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Guild Wars 2 Weaponsmith Leveling Guide 0-400

January 25, 2013 - 1:48pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Weaponsmith


Becoming a Weaponsmith allows the player to craft axes, daggers, greatswords, hammers, mace, shields, spears and swords and as a result, compliments many playable professions. Weaponsmiths can also make consumable sharpening stones that boost your power.

Similarly to becoming a Huntsman, this guide is more expensive than Cooking or Artificing, but it is notably quicker because of it. It’s also possible to recoup some of the initial outlay of money from the weapons you craft, to then sell back to the vendor or to list/salvage on the Trading Post.

Unlike becoming a Chef or Artificer, leveling this and the remaining crafting professions can still take some time (about an hour if you have all the ingredients). This method however is quicker than Jewel crafting. Similarly to becoming a Huntsman, there are a large amount of ingredients involved so it’s always worth paying careful attention to what you have and haven’t bought. It’s also recommend you check your crafting bank in the event you already own some materials.

Please note: It is always recommend that you place Buy Orders for crafting ingredients or components. This will take a period of time to gather them all, but will save you money.

Ingredients to Purchase

Weaponsmith Vendor

  • 171 Lump of Coal
  • 90 Lump of Primordium

From Trading Post

  • ​240 Elder Wood Log
  • 144 Green Wood Log
  • 54 Seasoned Wood Log
  • 72 Soft Wood Log
  • 162 Hard Wood Log
  • 796 Iron Ore
  • 256 Mithril Ore
  • 180 Platinum Ore
  • 72 Claw
  • 18 Pile of Shimmering Dust
  • 72 Small Venom Sac
  • 2 Crystal Shard
  • 8 Molten Core
  • 16 Molten Shard
  • 13 Onyx Fragment
  • 24 Bronze Axe Blade
  • 27 Bronze Spear Head
  • 27 Large Green Haft
  • 13 Carrion Mithril Plated Inscription
  • 27 Berserker’s Hard Inscription
  • 13 Malign Bronze Plated Inscription
  • 11 Malign Green Inscription
  • 27 Rampager’s Elder Inscription
  • 27 Rejuvenating Seasoned Inscription
  • 27 Resilient Green Inscription



  • Make 48 Green Wood Plank
  • Make 24 Small Green Haft
  • Discover Malign Bronze Axe with Bronze Axe Blade, Small Green Haft, Malign Green Inscription
  • Make 10 Malign Bronze Axe
  • Discover Resilient Bronze Spear with Bronze Spear Head, Large Green Haft
  • Make 26 Resilient Bronze Spear
  • Discover (Master) Malign Bronze Axe with Bronze Axe Blade, Small Green Haft, Malign Bronze Plated Inscription
  • Make 12 (Master) Malign Bronze Axe


  • Make 94 Iron Ingot
  • Make 18 Soft Wood Plank
  • Make 9 Iron Shield Backing
  • Make 9 Iron Shield Boss
  • Discover Simple Sharpening Stone with Iron Ingot and Pile of Shimmering Dust
  • Make 5 Simple Sharpening Stone
  • Discover Minor Sigil of Strength with Iron Ingot and Onyx Fragment
  • Make 12 Minor Sigil of Strength
  • Make 9 Iron Plated Dowel
  • Make 9 Ravaging Iron Plated Inscription
  • Discover (Master) Ravaging Iron Shield with Iron Shield Boss, Iron Shield Backing, Raving Iron Plated Inscription
  • Make 8 (Master) Ravaging Iron Shield


  • Make 18 Seasoned Wood Plank
  • Make 171 Steel Ingot
  • Make 36 Steel Shield Backing
  • Make 36 Steel Shield Boss
  • Discover Rejuvenating Steel Shield with Steel Shield Boss, Steel Shield Backing, Rejuvenating Seasoned Inscription
  • Make 26 Rejuvenating Steel Shield
  • Make 9 Steel Plated Dowel
  • Make 9 Pillaging Steel Plated Inscription
  • Discover (Master) Hunter's Steel Shield with Steel Shield Boss, Steel Shield Backing, Hunter's Steel Plated Inscription
  • Make 8 (Master) Hunter's Steel Shield


  • Make 90 Darksteel Ingot
  • Make 54 Hardwood Plank
  • Make 27 Darksteel Spear Head
  • Make 27 Large Hard Haft
  • Discover Major Sigil of Sanctuary with Darksteel Ingot and Crystal Shard
  • Discover Berserker’s Darksteel Spear with Darksteel Spear Head, Large Hard Haft, Berserker’s Hard Inscription
  • Make 26 Berserker’s Darksteel Spear
  • Discover Major Sigil of Doom with Darksteel Ingot and Molten Shard
  • Make 7 Major Sigil of Doom


  • Make 80 Elder Wood Plank
  • Make 128 Mithril Ingot
  • Make 40 Large Elder Haft
  • Make 13 Mithril Hammer Head
  • Make 27 Mithril Spear Head
  • Discover Rampager’s Mithril Spear with Mithril Spear Head, Large Elder Haft and Rampager’s Elder Inscription
  • Make 26 Rampager’s Mithril Spear


  • Discover (Master) Carrion Mithril Hammer with Mithril Hammer Head, Large Elder Haft, Carrion Mithril Plated Inscription
  • Make 12 (Master) Carrion Mithril Hammer
  • Discover Major Sigil of Doom with Mithril Ingot and Molten Core
  • Make 7 Major Sigil of Doom

I would like to thank Razzy for providing the basis of the above guide.


Xantheon's picture
Submitted by Xantheon (not verified) on

Why would it tell me to bring al lthese hard wood planks.... but tell me to make more............ now im at 277 instead of 300...


tsanggitu's picture
Submitted by tsanggitu on

you forgot to include hard wood log in the the buy list

instead of 300-325 it should be 300-350

instead of "Make 80 Wood Plank" it should be "Make 80 Elder Wood Plank"

Other than that it is all good :)

Gugu's picture
Submitted by Gugu (not verified) on

Umm, it says from level 1-75 that we need to make bronze axe blades but it says nowhere in the shoppin list to buy copper ore...did I miss something? Also, the prices are not the same anymore. Be prepared to pay 30-50% more than the prices that are listed in those guides.

Bearink's picture
Submitted by Bearink (not verified) on

Helped with a crafting exp boost, this guide would have taken me a bit over 400, theres a coule of type iin the guide and the end price is more around 20 gold, but it does take you to 400. U should also get a bit more mithril and hardwood as mentioned

Fuji's picture
Submitted by Fuji (not verified) on

Guide is good but it should be updated. You're probably looking at using 20g or more for everything listed at the moment.

nate's picture
Submitted by nate (not verified) on

I bought all the materials listed and I'm stuck because I'm 10 levels under 200 and cant make the steel plated dowels... what a waste of my gold

Akot's picture
Submitted by Akot (not verified) on

well it took me about 1 hour to get to 400, who ever is saying errors better just unistal the game if you cant figure it out. GREAT GUIDE stop crying

excited's picture
Submitted by excited (not verified) on

225-300 says craft hardwood planks, which is already in the purchase list.

Xinoim's picture
Submitted by Xinoim on

Great guide! Though I would like to add, once ascended weapons were released, the cost for this guide went up to around 40g. But, you now have the chance to make more back also. I wouldn't know how much, I salvaged all my weapons I made. Mmmm magic find 

Bankai's picture
Submitted by Bankai (not verified) on

Quick question - where do I find Rampager’s Elder Inscriptions? I cant find it on trading house?

hi's picture
Submitted by hi (not verified) on
It says to make 9 pillaging steel plated inscriptions but it doesn't come up in the weapon smithing station. I also bought the recipe but still no luck. Where have I gone wrong?

Affrodo's picture
Submitted by Affrodo (not verified) on

replace pillaging steel plated inscription wit hunters steel plated inscription and continue on.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I had to pay 35 gold and it took me to 404 level 

Terry's picture
Submitted by Terry (not verified) on

You should include what ingredients are needed for each skill range, this way, those that find this after they started leveling already can easily  begin using the guide.

leonp's picture
Submitted by leonp (not verified) on

quick coment shouldn't hard wood plank be changed into

hard wood log 

watscha's picture
Submitted by watscha (not verified) on

Made it to 404 crafting with a crafting booster, Out about 30g after buying all mats on TP on 10/27/13. Error in the guide says to buy 162 hard wood planks, buy hard wood logs instead, otherwise you wont be able to make 54 hardwood planks as the guide says in the 225-300 section. I made the mistake of buying the planks instead of logs but still made it.

Hiezo's picture
Submitted by Hiezo (not verified) on

excelent guide, got to 400 no problem (i had a lot of mats already), around 25 gold 11/11/2013

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

13-12 around 30-32g

Ahrle's picture
Submitted by Ahrle (not verified) on

I just went to lvl400 and realized the wrongness in this article.

From Trading Post:
Do NOT, for the sake of God, buy 162 Hard Wood Planks, which I did as I followed this. Instead, buy 162 Hard Wood Logs which you refine, or 54 Hard Wood Planks (the planks are cheaper directly from tp)

Crafting 150-225:
A "Pillaging Steel Shield (Master)" is out of existence, so you won't be able to craft it or the inscription for it. The shield's actual name is "Hunter's Steel Shield".

Crafting 225-300:
You'll get confused here if you followed the guide and bought the Hard Wood Planks from TP, so you won't have to refine anything, just craft with the ones you've got, and sell 108 of them (that'll give you about 6 gold in total)

Well, at least I made it 'til lvl404 (w/crafting booster) anyway. Thanks in advance for the guide!

Lee B.'s picture
Submitted by Lee B. on

Thanks for your notes! Went back and updated the logs and the Pillaging. :)

Wow's picture
Submitted by Wow (not verified) on

Seriously need to update the price. I went in thinking oh 20g. I can spare that, and it was 47g


Wow again's picture
Submitted by Wow again (not verified) on

108 expensive planks (hard wood) bought for no reason xD


Lightzz's picture
Submitted by Lightzz (not verified) on

These materials cost me about 45g, not 20g. Lol

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