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Monthly Achievement Guide

August 7, 2014 - 5:17am -- Lee B.
Monthly Achievement Guide

August Monthly Meta-Achievement at a glance:

  • For a passive approach you can get this done with the Monthly Completionist, Monthly Successful Events, Skill Point Amasser and Veteran Slayer without actively having to focus too hard on any given task through-out the month.
  • You can get the monthly done by purely sticking to WvW by doing the Monthly WvW Player KillsMonthly Successful Events, Skill Point Amasser and Veteran Slayer achievements.
  • To get this monthly done fast you can actively focus on doing Puzzle Jumper, Monthly Group Event Completer, Monthly Successful Events and Skillpoint Amasser. Focusing on doing these will get your meta-achievement done in just a couple days of work.

To get this monthly done in a short amount of time you can focus on doing Puzzle Jumper, Monthly Group Event Completer, Montly Successful Events and Skillpoint Amasser. For Monthly Group Event Completer and Monthly Successful Events you can run through Edge of the Mists a few times just capturing all the strategic points. Doing this will get all your required events and group events completed without ever having to leave a zone. Skill Point Amasser can be knocked out quickly through WvW or through a collection of Scrolls of Knowledge. Puzzle Jumper can be done in one day and you can get it done by doing the following Jumping Puzzles:

Monthly Jumping Puzzle Locations

  1. Spelunker’s Delve – Caledon Forest
  2. Morgan’s Leap – Caledon Forest
  3. Dark Reverie – Caledon Forest
  4. Under New Management – Southsun Cover
  5. Vizier’s Tower – Straits of Devestation
  6. Demongrub Pits – Queensdale
  7. Troll’s End – Lion’s Arch
  8. Urmaug’s Secret  - Lion’s Arch
  9. Weyandt’s Revenge – Lion’s Arch
  10. Coddler’s Cove – Timberline Falls
  11. Shaman’s Rookery – Wayfarer Foothills
  12. Pig Iron Quarry – Fireheart Rise

If you want to focus more on WvW you can focus on doing Monthly WvW Player KillsMonthly Successful Events, VeteranSlayer and Skill Point Amasser. Monthly WvW Player Kills and Monthly Successful Events can be done in quick time if you manage to get in a commander group that is actively taking points all over the Edge of the Mists map. Skill Point Amasser and Veteran Slayer will be gotten naturally as you capture the various points in WvW and achieve the various objectives. With how fast Edge of the Mists moves you will likely see these achievements done in a few hours if you dedicate your full attention to these achievements.

The final option is just to normally play the game and you will likely see Monthly Completionist, Veteran Slayer, Monthly Successful Events and Skill Point Amasser done before the end of the month. Veteran Slayer can be done by going through PvE or WvW due to the abundance of veterans in just about any part of the game. Doing a few dungeons will get you this achievements in a few runs if you need to get it a bit more quickly. If you follow the daily achievements, and make sure to get at least five of them done, you won’t have a problem seeing Monthly Completionist done in time. Monthly Successful Events and Skill Point Amasser will be naturally achieved by the end of the month through normal play doing map completion, dungeons, PvP or any other mode of play at a casual pace.

PvP Monthly Wins can be used to replace any achievement above to offer a variety to your achievements while still keeping it relatively fast. This, of course, all depends on how well your team does in a match to be counted for the win. Alternatively, Fractal Frequenter can be also be used to complete your monthly easily by doing the first ten Fractal levels.

Check back at the beginning of each month for an updated guide on that month's achievements!

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