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Prime Hologram Boss Guide

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March 6, 2014 - 3:27am -- Lee B.
Prime Hologram Boss Guide


The finale for the first Season of the Living World pits us up against Scarlet aboard her ship The Breachmaker that continues to drill for its mysterious goal deep beneath the bay of Lion’s Arch. This update continues the heroes’ struggles to retake Lion Arch as they fight numerous foes of Scarlet’s armies, Scarlet’s commanders and pits the players against Scarlet’s newest hologram: The Prime Light Hologram. Successfully defeating this major boss will finally allow for players to square off against Scarlet and learn what the purpose of this assault was.

Accessing the Breachmaker

Entering the Breachmaker

To get aboard the ship to face off against Scarlet’s last line of defense you will need to fight Scarlet’s Assault Knights. Three Knights will spawn in different locations within Lion’s Arch and players will need to defeat each of them to get the three attunement circles necessary to become Prime Light attuned. Once becoming Prime Light attuned players will be able to enter the Prime Teleporters and fight the Prime Hologram.

The three Assault Knights all have identical skills:

  • Reflect Conditions / Vulnerable to Conditions

Prime Hologram Condition CrashPrime Hologram Condition Reflect

The Assault Knights swap their “mode” at every quarter of health they lose. At 100% and 50% health the Knight will reflect any condition attempted to put on it back to the player. At 75% and 25% health the Knights become completely vulnerable to conditions and will decrease in power for each condition on it.

  • Area of Effect (AoE) Pull with a follow up melee attack

Assault Knight Extraction

The attack will be apparent by a massive orange/red AoE marker that has a hole in the center right underneath the Knight’s feet. This attack will yank players in and knock them down to give the Knight time to do a powerful wind-up melee attack. The best way to avoid it is either to dodge immediately when the marker appears, or to dodge into that small hole near the Knight then to dodge away as it swings.

  • AoE stomp

Assault Knight Stomp

This attack will be shown when a smaller orange/red AoE marker appears underneath the Knight’s feet. The Knight will leap into the air, to dodge all attacks for a short period of time, and slam back down with a powerful knockback that deals significant damage. Typically you will want to run immediately out of the circle as it appears, but you can dodge as the Knight lands to avoid all the damage.

Assault Knight Tactics

The current strategy to kill all the Knights with the fifteen minute time period seems to be to go from the Blue Knight, to Green Knight and then waypointing to Bloodcoast Ward to get the Red Knight.  Having full Berserker gear, food buffs that give +power and +precision, a Powerful Potion of Slaying Scarlet’s Armies and the Vigil Valiance (give near the Mystic Plaza) will give you the optimal build for taking down these bosses. It also appears that, in the game’s current state and known strategies, to get the “Six Minutes to Knightfall” achievement requires that a majority of people on the server have the same buffs and builds to burn down the Knights quickly enough.

Prime Hologram

Prime Hologram

After killing the three Assault Knights, becoming Prime Light attuned and stepping into a Prime Teleporter you will be brought to the final battle Scarlet can throw at you: The Prime Hologram. This boss is very similar to a World Boss in that a large group of players, beyond a standard group, are pulled together to handle this hologram. The hologram fight is split into three very distinct phases you will have to go through within a twenty five minutes in order to get the reward and complete this event.

Phase One

Prime Hologram Tells

This first phase of combat has the Prime Hologram doing two simple attacks:

  • A straight, lingering AoE blast that can down a player in one hit. The amount of blasts it does increases with each quarter of health removed until 25% health remains.
  • A large AoE attack underneath its feet that pushes you directly backwards and deals some serious damage.

Attunement Circles

Your agenda is to maneuver between the powerful blasts to get yourself Prime Attuned by once again running over the three colored AoE fields. Once Prime Attuned you will be able to deal damage to the hologram for thirty five seconds before the attunement fades and you have to find the three circles again. Throughout this fight Scarlet will teleport to various groups of players in order to deal some direct damage and shoot fields that will knock players backwards if you attempt to enter or exit it. Once the players bring the Prime Hologram to 25% health the second phase of the fight will begin.

Phase Two

Red Prime Hologram

In this phase the hologram will split into three colors and separate to the corners of the room. Players will need to get themselves attuned to the specific color of the hologram they are trying to fight in order to deal damage to that hologram. Each hologram will also have its own attacks and characteristics:

Red Hologram

  • Large AoE fire fields
  • AoE Stomp that deals a splash of damage
  • AoE Stomp that pushes you across the room

Green Hologram

  • Spawns a small ring of Toxic Spores around itself
  • Protects itself in a bubble that reflects all ranged attacks
  • Single targets a player to deal a heavily damaging AoE pulse to that player and all players within the AoE. Applies torment stacks.

Blue Hologram

  • Has a defensive shield that prevents all damage unless hit with 50 separate conditions.
  • A wide arc AoE that deals significant damage and pushes players backwards.
  • Huge amount of toughness.

It is important to note that there are two strategies for defeating the separated holograms and getting to the third phase of the fight:

Micro Hologram Swarm

The first strategy involves killing each Hologram once at a time. When the hologram dies it will split into six Micro Holograms that will need to be killed again. These holograms do smaller version of their larger counterpart and once “killed” they merely flicker about and don’t take or deal any more damage. The problem with this route is that by the time you kill the last main hologram there will be twelve Micro Holograms blocking attacks as well as the additional six that last hologram will spawn

The second strategy involves killing each Hologram at the same time. It requires a considerable amount more coordination and structure with the group as a whole to stop damaging the individual holograms until they are all at an extremely low health. After one hologram is destroyed players will have roughly thirty seconds to destroy the other two before they split into six. If you manage to pull it off the separation into Microstatic Holograms won’t occur and you will skip directly to the third phase.

Phase Three

Final Phase Fight

The Prime Hologram reforms in the middle of the room, with 25% health, as the Prime Ultraviolet Hologram in this phase. Players will be completely unable to directly harm the hologram and will have to avoid the holograms four pronged blast attack. However, roughly every fifteen seconds a large number of Microprime Holograms will spawn that will deal smaller blasts that stun players. Destroying Microprime Holograms within thirty seconds deals damage to the Prime Ultraviolet Golem and prevents the Ultraviolet Blast to occur that will deal significant damage to players. Fully destroying three sets of the Microprime Holograms will kill the Prime Hologram and complete the fight.


Safe Location

If you happen to be looking to get the "In Tune" and "No More Tricks, Scarlet" the best strategy is to participate enough in the fight only to get credit. When you first enter the fight get your Prime Attunement immediately without getting hit and without attacking the Prime Hologram. Go through one full attack cycle until the Prime Attunement buff wears off then retreat to the back of the room. Here you will be able to stay outside of Scarlet's range until the second phase of combat.

At the second phase of combat run out to the middle of the room and get yourself the Blue Attunement. Once again you will want to go through a full attack cycle while stay at extreme range from the massive AoE arc attack it does. Once the buff wears off retreat into the back of the room.

If you did everything without getting hit and made sure you attacked when correctly Attuned you should get these achievements as soon as you can see the chest appear.