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Prepare for the September Feature Pack!

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September 3, 2014 - 2:37pm -- Lee B.
September Feature Pack

If you have been anywhere among the Guild Wars 2 community then you ought to have heard something about the newest Feature Pack to drop on September 9th. This update brings all new improvements to the game through the experience new players will get, how the game performs, balancing classes and even how collections and the Wardrobe. There is a lot coming up in the game and you should make sure you are completely ready for everything.

Keep in mind we still aren’t fully aware of what might be coming like what could be coming with tomorrow’s announcement “Trading 2.0”. Come back to see this guide update to make certain you are prepared for the newest information.

Making New Characters

Levelling Up Reward

One of the biggest changes to come out of the Feature Pack is the direction being taken to enhance the early game progression for characters for both veterans and new players. In the August 28th blog post we learn of the newest directions being taken to enhance direction and rewards. After the update new character progression will completely change.

It is recommended that you wait til the update before starting to work on new character progression. Save your levelling up tomes as well. All the new rewards, while possibly being worthless in the long run, might have a significant value at the beginning of the update. Stay away from progressing until the 9th so you can reap the most rewards.

WvW and PvP

PvP Elite Glorious Heavy Armor

For those of you who already have 80s and are veterans at the game there are still some new features coming your way to prepare for.

PvP in particular is getting two brand new, exclusive to PvP armor sets inspired by real world mythos. It may be worth the time to start practicing on your PvP and honing your skills so you will possibly be able to participate in a competitive tournament in the far future.

WvW is getting a large overhaul of features:  a new WvW ability line, improved Commander Tags and the new Fall Tournament. Now is the time to get your characters outfitted and prepared for these new changes and especially to get ready to fight bitterly for the tournament. Now is the time to get your main WvW character to level 80, full exotic or ascended gear and hammer out your favorite builds.

Wardrobe Additions

September Feature Back Wardrobe Collection Expansion

The Wardrobe system will be getting two new major updates: a miniature collection and finisher collection. This will allow players to stream line the access to their large collections of the two items and allow easier use. You can bet that there will be all new achievements associated with these two additions, just like the clothing wardrobe, so now is the time to start getting your minis and a few finisher’s while you can.

Collections and Achievements

All new achievements and collections are being tied to all sorts of items old and new. Players will be encouraged to explore, craft and use items to reach all new achievements and rewards offered by this new system.

In this time before the update it will be a good idea to start gathering and stocking up on items to unlock in the new collection system. Take the time to finish up maps for access to more waypoints and locations that might house secret new collection items. Most importantly start saving materials for crafting so that you can unlock new items like the Spirit Crafter back item which appears to be tied to the weapon skins of Aether, Azureflame, Eidolon, Foefire’s Essence and Foefire’s Power.

September Feature Pack Spirit Crafter Pack