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Honor of the Waves Explorable Guide - "The Plunderer"

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January 12, 2013 - 7:41pm -- Xerin
Honor of the Waves

Honor of the Waves (HOTW) is set on the Kodan’s sanctuary, a now ship which has been infested with Jormag’s corrupted servants. Ravaged by the Sons of Svanir, it’s your job to rid the ship of the corrupted icebrood and protect the Kodan’s magical artifacts. Each path can be quite lengthy if you’ve an inexperienced group but with experience, can take as little as 20 minutes. It should also be noted that two bosses are underwater, so be sure to have good trident, spear or harpoon gun at the ready. In this first guide, we cover path 2: “the Plunderer”.

The Basics


The main enemy you will encounter throughout HOTW come in all shapes and sizes and tend to mirror Guild Wars 2 professions. They’re all classed as Icebrood but with a post fix denoting their “type” such as Icebrood Berserker, Icebrood Seer or Icebrood Hunter. In many respects all you need to do is pay attention to the weapon being wielded by the Icebrood enemy and it becomes relatively apparent what “profession” they are. I’d recommend you target the Seer’s and Hunters first, based on them replicating (to some degree) the ranger and elementalist, which are incredibly annoying to fight against.

Corrupted “Fish”

Corrupted Quaggan, Barracuda and Jellyfish inhabit two of the three paths, with all of them being silver elite monsters. Contrary to this, they have a lot of health and hit like a truck. It’s best to keep them at range and avoid them at all costs or you’ll quickly find yourself drowning and asking to be revived. Thankfully many of them can be avoided with clever use of skills or just generally swimming past them as quickly as you can. Be careful when trying to escape the Corrupted Quaggan however as they can still attack you on land!

Sons of Svanir

Although technically bosses, the Sons of Svanir are the main legendary mini bosses you’ll encounter throughout each path. They tend to hit hard and have far too much health but most are easily killed in tank and spank encounters. Aldus Stormbringer is particularly annoying due to his immunity shield.

Dragon Totems

Unlike some other dungeons, HOTW has events inside it. Technically I’d consider this term a little generous, but generally speaking if you see a Dragon Totem (a large vertical iced structured) it will be surrounded by some Icebrood and if you destroy it, you’ll receive a reasonable amount of experience and karma. You are free to not kill the Totems and won’t be penalised for not doing so, but based on how easy they are to kill, you might as well. 

Bosses – “Wollam the Plunderer”

Torn Fur

Torn Fur

When selecting path 2, you’ll move through the right hand door (as opposed to the left hand side of path 1). It should be noted that immediately around the first corner, you’ll be charged by a series of silver elite Icebrood. You really must be careful here and dodge instantly as the Icebrood Claymore can kill everyone in seconds, especially if you are running glass cannon builds. The best approach is to have one member of your party walk around the corner, call target on the Claymore, before drawing out the Icebrood and bursting them down.  Always be wary of the Claymores area of effect charge that allows him to spin through your group as it really is deadly. It’s also incredibly embarrassing to wipe on the first corner!

After you’ve killed the Icebrood, Torn Fur (a corrupted Kodan) is stood just to the right of the room identifiable by his champion status (gold elite enemy).  The only skill you have to be careful of is his area knockback which is easily avoided. Simply pull him from the back of the room and hit him will all you’ve got. He should die in a few seconds and will cause your party very little difficulty.


  • Be wary of the elite Icebrood who will attack you before Torn Fur.
  • Target the Icebrood Claymore first as his AOE attack his deadly.
  • Once he and the Icebrood have been killed, pull Torn Fur to the back of the room and burst him down.
  • Be wary of his area of effect attack which can be easily avoided by dodging.

Jaddeor Icefist and Balgren Creedbreaker

Jaddeor Icefist and Balgren Creedbreaker

After killing Torn Fur you can avoid the packs of Icebrood to your left and move straight forward, through the open doorway. Now on the edge of the iceberg, you’ll see a single giant ice creature charging towards you with another to the far left. Both of these enemies are easily killed as they do very little besides fear you, but they each have huge health pools which take a long time to get down. Thankfully you don’t need to kill both to proceed and should instead ignore the very first that charges you and head straight to the left-hand platform where the second awaits. Once on this platform, the first creature will go back to its original location, giving you time to fight Balgren Creedbreaker on his own. All you and your party need to do is save your condition removal skills for when you’re feared (so you don’t fall over the surrounding balcony) and quickly kill any summoned ice elementals (they die very easily). Other than that, it’s simply a protracted tank and spank encounter. Don’t forget that once you’ve killed Balgren to loot him as well as the chest through the door behind him.


  • When you walk onto the outside platforms of the iceberg, a giant ice creature (Jaddeor Icefist) will charge you. Avoid him straight away and move instantly to the far left platform where Balgren awaits.
  • Run past Balgren and move to the back of the platform (near the sea edge) and attack him from range until Jaddeor Icefist resets.
  • Save your condition removal skills for when feared so you aren’t forced over the balcony.
  • Have those attacking from range also handle the summoned ice elementals, though these die easily.



Andal can be a difficult boss as he has a tendency to drop area of effect attacks on players who are downed, which can quickly wipe a party. There is however an easy method of dealing with him, which makes the encounter completely pain free. When you arrive in his chamber from underwater, have all your members of the party stand on the waters edge. With a single target ranged weapon equipped (warrior rifles are great for this) have the “puller” target and attack the right or left hand champion quaggan. This pull will result in both quaggan running towards your party to protect Andal, but he will stay where he is. There are moments when he sometimes might move a little, but he’ll quickly reset as long as four of your party are near the waters edge. When the quaggan are near you  attack them as quickly as possible, one at a time. Once they are dead, have your party fan out in front of Andal and attack him from range. It’s incredibly dangerous to attack him in melee range as he has a conal ice attack that deals huge damage and as mentioned earlier, he loves to attack players who are downed.  Keeping him at range will allow you and your party to avoid both attacks while comfortably reducing his health.  Be aware that once he dies a hole will appear in the floor near the water, with a chest spawning at the back of the room where he first stood.


  • Have 4 of your party sit in the water, or stand on the waters edge when entering Andal’s chamber.
  • Have 1 of your party with a single target ranged attack pull the right hand quaggan (preferably calling target on him).
  • Both quaggan will now attack you with Andal staying where he is.
  • Kill both quaggan as quickly as possible and once they’re dead, fan out in front of Andal.
  • Attack Andal from range ensuring you dodge his area of effect ice attacks as well as his ice breath.
  • Be sure to loot the chest that spawns where Andal first stood, before dropping down the hole in the floor!

Wollam the Plunderer

Wollam The Plunderer

The final boss of path 2 is incredibly longwinded and is also incredibly boring because of it. The path leading up to the boss however is difficult and is littered with corrupted fish and underwater Icebrood. When you first drop down from Andals chamber into the water below, you’ll be attacked instantly by a silver elite corrupted fish. Be sure to avoid its charge attack as it can often kill in one hit if you aren’t quick to dodge and keep it at range. Once it’s dead, you can freely pull each corrupted fish one at a time without fear of aggravating other enemies (there are four fish in total). After all the fish are dead, you’ve two choices:

  1. Pull the groups of Icebrood one at a time, dealing with them as you do on land (wary of their charge attack).
  2. Rush through the Icebrood, to the iced door at the back of the room (ensuring you smash it), utilising snare/stealth skills to avoid them completely.

The second option is incredibly high risk and only really works if you and your party are using voice communication to coordinate your movement (it’s difficult to count down when to go, just by typing!). However, the second option will save you considerable time. It works best if you have a mesmer because they can use Vortex to draw all the Icebrood, Slipstream to make the party swim fast, and then Mass Invisibility to cloak you all. It can still work without a mesmer; it’s just a little more difficult.

Whichever method you choose, once you’ve bypassed the Icebrood and entered Wollam the Plunderers underwater chamber the boredom fun begins. Wollam the Plunderer has two primary attacks:

  1. A melee charge that will almost certainly kill you if you are hit (we call it Superman, based on him holding his right arm in front of him)
  2. Mine barrage, which sees five timed mines released in front of him.

The only skill you need to be wary of is Superman, which is difficult to quickly avoid. Staying at range (as always on boss encounters) should keep you relatively safe until he dies.

Protip: If you die, simply swim away and resurrect yourself. It’s much quicker health gain doing it this way, than asking for help. In addition, remember you don’t have to surface to heal yourself. There are plenty of barriers in the boss chamber to hide behind and resurrect.


  • Decide which method bests suits your party to gain entry into Wollam the Plunderers chamber.
  • Keep Wollam the Plunderer at range and be wary of his Superman attack.
  • If you die, swim away behind the barriers to resurrect safely.
  • Go and make a cup of tea while you wait for him to die.‚Äč