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Guild Wars 2 Chef/Cooking Leveling Guide 0-400

January 21, 2013 - 6:01pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Chef/Cooking


Cooking as it’s commonly known (or Chef as its officially known) is one of the quickest and easiest crafts to level. It was incredibly cheap (contrary to many guides) and can be leveled to 400 in around 30 minutes when you have the ingredients prepared.

Chefs can create foods which grant temporary, yet powerful combat buffs that are useful for all professions. They’re also able to make various dyes that can be used on armour.  There isn’t huge money to be made by being a Chef, but it’s a self-sufficient craft that really does provide some excellent solo benefits.

Please note: It is always recommend that you place Buy Orders for crafting ingredients. This will take a period of time to gather them all, but will save you money.

Ingredients to Purchase

From Cooking Merchant

  • 150 Flour
  • 125 Water
  • 100 Salt
  • 25 Vinegar
  • 25 Vegetable Oil
  • 25 Sugar
  • 25 Buttermilk (35 karma)
  • 25 Yeast (35 karma)
  • 25 Cheese Wedge (35 karma)

From Trading Post

  • 225 Stick of Butter
  • 100 Black Peppercorn
  • 50 Slab of Poultry Meat
  • 100 Carrot
  • 125 Onion
  • 75 Egg
  • 25 Clam
  • 50 Chocolate
  • 25 Portobello Mushroom
  • 25 Orange
  • 25 Cauliflower
  • 100 Slab of Red Meat
  • 25 Tarragon Leaves
  • 25 Asparagus Spear
  • 25 Cayenne Pepper
  • 25 Bowl of Dilled Cream Sauce
  • 25 Pasta Noodles
  • 25 Slice of Garlic Bread
  • 25 Bowl of Peach Pie Filling
  • 25 Bowl of Blackberry Pie Filling



  • Make 50 Ball of Dough
  • Make 100 Salt and Pepper
  • Make 50 Bowl of Poultry Stock
  • Make 25 Bottle of Simple Dressing
  • Make 25 Ball of Cookie Dough
  • Make 25 Bowl of Roux


  • Discover Meatball with Slice of Garlic Bread, Slab of Red Meat, Egg, Cheese Wedge
  • Make 24 Meatball
  • Make 25 Bowl of Cream Soup Base
  • Discover Clam Cake with Clam, Egg, Flour, Poultry Stock
  • Make 24 Clam Cake
  • Discover Chocolate Chip Cookie with Chocolate, Ball of Cookie Dough
  • Make 24 Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Make 25 Cream Soup Base
  • Discover Portobello Soup with Portobello Mushroom, Cream Soup Base, Onion
  • Make 24 Portobello Soup


  • Discover Bowl of Krytan Meatball Dinner with Meatball, Bowl of Dilled Cream Sauce, Pasta Noodles
  • Make 24 Bowl of Krytan Meatball Dinner
  • Discover Chocolate Orange with Orange, Chocolate
  • Make 24 Chocolate Orange
  • Discover Cauliflower Saute with Cauliflower, Butter, Salt and Pepper
  • Make 24 Cauliflower Saute
  • Discover Blackberry Pie with Blackberry Pie Filling, Ball of Dough, Stick of Butter
  • Make 24 Blackberry Pie


  • Discover Loaf of Tarragon Bread with Tarragon, Yeast, Flour, Water
  • Make 24 Loaf of Tarragon Bread
  • Discover Steak and Asparagus with Asparagus, Slab of Red Meat, Butter, Salt and Pepper
  • Make 24 Steak and Asparagus
  • Discover Spicier Flank Steak with Slab of Red Meat, Cayenne Pepper
  • Make 24 Spicier Flank Steak
  • Discover Peach Pie with Ball of Dough and Peach Pie Filling
  • Make 24 Peach Pie

I would like to thank Grey Malik from Reddit for providing the basis of the above guide.


Ckris's picture
Submitted by Ckris on

Thanks for the guide!

My math is always suspect, but I needed about 75 more butter, total.

- got to 299; made 1 extra Blackberry Pie for 300

- got to 374; made 1 extra Spicier Flank Steak for 375

- got to 399; made 1 extra Peach Pie for 400


Maybe I missed something, somewhere, but this is how it went for me.

Lewis B's picture
Submitted by Lewis B on

Thanks Ckris :) I just ran the guide again on a new character and it worked perfectly. I think sometimes, because of the chance for "critical" xp, you might be short- or over the level requirement. You might have just landed unlucky :( 

Leroxes's picture
Submitted by Leroxes (not verified) on

What i did for my mesmer was i put a crafting booster and an experience booster and a laurel experience booster. The exp boosters was to boost my xp but the crafting booster was so i dont have to get more supplies and i could level up cooking more effeicently and not have to worry abaout more supplyies

Aze's picture
Submitted by Aze (not verified) on

Too bad Experience Booster and Laureate Experience Booster do not give bonus exp while crafting... They give bonus exp from killing monsters. Next time try to read the description..

Aurrion's picture
Submitted by Aurrion (not verified) on

This Guide is not working for me.  On the discovery screen, in all three Asparagus recipes, I added all the ingredients and the discovery still said I needed more.  I know this was updated this month (June 2013), so whatever changes that were made should be reflected.  Anyone having the same problem / got a fix for it?

Raziel's picture
Submitted by Raziel (not verified) on

i just try the guide and itis still working very good (19-11-2013)

theophaneia's picture
Submitted by theophaneia on

Thank you for the guides! Have not had an issue until now. Not a big deal, just threw us off when we didn't have the materials to continue with the guide.

I got the same math as Ckris, we also needed 75 more butter.

25 for ball of dough, 25 for ball of cookie dough, 25 for bowl of roux, 25 for cauliflower saute, 25 for blackberry pie, and 25 for steak and asparagus = 150 sticks of butter.

No issues with getting to 400, though, so we're good there!

Lewis B's picture
Submitted by Lewis B on

Thanks Theo, I'll add that in. I think the reason why 75 was enough for me was because the game pulled any I was short from my bank :) Updated!

nuyuna's picture
Submitted by nuyuna on

I bought the 150 sticks of butter, but was 25 short for the last bit with Steak and Asparagus.

The guide was great and straight forward otherwise!

Dan29466's picture
Submitted by Dan29466 on

I was also short 25 butter when I got to the Steak and Asparagus.  Other than that, it worked great.

I had a few things already in the bank, so total spent = 4g 72s 59c without selling anything back.

Dylan's picture
Submitted by Dylan (not verified) on

This isn't costing 4G its coting more then 5 Gold 

B's picture
Submitted by B (not verified) on

Yeah, the Dilled Cream bowls are almost 6G in themselves.

Lewis B's picture
Submitted by Lewis B on

The popularity of this guide has made it a little more expensive than normal :)

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

easy recipe for 200 level

Sesame seed bun

1flour from master chef

1 water from master chef

1 yeast from master chef with karma

1 sesame from trading post

buy all items X5

make this 5 times easy 225 level

karyus's picture
Submitted by karyus on

i just make this:

Make 50 Ball of Dough
Make 100 Salt and Pepper

and the others turns grey and i cant continue :s (40/75)

i think this guide is out date

matt's picture
Submitted by matt (not verified) on

the same happened to me. i cant get past level 40

Thomas's picture
Submitted by Thomas (not verified) on

You need to make 100 of the salt and pepper because you need them later. When you make the poultry stock and other items your level will increase.

Just follow the guide. You'll get there.

Murmack's picture
Submitted by Murmack (not verified) on

Guide worked perfectly and isnt out date. Only difference is that you have to pay a little more than 10g but not muc (12g or something like that) had no problems with it :)

Takseee's picture
Submitted by Takseee (not verified) on

Had issues with the cost of dilled cream sauce, however I've found a workaround. If you buy 25 dill sprig and 25 thyme leaf you can use your mushroom soup to make fancy mushroom soup and bypass the krytan dinner for much less money... Managed to complete the guide in closer to 8g.

Waco Kid's picture
Submitted by Waco Kid (not verified) on

i haven't tried fancy mushroom soup, but i know dill sprig is kinda pricy too. I did the heart near travelen's wp in Dredgehaunt Cliffs, and bought 1 cherrys in bulk then bought 25 Bowl of Chocolate Frosting and made Bowl of Chocolate Cherry Frosting instead and worked out to be around 6g for me.

Waco Kid's picture
Submitted by Waco Kid (not verified) on

didn't look at post below this one. the cherry pie filling is cheaper to make and if u decide to use it to make cherry pie, the cherry pie gives better stats then chocolate cherry cake, if u want to use the ingredients to make something.

Shy's picture
Submitted by Shy (not verified) on

Thanks for this guide, I just finished it today and it worked great! Spent about 8g to complete it.

I also had issues with the cost of dilled cream sauce (25s 98c) and the previous posters work around did not work because sprig of dill was also too costly at 15s 48c.

I was able to get that first level of T3 (up to lvl 225) by crafting 25 bowls of cherry pie filling fairly cheaply. Requires additional 25 sugar, 25 start (from vendor) 25 butter (trading post) and 25 cherries. The cherries are bought from Lieutenant Summers in Nightguard Beach-Harathi Hinterlands for 75 karma. You have to have completed his heart quests.

Shy's picture
Submitted by Shy (not verified) on

*** Sorry that is 25 starch in that cherry pie filling recipe

Bella721's picture
Submitted by Bella721 on

on the first part for 200-300 I did not used the bowl of Dilled Cream Sauce because it costs around 6gold+ to buy the 25 you suggest... I instead used Bowl of Stirfry Base and cabbage to make Bowl of Cabbage Stirfry resulting a lot cheaper... Thanks a lot for the guides and for the time spent on it! <3

xyz's picture
Submitted by xyz (not verified) on

purchase list is incomplete :/ u need deeply verify before u start crafting

matt's picture
Submitted by matt (not verified) on

thanks for the guide, but i hit a snag. i hit chef level 40 and it wont let me go any farther for some reason. and assistance would be appreciated.

Arnold Beefhands's picture
Submitted by Arnold Beefhands (not verified) on

I would just like to say that I didn't need to buy the expensive Bowls of Dill Cream Sauce. I already had some of the more pricey ingredients when I did this, and I did do "buy now" on everything, so it costed 7 gold, but I saved about 6 gold by not buying the bowls of dill cream sauce. What I did is I went to the Zephyr Sanctum and bought cherries to make cherry pie filling. Other than that expensive way to do things, the guide worked perfectly for me, so thanks. :D

Paul's picture
Submitted by Paul (not verified) on

Thanks, just try 2day, bought everything, bang on, great guide

swilkers808's picture
Submitted by swilkers808 (not verified) on

Discovery isn't working as planned. I'm stuck on 100 with 12G already spent. The guide needs revised or provide more info. Cooking is completely different than any of the other trades. 

swilkers808's picture
Submitted by swilkers808 (not verified) on

I think that the problem is that it is not letting me use the refined ingredients to discover. Help please?

Robbie's picture
Submitted by Robbie (not verified) on

Loved the guide got me to 400 in 20 minutes.  Just one thing to point out in the 100-200 level you mentioned to make x25 cream soup base when it was already made earlier. That step was not needed and kinda threw me off for a sec but other than that its a perfect guide.

Robbie's picture
Submitted by Robbie (not verified) on

What I mean was that you mentioned to make it twice in the same 100-200 steps. Sorry if that was confusing.

Bobbathejobba's picture
Submitted by Bobbathejobba (not verified) on

Slight issue fellas.

You want to make meat ball which you say requires garlic bread - we haven't made bread on this list (which requires flour, yeast and water) and then toast (bread and butter) and then garlic bread (which requires parsley and garlic)...


So went really well to level 100 but now there's an issue

Leroxes's picture
Submitted by Leroxes (not verified) on

Read the supplies more carefully. It says you need to buy 25 slices or garlic.  

Eziyo Auditore's picture
Submitted by Eziyo Auditore (not verified) on

Worked perfectly, ended up on 400 on the dot. Great guide, took maybe 10 minutes, only thing is prices have gone up a little, I spent almost 17g

Leroxes's picture
Submitted by Leroxes (not verified) on

Now the guide costs like 18 gold. I already spent 9 gold and I have 9 gold to go :(

(This is only if you buy everything and did not gather anything)

Leroxes's picture
Submitted by Leroxes (not verified) on

What i mean is i did this on another character and it's costing more than it did when i did it last time. 

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

now it cost 19 gold

jantogni's picture
Submitted by jantogni (not verified) on

Thank you, it was really useful :D and works well

Unknown's picture
Submitted by Unknown (not verified) on

HORRIBLE!... Missing some ingrediants, not accurate.. Even after purchasing all the ingrediants listed above I still have to make purchase with other things in the trading post!... 

wissen's picture
Submitted by wissen (not verified) on

Still works as of 13th Oct 2013.


diabolic fire's picture
Submitted by diabolic fire (not verified) on

nice guide it got me almost to 400 but i bet that's either through bad luck with crit exp or tiny nerf from arenanet, either way i just did a discovery or two and that was that. but i did found a small flaw in the 100-200 fase you wrote "Make 25 Bowl of Cream Soup Base" and 5 steps latter you wrote "Make 25 Cream Soup Base", by the time of the second 25 cream soup bases they no longer give xp so i guess you somehow wrote it double by mistake, also the ingredient list doesn't allow for their to be made more then 25

Marcury's picture
Submitted by Marcury (not verified) on

With the greedy ants, it took me 13 minutes. Had a few of the ingredients and bought some, carrots seemed to cost a bit. Was still under 10g Worked like a dream. Thanks Mr Postman for your invaluable help and levellingness :)

maulie's picture
Submitted by maulie (not verified) on

perfect guide


Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I only needed to make  25 Bowl of Cream Soup Base and did not have to make the 25 Cream Soup Base. (Seems like a double entry in the list?)
Also chocolate is now called chocolate bar i think? otherwise, awesome guide! 

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Bta, it only cost me 13G after selling what i had made on TP (jan 12th 2014). and as stated try to get all your stuff by ordering instead of buyin immediately, you'll undercut prices and be off a lot cheaper. 

didn't need to buy anything extra when using this guide.


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