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Lunatic Inquisition Guide

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October 15, 2013 - 2:42pm -- Lewis B

For want of a better word, Lunatic Inquisition is hide and seek. To enter the mini-game, simply speak to the NPC next to the Mystic Forge (which is now a Couldron).

There are two sides: Villagers and Lunatic Courtiers. The Villagers have to hide while the Lunatic Coutiers have to find them. Generally speaking, as a Villager you need to keep moving and not think you can simply hide as you will eventually be caught. 

Dependant on which side you choose will result in a very different approach to play.



  • If you die you will be converted to a Lunatic.
  • There is no out of combat health regeneration. However, you can stealth (elite) and do runner quicker than Lunatics.
  • To heal yourself you need to pick up food on the ground or speak to a ghost NPC who deals out banquests.
  • There are a variety of weapons scattered around the maps but Lunatics can fake these and injur you if you pick up a trapped version.
  • Alarms are in various locations and will pin-point your location to Lunatics. They look like a face that appears through the wall.
  • If you're the last player alive you'll be given a chainsaw to kill Lunatics with. It's pretty satisfying and deals big damage.
  • Staying together as a group of following a commander is the best course of action to staying alive.
  • Be aware of your action bar as if the Mad King makes a command, you need to type it (/cower, ponder, shrug, salute or dance) or you will receive damage.


  • Web – Immobilize your foe
  • Black Goo – Blind your foe
  • Torches – Set your foe on fire
  • Food – Gain 30% health and swiftness
  • Hammer Smash (1) – Smash the ground and damage nearby foes
  • Mighty Smash (2) – Launch your foe
  • Hide in Shadows – Become invisible as long as you remain in place.


  • Unlike Villagers you do have out of combat health regeneration but you run slower.
  • It's much easier to accumulate points as a Lunatic through killing players than it is as a Villagers
  • Try to utilise Eviscerate followed by your teleport as this will not only deal big damage but allow you to rack up those points. It's hard for any Villager to escape this skill rotation.
  • Mad King Says are incredibly powerful but often ignored skills. Target a player and use it, which will force them to complete the action or receive damage.
  • There are several teleport pads scattered around the map that make it much easier for you move around the maze.


  • Chop – Hit your foe
  • Eviscerate – Leap at your foe with a devastating attack
  • Terrifying Screech – Inflict fear with a loud shout (short radius)
  • Plant Scarecrow – Summon a Scarecrow to terrify Villagers. Teleport to your scarecrow, though it doubles the recharge time
  • Shrug - Beseech the Mad King to tell the villagers what to do
  • Cower - Beseech the Mad King to tell the villagers what to do
  • Salute - Beseech the Mad King to tell the villagers what to do
  • Ponder - Beseech the Mad King to tell the villagers what to do
  • Dance - Beseech the Mad King to tell the villagers what to do


  • Web – Place a spiderweb to immobilise Villagers
  • Black Goo – Plant a trap that inks a target, causing them to leave a trail only you see
  • Torch – Lay a fire trap to burn Villagers
  • Food – Create a fake banquest
  • Bone – Bury a bone, bonding you to the location. When a villager triggers the trap you'll be teleported back.


The wining team gets around 5 Trick or Treat bags, while the losing team gets roughly 3 (I've seen people receive more than this though). The Lunatic team wins, similarly to Southsun Survival) if they catch all Villagers. Villagers win if there are Villagers alive by the time the match time runs out.