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Guild Wars 2 Artificer Leveling Guide 0-400

January 22, 2013 - 7:15pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Artificing Guide


Artificing is one of the quickest and easiest crafts to level. Similarly to becoming a Chef, t’s also incredibly cheap (contrary to many guides) and can be levelled to 400 in around 30 minutes when you have the ingredients prepared.

Artificers can create magical weapons such as Scepters, Foci and Staffs, as well as potions that provide similar combative buffs against enemies. Unlike being a Chef, money can be made from being an Artificer due to the rare weapons you can make to then salvage.

Please note: It is always recommend that you place Buy Orders for crafting ingredients or components. This will take a period of time to gather them all, but will save you money.

Ingredients to Purchase

From Artificer Merchant

  • 300 Jugs of Water (batches of 10)
  • 30 Lumps of Tin (batches of 10)

From Trading Post

  • 150 Carrot
  • 25 Copper Ore
  • 50 Iron Ore
  • 25 Silver Ore
  • 50 Gold Ore
  • 50 Platinum Ore
  • 85 Mithril Ore
  • 25 Rawhide Leather Section
  • 25 Thin Leather Section
  • 25 Coarse Leather Section
  • 25 Rugged Leather Section
  • 25 Thick Leather Section
  • 200 Pile of Glittering Dust
  • 200 Pile of Shimmering Dust
  • 200 Pile of Radiant Dust
  • 200 Pile of Luminous Dust
  • 200 Pile of Incandescent Dust
  • 75 Elder Wood Log
  • 90 Vial of Potent Blood



  • Discover Apprentice Tuning Crystal with Pile of Glittering Dust
  • Make 24 Apprentice Tuning Crystal
  • Discover Weak Potition of Centaur Slaying with Jug of Water, Rawhide Leather Section, Carrot, Pile of Glittering Dust
  • Make 24 Weak Potion of Centaur Slaying
  • Discover Weak Potion of Dredge Slaying with Jug of Water, Copper Ore, Lump of Tin, Pile of Glittering Dust
  • Make 24 Weak Potion of Dredge Slaying


  • Discover Journeyman Tuning Crystal with Pile of Shimmering Dust
  • Make 24 Journeyman Tuning Crystal
  • Discover Minor Potion of Centaur Slaying with Jug of Water, Thin Leather Section, Carrot, Pile of Shimmering Dust
  • Make 24 Minor Potion of Centaur Slaying
  • Discover Minor Potion of Dredge Slaying with Jug of Water, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Pile of Shimmering Dust
  • Make 24 Minor Potion of Dredge Slaying


  • Discover Standard Tuning Crystal with Pile of Radiant Dust
  • Make 24 Standard Tuning Crystal
  • Discover Potion of Centaur slaying with Jug of Water, Coarse Leather Section, Carrot, Pile of Radiant Dust
  • Make 24 Potion of Centaur Slaying
  • Discover Potion of Dredge Slaying with Jug of Water, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Radiant Dust
  • Make 24 Potion of Dredge Slaying


  • Discover Artisan Tuning Crystal with Pile of Luminous Dust
  • Make 24 Artisan Tuning Crystal
  • Discover Strong Potion of Centaur Slaying with Jug of Water, Rugged Leather Section, Carrot, Pile of Luminous Dust
  • Make 24 Potion of Centaur Slaying
  • Discover Strong Potion of Dredge Slaying with Jug of Water, Gold Ore, Platinum Ore, Luminous Dust
  • Make 24 Strong Potion of Dredge Slaying


  • Discover Quality Tuning Crystal with Pile of Incandescent Dust
  • Make 24 Quality Tuning Crystal
  • Discover Potent Potion of Centaur Slaying with Jug of Water, Carrot, Thick Leather Section, Pile of Incandescent Dust
  • Make 24 Potent Potion of Centaur Slaying
  • Discover Potent Potion of Dredge Slaying with Jug of Water, Mithril Ore, Platinum Ore, Pile of Incandescent Dust
  • Make 24 Potent Potion of Dredge Slaying 


  • Refine 75 Elder Wood Logs into Planks
  • Refine 58 Mithril Ore into Mithril Ingots
  • Craft 6 Mithril Plate Dowels
  • Craft 1 Elder Scepter Core and Rod
  • Craft 1 Elder Focus Core and Casing
  • Craft 1 Mithril Trident Head and Shaft
  • Craft 1 Elder Staff Shaft and Head
  • Craft 4 Berserker’s Mithril Imbued Inscriptions with Mithril Plate Dowels and Potent Blood (this recipe can be obtained from the Artificer merchant)
  • Discover Berserker's Krait Scepter with Scepter Core, Rod and Berserker’s Mithril Imbued Inscription
  • Discover Berserker's Krait Star with Focus Core, Casing and Berserker’s Mithril Imbued Inscription
  • Discover Berserker's Krait Trident with Trident Head, Shaft and Berserker’s Mithril Imbued Inscription
  • Discover Berserker's Krait Crook with Staff Shaft, Headod and Berserker’s Mithril Imbued Inscription

Please Note: If you are not yet level 400 after undertaking the above steps, there are several things you can do.

  1. Craft additional Berserker weapons, as these will still yield experience, although will obviously cost you a little more money.
  2. Craft/Discover additional weapons, utilising other Tier 5 ingredients to replace the Berserker’s Inscription. The options here are: Large Bone (Carrion Inscription), Large Claw (Explorers Inscription), Large Fang (Valkyrie Inscription), Large Scale (Knight’s Inscription), Intricate Totem (Cleric’s Inscription), Potent Venom Sac (Rampager’s Inscription).

I would like to thank Rodasta and Mystic Llama for providing the basis of the above guide.

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Last seen: 1 year 10 months ago
Joined: Jan 11 2013 - 10:33am
XP: 20

Thanks for the guide!

Just wanted to note a few things from when I followed it:

- I needed to make 1 more (total of 25) Apprentice Tuning Crystal to get to level 25

- Got to level 394; crafted 1 Carrion scepter and 1 Carrion focus to get to 400

- Radiant Dust is listed as needed in level range 150-225, but it isn't listed under "Ingredients to Purchase" list

Lewis B
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Last seen: 2 months 2 weeks ago
Joined: Apr 24 2012 - 2:29pm
XP: 1160

Thanks Ckris, I've fixed that- that's my mistake for missing it off :)


Wom (not verified)
Wom's picture

Thanks, cost 7g for me :)

Psylocki (TFI) (not verified)
Wom's picture

Guide was Perfect till 375, then I got Screwed Big time, only thing that gave Experience was making the weapons till about 385, after that is pure Inscription. Guide really needs to be fixed. From 375 to 400.

 I followed your Guides on

Jewel crafting A+

Cooking A+

Artificer Epic Fail from 375 to 400.

JustMike (not verified)
Wom's picture

First of all there is no need to be so abrasive.  I'm sure a lot of work was put into these guides to discover all the fine details to level crafting as efficiently as possible.  It's a free service provided one this website.  Even if you stopped at 375 that is a lot of progress for something you may not have been able to figure out on your own.

Secondly, perhaps you missed a step or did something wrong.  I just completed this using the guide and had no problems at all.  

I have used this guide, the cooking guide, the leather working guide and the jewel crafting guide and have no issues.  I followed the instructions to the letter and hit 400 on all of them doing exactly as it said.

Lunei (not verified)
Wom's picture

Incorrect. I had the same issue he presented. A free service or not - if it is incorrect then that fact needs to be pointed out. 


Please fix 375 - 400 or remove this guide.

gopher (not verified)
Wom's picture

I agree, got me too

azula (not verified)
Wom's picture

I would just like to say that you have the absolute best guides ever, my hubby and I have 400 on all crafts and we are so thankful. Buuut, I have one tiny little complaint, your guides say nothing about needing xp boosts but if you don't have one on, you end up with half the lvls and have to spend way too much money to compensate to match the guide and then continue. please add on that using boosts is necessary for using this guide, it has caused us many issues trying to catch up to the guide (12g worth of issues) . it would be so much more helpful! thank you so so very much. 

Krewe Master Maxx (not verified)
Wom's picture

I see people who are spending more than what is suggested.  Please note that prices change on things and are you putting in buy orders or just buying straight up?  Sometimes buying straight up instead of buy orders can double your costs and at times triple them.  If you don't have the supplies, put in buy orders.  Have some patience.

JustMike (not verified)
Wom's picture

That's what I do, place buy orders.  The only time I go outside of that is if there is an order taking too long to fill so I'll buy the last few at straight cost.  Generally I bid 1 copper above the highest offer just to fill it faster.  I'm sure once guides like this got popular the mat prices went up as well.

I love these guides and will complete leveling them all to 400 as soon as I have enough gold.

Pakownd (not verified)
Wom's picture

Hi, thank you very much for this guides. Just wanted to point out one thing, i was doing the calculations to level up my artificer to 400. I have already many of the materials needed, but what i dont have will cost me at the trading post around 12 gold, placing orders will reduce to maybe  10 g. So ... maybe you want to check that "Total cost 4 gold".  

Again, thank you for your effort. 

Bella721 (not verified)
Wom's picture

Thank you so much for these guides made my lvling so much easier and cheap :D

Artificer cost me around 2gold (because i had some of the mats already) Thanks again! <3

TheRisenKing (not verified)
Wom's picture

Unfortunately, It costed me 11g :/ said it was 4g but the dusts themselves costed over that.
Oh well though, it was an awesome guide. Made it to 394, just gonna make some extra crap I suppose. Awesome guides

ELight (not verified)
Wom's picture

cant use, why?:) updat the game or something?

Death (not verified)
Wom's picture

i bought everything outright and only cost 11g

Death (not verified)
Wom's picture

Thank you OP for this awesome guide ive used this oe the cook and the jeweler one , and wow all are spot on thank you 

SWILK3RS (not verified)
Wom's picture

Thank you for taking to the time to put this guide together. This is the most cost effective guide that I have found. It works very well until the 375-400 range. To continue leveling after that it cost me 3 gold in mats to discover the following recipes. I used the following snippet from another guide to fill the gap. Perhaps the end part of the guide needs a tweak to find the missing XP. 

Artificer Leveling Guide 375 – 400
Buy the Following Materials
4 Berserker’s Mithril Imbued Inscription
4 Cleric’s Mithril Imbued Inscription
4 Explorer’s Mithril Imbued Inscription
3 Elder Staff Head
3 Elder Staff Shaft
3 Elder Focus Casting
3 Elder Focus Core
3 Elder Scepter Core
3 Elder Scepter Rod
3 Elder Trident Shaft
3 Mithril Trident Head

Discover the Following Recipes
Berserker’s Krait Staff
Cleric’s Krait Staff
Explorer’s Krait Staff
Berserker’s Krait Focus
Cleric’s Krait Focus
Explorer’s Krait Focus
Berserker’s Krait Scepter
Cleric’s Krait Scepter
Explorer’s Krait Scepter
Berserker’s Krait Trident
Cleric’s Krait Trident
Explorer’s Krait Trident



Lewis B
Lewis B's picture
Last seen: 2 months 2 weeks ago
Joined: Apr 24 2012 - 2:29pm
XP: 1160

There's really no requirement for all that. I've just re-run this guide (I wrote it!) on my 6th level 80 and it does work. I reached 398 before I had to make 1 more additional Berserker item (as noted in the guide).

With boosters you don't have to do this, without it still gets you to 400 :) 

Anonymous (not verified)
Wom's picture

15 gold for thise guide right now

Anonymous (not verified)
Wom's picture

Hey any chance the guide would be modified for the new levels. No rush, was just curious. Thanks

Anonymous (not verified)
Wom's picture

Is the ammount of crafting materials needed, with or without a boost?.




Anonymous (not verified)
Wom's picture

there is no elder trident head!

Amanda (not verified)
Wom's picture

Elder trident head is actually Mithril trident Head.

Amanda (not verified)
Wom's picture

Thank you so much for this guide.  I had most of the mats needed and thankfully, what I didn't have was selling on the Trade post for the same amount as iron and platinum ore so I just spent an evening gathering as much of that as I could to recoup the costs.  I started off with 5g and after everything was over (Between buying mats, selling extras, and vendoring the potions) I had about 4g left.

Anyone using this guide in the future, remember that the trade posts will vary on from server to sever.  Population will effect the supply and demand thus effecting prices.  Search the AH for how much other easy to obtain items are going for to see if you can farm up other items to sell to recoup some of the costs.  You could also talk to guild mates, friends, family etc... and trade materials as well.  If that does not seem like a route you want to take then you might want to consider leveling it in sections.  In the end, it's up to you how much you want to spend on this.

NOTE TO AUTHOR:  Elder trident Head is actually "Mithril Trident head". when I couldn't find it I looked up the staff I needed it for and was able to find the mistake. :)

Joe (not verified)
Wom's picture

The trading post is actually world wide.

Silverpkin (not verified)
Wom's picture

Something that helped me swing this earlier was the 3 laurel "artificer starting kit" sold by the laurel merchant in Lion's Arch. Also, you can craft the weapon components a bit earlier when they are still orange and get a bit of exp there to be a tad more efficient. Thanks so much for the guide!

striker (not verified)
Wom's picture

Mskking 25 apprentice tunning crystal got me lvl 7 in artificer so i still cant make the weak potion of centaur slaying ?? Did you mean 24 batches ?? I dont know where I went wrong . :(

Sushi (not verified)
Wom's picture

Total cost 1-400 all materials bought outright, 10g A+ guide super fast and cheap

Sinkar (not verified)
Wom's picture

Worked perfect for me, thank you so much!

Anonymous (not verified)
Wom's picture

375-400 is totally off. Only got me to 380. Wasted a bunch of time and money but aside from that part it's well done.

Plaz (not verified)
Wom's picture

if you struggle at 375-400 on this guide you will on the other guides too ;p

Ian (not verified)
Wom's picture

AMAZING GUIDE. spent 3 gold so far already at 226. really well made. kudos to you sir :D

Nettie (not verified)
Wom's picture

Worked great for me. But I ended up spending 17 gold and I used an experience booster. Started with a level 1 character with no crafting experience. Ended up with 401 artificer using the mats he listed and 17g. A lot more expensive than I thought it was going to be, but at least I got some good levels for my character and craft. Thanks!

koala tee (not verified)
Wom's picture

people are talking about issues with 375-400:


buy 2 rare inscriptions from the artificier master

buy a few of the elder pairs such as focus core and casing, scepter rod and core

it should help lvl you up a lot faster

cheers yes

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