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Honor of the Waves Explorable Guide - "The Zealot"

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January 12, 2013 - 9:16pm -- Xerin
Honor of the Waves

Honor of the Waves (HOTW) is set on the Kodan’s sanctuary, a now ship which has been infested with Jormag’s corrupted servants. Ravaged by the Sons of Svanir, it’s your job to rid the ship of the corrupted icebrood and protect the Kodan’s magical artifacts. In this last guide, we cover path 3: “the Zealot”.

The Basics


The main enemy you will encounter throughout HOTW come in all shapes and sizes and tend to mirror Guild Wars 2 professions. They’re all classed as Icebrood but with a post fix denoting their “type” such as Icebrood Berserker, Icebrood Seer or Icebrood Hunter. In many respects all you need to do is pay attention to the weapon being wielded by the Icebrood enemy and it becomes relatively apparent what “profession” they are. I’d recommend you target the Seer’s and Hunters first, based on them replicating (to some degree) the ranger and elementalist, which are incredibly annoying to fight against.

Corrupted “Fish”

Corrupted Quaggan, Barracuda and Jellyfish inhabit two of the three paths, with all of them being silver elite monsters. Contrary to this, they have a lot of health and hit like a truck. It’s best to keep them at range and avoid them at all costs or you’ll quickly find yourself drowning and asking to be revived. Thankfully many of them can be avoided with clever use of skills or just generally swimming past them as quickly as you can. Be careful when trying to escape the Corrupted Quaggan however as they can still attack you on land!

Sons of Svanir

Although technically bosses, the Sons of Svanir are the main legendary mini bosses you’ll encounter throughout each path. They tend to hit hard and have far too much health but most are easily killed in tank and spank encounters. Aldus Stormbringer is particularly annoying due to his immunity shield.

Dragon Totems

Unlike some other dungeons, HOTW has events inside it. Technically I’d consider this term a little generous, but generally speaking if you see a Dragon Totem (a large vertical iced structured) it will be surrounded by some Icebrood and if you destroy it, you’ll receive a reasonable amount of experience and karma. You are free to not kill the Totems and won’t be penalised for not doing so, but based on how easy they are to kill, you might as well. 

Bosses – “Sorge the Zealot”

Champion Icebrood Goliath

After killing the Icebrood and catapults in the first room, there is a Dragon Totem in the entrance to the second that can be killed while standing on the small bridge. Once this is destroyed, finish off the Icebrood protecting it and hang to the left hand wall before climbing the staircase in front of you. Once at the top of the stairs and after walking right across the bridge, you and your party should slow down a little and wait for the Icebrood Wolves to finish their patrol. Here the path deviates from the first and instead of dropping down to the troll below, you’ll need to engage the wolves. Rather than letting them walk back across the upper bridge, you should pull them quickly. Be sure to dodge their pounce attack as if the pack hit a single person with it, you’ll be downed (and likely die) instantly. They’ll walk back across the second bridge to the far left platform, allowing you to run forward to the far wall in front of you. Once you’ve killed the wolves run straight across the bridge and engage the Icebrood Goliath. Melee players should ensure they fight behind him, while ranged players can stay on the bridge if they wish. His attacks can hurt but are easily avoided.  Next to the Icebrood Goliath is a Dragon Totem, which you can kill after he is dead.


  • Ensure you take the stairs on the left hand side after killing the first Dragon Totem.
  • Intercept the patrolling Icebrood Wolves before they cross back over to the Icebrood Goliath (on the left).
  • Attack the Icebrood Goliath only after the Icebrood Wolves are dead. If you are melee, ensure you stay behind him. If you’re ranged, you can stay on the bridge.
  • Kill the Dragon Totem next to the Goliath once he is dead.

Legendary Svanigandr

Legendary Svanigandr

Once the Icebrood Goliath is dead, head through the open door behind him. Inside and on the deck below is a pack of Icebrood Wolves. When you and your party enter and get too close, they will merge into a single giant wolf. This is an incredibly easy boss encounter and requires you and your party to simply attack the wolf and dodge his AOE attacks that fall from the sky.


  • Enter the room and jump down onto the lower deck so that the Icebrood Wolves transform into the boss.
  • Attack the Wolf, avoiding his area of effect skills.
  • Congratulate each other on such a hard fought battle!



Behind the Legendary Wolf and a little through the doors are a group of silver elite Icebrood and ballistas. To the right of them is a spiral staircase that leads down. In order to save yourself considerable time, simply run past the enemies and down the spiral staircase. The enemies will follow you a short distance before retreating. At the bottom of these stairs are several more Icebrood (non-elite) in a large ice cavern. Killing the non-elites is incredibly quick with area of effect spells (pull them from the safety of the stairs) but be wary of the floor once you’ve killed them. Ice shards erupt from the floor constantly, so be careful where you tread as you will be crippled and chilled if caught which is more of an annoyance than anything life threatening.  After working your way out of the ice cavern you’ll encounter another group of elite Icebrood besides a Dragon Totem. I’m not particularly sure why or how, but I’ve found that this group of enemies seem to hug the Dragon Totem regularly as opposed to attacking you which allows you and your party to keep them together and kill them rediculously quickly with AOE skills. Once dead, Legendary Fimbul awaits.

Flanked by two guards, Legendary Fimbul (similar to most of the bosses on this path) is incredibly easy. Target his accompanying guards first and once they are dead, revert your focus back onto him. Being equipped with a hammer makes him slightly dangerous if you’re unfortunate to be caught by his attacks (they chill) but in reality, he’s incredibly easy to keep at range, or avoid all together. He does have a very annoying skill that encases him in ice, which in turn regenerates his health, but you can break this by attacking him as quickly as possible. Luckily his health regeneration is very slow, so doesn’t prolong the encounter too much.


  • Focus on Legendary Fimbul’s two guards, killing them as quickly as possible.
  • Once the guards are dead, return your focus onto Legendary Fimbul ensuring that you dodge his hammer attacks.
  • If caught by a hammer attack, use a condition removal quickly so he cannot hit you again.
  • When Legendary Fimbul encases himself in ice, be sure to continue hitting him, repeating this process until he dies.

Sorge the Zealot

Sorge the Zealot

On the way to the final boss, the room after Legendary Fimbul has been known to cause many groups problems. Littered with silver elite Icebrood Seers, who all love to attack you at once, it’s incredibly common to see several wipes. I found the best tactic here is to have your party stay back in Legendary Fimbul’s room, before one member of the party pulls the Icebroods and retreats back to you. This should allow you to separate enough of the Icebrood without falling under too much pressure.  Once the Icebrood are dead, proceed forward into the water. When submerged, you’ll be greated by silver elite Artic Jelly Fish and corrupted fish.  It’s best to clear out these initial fish one by one or move backwards to avoid aggravating them, as there is a real risk of being overwhelmed by their numbers and wiping. I always have my party move backwards and to not engage the fish before we all swim straight forwards towards the boss. Although this will aggravate all the fish, if you use skills such as Vortex you’ll easily clear them and arrive at the boss unharmed while saving yourself time.

To kill the boss, simply apply the same principals as learned in path 2. Sorge the Zealot really does very little with the exception that he has a lot of health. Although he summons barracuda and jelly fish, they can be ignored just be sure to avoid the jellyfish explosion.


  • When you first enter the water, try not to aggravate the elite enemies.
  • Decide whether you’re going to pull the enemies one by one, or avoid them completely.
  • If you choose to avoid them, ensure you and your party use skills that slow down or trap enemies as you pass them by.
  • Once at the boss, keep him at range and avoid the jellyfish when they explode.
  • Don’t forget to collect your chest, which spawns on the bottom of the floor to the right hand side of the area.


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I would no advise using the term "incredibly easy" in  a guide which might not be true for some newer players.

Otherwise, great stuff.