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Intro Guide to Daily and Monthly Achievements

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August 22, 2012 - 8:22pm -- jeffprime
guild wars 2 intro guide to daily and montly achievements

Guild Wars 2 has a lot of interesting game mechanics in place for the players. From the innovative trading post that you can access anywhere to the dynamic scaling system to being able to use game-world objects, Guild Wars 2 makes many attempts to pull you into the online world of Tyria. One of these game mechanics is the achievement system that rewards players for completing various tasks. To help you understand the benefits and mechanics of the achievement system, we've put together this intro guide to daily and monthly achievements.

Achievements are various tasks that a player can complete in Guild Wars 2. Completed achievements offer the benefit of gaining xp, coin, and mystic coins. (Mystic coins are used in Lion's Arch at the Mystic Forge to create high level weapons.) There are quite a few different types of achievements ranging from PvP to crafting and everything in-between. All achievements are account wide so if you complete part of an achievement on one character and then switch to another, any further work on that achievement will build upon what your previous character had accomplished.

You can keep track of your progress in the various achievements in Guild Wars 2 by opening your hero screen by hitting [H] on the keyboard. Then go down and click on the achievement tab on the left side of the screen and the numerous categories of achievements will be shown. Just select which type of achievement you wish to see and the individual achievements for that category will be displayed.

guild wars 2 intro guide to daily and montly achievements


Daily Achievements

Daily achievements are various tasks that you will be rewarded if you complete them within a single day. The tasks are reset every day. There are four types of daily achievements for players in Guild Wars 2.

  • Daily Kills - This is for the number of enemy creatures you kill in a single day.
  • Daily Kill Variety - This is determined by the different creature types you defeat in a single day. An example would be if you killed some centaurs, a few harpies, and lots of bandits would count as three different varieties.
  • Daily Gatherer - Obviously this represents the number of crafting resources (wood, ore, food) that you gather per day.
  • Daily Events - This achievement is for the number of dynamic events that you participate in each day as you travel through Tyria. Not only does doing the events reward you for participating in them, but they count towards your daily total.

guild wars 2 intro guide to daily and montly achievements

There are multiple tiers for each daily achievement. Completing each tier rewards you with xp and money. Completing all the tiers for daily achievements gives you additional xp, money, and mystic coins.



Daily Kills

3 tiers ranging from 10 to 60 kills

Daily Kill Variety

4 tiers ranging from 5 to 15 different varieties

Daily Gatherer

3 tiers ranging from 3to 20 resources gathered

Daily Events

3 tiers ranging from 1 to 5 dynamic events played

Monthly Achievements

Monthly achievements are similar in nature to daily achievements but require more time and effort to complete. Players are given a month to complete the tasks. ArenaNet has stated that the monthly achievements will change from month to month. Currently the monthly achievements are:

  • Monthly WvW Player Kills - This achievement is based upon the number of enemy players you kill in World versus World (WvW) conflict.
  • Monthly Event Participation - This represents the number of dynamic events the player takes part in.
  • Monthly Salvage Kit Usages - This achievement is tied to how many salvage kits you use to harvest crafting resources from looted items.
  • Exp Survivor - This achievement is given for gaining a certain amount of xp without dying.

guild wars 2 intro guide to daily and montly achievements

As with daily achievements, there are multiple tiers for monthly achievements in Guild Wars 2. These are:



Monthly WvW Player Kills

4 tiers ranging from 5 to 50 kills

Monthly Event Participation

4 tiers ranging from 25 to 100 dynamic events

Monthly Salvage Kit Usages

4 tiers ranging from 125 to 500 salvage kits used

Exp Survivor

4 tiers ranging from 25,000 xp to 100,000 xp

The beauty of the daily and monthly achievement system in Guild Wars 2 is that just by playing the game normally, you should fulfill most of the achievements. If you're not running around Tyria defeating monsters or taking part in dynamic events, you should be!

Gathering crafting materials gains an extra perk with the gathering and salvaging achievements. Personally, I'll have the most problems with the WvW achievement as that I have the reflexes of an arthritic three-toed sloth. Plus, the achievement system gives a sense of reward and accomplishment to the player as the game seems to say, "You did this awesome feat!"


Wedge7's picture
Submitted by Wedge7 on

I really like the daily and monthly achievement system. The daily achievements, like you mention, are pretty easy to achieve just by playing the game normally. The fact that it's account bound means that, if you wanted to level up a particular character faster, you could get 99% of the daily stuff on one or more characters, then switch to the character you want to get the experience for. 

I also didn't realise the monthly achievements change from month to month. Thanks for letting us know! 

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Submitted by oneeyered on

I also didn't realise the monthly achievements change from month to month. Thanks for letting us know! 


I thought that was pretty cool too Wedge7. Something new every month

Its a simple world for complicated people



SedentaryRelic's picture
Submitted by SedentaryRelic on

I really like the achievement system that Guild Wars 2 have implemented - from reading this article anyway. The idea of account wide achievements is something World Of Warcraft should've done along time ago - they are only now releasing it in the next patch. Where as with WOW this system work's perfectly, how is it fairing with GW2? Unlike WOW, the achievements in GW2 are also going to offer rewards after completion. If your like me basing most of my time on one character, most of the achievements are going to be completed there. When it comes to making a new character then, most of the achievements are already going to be completed account wide. Is this the case? If so, is it such a bad thing?