul
  • Counter Attack (if you aren't near enough, run around your opponent) or you knock them back then...
  • Change back to Longbow (use Wolf fear as your opponent will likely be back near you, or your Wolf near them)
  • Repeat the above

Ensure you utilize Muddy Terrain if they get too close (to give you room to escape), alternatively, create distance by swooping away.

Revision History

  • 02/10/2014 - Adjusted the style of the guide to match the standard for all of our guides moving forward. Updated to reflect trait and skill updates since the creation of this guide.