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Honorary Krewe Member: Tixx's Infinirarium Wintersday Guide

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December 20, 2012 - 10:31am -- innuendo
Tixx’s Infinirarium Wintersday guide


Tixx Reached his home town of Rata Sum finally. Along the middle level of the magnificent city you can enter his infiniarium and complete the last of the mini dungeon challenges (Don't worry if you missed any, 10am PST today he lands in Lion's Arch and you can retry any of the past events). To complete this challenge you'll revisit some events of the past, with a new one added just for the Asuran.

Collect Presents For The Toy Princess

When you enter Tixx's Infiniarium, you'll be teleported to the workshop. Once inside, don't use the teleporter in front of you, but instead jump off the side into the snow below. Here you'll find a large oval area filled with toy houses, trees and fencing. In and around the open area are dozens of Skritt busily stealing presents. You and your party will need to collect a total of 15 presents from the Skritt and deliver them to the Princess Doll in the center of the oval, marked by the orange bucket icon. The Skritt at this level will try and steal the presents and take them to the outer edge of the map. If a Skritt reaches the edge with a gift it will be lost and you'll have to wait for new ones to spawn. 

Tixx's Infinirarium Wintersday Guide

Color Unpainted Princess Dolls

Once you've collected all fifteen presents, your next task is to collect a Plasma Paint Cannon from just underneath the Waypoint.  There are five in total so that each member of your party can participate. All you then need to do is locate the Unpainted Princess Dolls and hit them with the only weapon skill.  This task is a little like cat and mouse and it is rather tedious locating all 40 as the Unpainted Dolls run around the area in random patterns. A useful way of locating them is to hold down Left-ALT to reveal friendly units, but be sure to avoid the still-roaming Skritt. Towards the end keep an eye on your map as once you are down to less than 5 dolls left the game starts pinging their location on your mini map.

Tixx's Infinirarium Wintersday Guide

Retake Plush Griffin Aerie 

Just like the retake the Princess city of days past, only thing here is the princesses went crazy and are trying to kill Griffins. Tixx only knows why, but they must be stopped. It's along the south east side of the map.

Defend the Toy Ventari

When the hamlet is secured, you'll need to move to the west of the map underneath the Waypoint where the toy Ventari are waiting. There are 5 toy Ventari in total and if all 5 die from the rogue Princess Dolls you will be kicked from the dungeon. You can "rally" ones that are defeated before they run off, so keep an eye out for that and you should have no problem finishing.

Tixx's Infinirarium Wintersday Guide

Destroy Malfunctioning Mortars

Just like destorying the plant turrets in days past, except more Charr like. There are 25 turrets to destroy. Be careful since their attacks tend to overlap and can be deadly if you aren't paying attention. They tend to be concentrated in clusters along the north and south, but their placement is random each time I've run the event. Look for the tell tail smoke trail in the sky after they fire a shot.

Destroy Motars

Drive Off Malfunctioning Toys

There are a total of 8 waves of Malfunctioning Toys that you will need to kill. They tend to appear from the north and south of the central point. Although they are high in numbers they are really easy to kill, especially from AoE attacks. 

Tixx’s Infinirarium Wintersday guide

Destroy Plush Griffin Nests

These Nests pop up along the south edge of the map and must be cleared before you can retake the helm area of the ship. Focus on killing the nests first since they spawn additional (adorable) plush Griffins until they are knocked down.

Destroy Griffin nests

Destroy Unstable Toy Golem

A little tricky to find, but waypoint back to the airship and take the teleporter to the toymaking apparatus in the sky. There you will be greeted by a ring of turrets as well as a malfunctioning toy golem for you to knock some sense into. Beat on it for a bit before it goes down and then make haste to the teleporter because the next event is to...

Unstable Golem

Stop Toxx

Toxx will appear from the south of the map.  This time he's a little trickier than days past and will teleport around the map. You can use the malfunctioning little toy golems to help you by pulling them into Toxx. The toys' AoE attack will hurt Toxx for a ton before he teleports off to another point on the map.


Honorary Krewe Member: Complete the instance.

Smash the Town: Destroy all scenery in the oval snowy area. This includes trees, houses and fencing.  It's much easier to do this when the map is complete. 

Both achievements counts towards the Apprentice Toymaker title.



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Submitted by Yski on

Toxx seems to be different for each mission. For the charr one, for example, you have to pull it to mortar fire before it can take damage.

Every single forum I've used to spread anti guardian propaganda has subsequently died out on me. Coincidence? I think not!