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Guild Missions: Guild Bounty Location Guide

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April 3, 2013 - 5:29pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Guild Missions


In this guide we provide you with the locations and routes of the 18 bounty NPCs that you must find and kill. As also covered in our Complete Guild to Guild Missions, players should attempt to locate NPC’s prior to starting the mission as this will save significant time when looking for them. It’s also worth noting that you can no longer prevent the Bounty NPC’s from moving by simply interacting with them (F). All Tiers of the Bounty mission have a 15 minute time limit.

  • Tier 1 – 2 NPC’s, 15 Merit Reward
  • Tier 2 – 3 NPC’s, 20 Merit Reward
  • Tier 3 – 6 NPC’s, 25 Merit Reward

Bounty NPC Map Locations

  • 2-MULT - Timberline Falls
  • Yanonka the Rat Wrangler - Fields of Ruin
  • Big Mayana - Sparkfly Fen
  • Trillia Midwell – Fields of Ruin
  • Brekkabek – Harathi Hinterlands
  • Bookworm Bwikki – Lornar’s Pass
  • Crusader Michiele – Sparkfly Fen
  • Deputy Brooke – Snowden Drifts
  • Devious Teesa – Frostgorge Sounds
  • Tricksy Trekksa – Blazeridge Steppes
  • Diplomat Tarban – Brisban Wildlands
  • Half Baked Kamali – Mount Maelstrom
  • Poobadoo – Kessex Hills
  • Prisoner 1411 – Iron Marshes
  • Shaman Arderus – Fireheart Rise
  • Sotzz the Scallywag – Gendarran Fields
  • Short-Fuse Felix – Diessa Plateau
  • Ander “Wildman” Westward – Southsun Cove

Bounty NPC Map Pathing

2-MULT - Timberline Falls

"This defective prototype weather golem has been storming around Timberline Falls. Target needs to be brought in for a software patch." 

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Please Note: 2-MULT uses a typical golem whirlwind attack, however in this instance, this propels multiple sparks out around the golem. You and your guild will need to kill these sparks and throw them back at 2-MULT to remove his immunity. 

Big Mayan – Sparkfly Fen

 “This voracious hylek is wanted for questioning about a recent poisoning. Target is thought to have taken refuge in the canopy of Sparkfly Fen.”

 Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Please Note: Big Mayana has to be located through interacting with the trees marked on the above map. They can only be interacted with once the timer has started making this incredibly difficult. When he is discovered, he will eat players too close to him. Similarly to the jellyfish in Fractals of the Mists, kicking out is the best way of escape.  

Yanonka the Rat Wrangler - Fields of Ruin

"This rogue ogre is wanted for spying on and sabotaging various factions vying for control of the Fields of Ruin. Target is notorious for using his pet rats to do her dirtiest work."

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Please Note: This is a particularly difficult bounty as you need to discover "Suspicious Rats" to reveal Yanonka, making it a needle in a haystack for completing quickly. When you find a rat and once Yanonka is discovered, target her with single target attacks (AOE will cause the rats to also attack you and your guild). 

Trillia Midwell – Fields of Ruin

 “Wanted for questioning about attacks again charr merchants serving Ebonhawke peace delegations. Suspected of being a Separatist.”

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Brekkabek – Harathi Hinterlands

“Wanted for illegally attempting to keep a bear as a pet. Last seen fleeing a centuar encampment into the protection of other skritt”

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Bookworm Bwikki – Lornar’s Pass

“Wanted for unauthorized removal and vandalism of books as well as nonpayment of library fines. Last seen fleeing down snow-covered slopes from a library.”

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Crusader Michiele – Sparkfly Fens

“Wanted for desertion, spreading panic, and biting a superior officer. Reportedly wandering the coastal realm of the sunless undead champion.”

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Deputy Brooke – Snowden Drifts

“Wanted for impersonating a deputy of the Lionguard. Last seen hassling travelers along the Drifts Detour.”

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Devious Teesa – Frostgorge Sounds

“Wanted for theft, attempted assassination, and incorrect filling of Patent Form 12.21-D. Recently sighted entering dredge-filled cavern by a kodan patrol.”

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Tricksy Trekksa – Blazeridge Steppes

“This self-styled master of disguise is wanted for intelligence debriefing. Reports of out-of-place creatures wandering near Steeleye Span may be related.”

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Please Note: Tricksy Trekksa is disguised. The creates are named: Curious Cow, Weird Wind Rider, Peculiar Pig or Mysterious Moa and all have the same path.

Diplomat Tarban – Brisban Wildlands

“Wanted for impersonation of an ambassador. Suspected of planning fraudulent negotiations with the local skritt kingdom.

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Half Baked Kamali – Mount Maelstrom

“Wanted for reckless endangerment and unlicensed geomantic experimentation, including a recent attempt to immerse an inquest engineer in a lava pool.”

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Please Note: The fire shield surrounding Half Baked Komali makes him resistant to damage. Utilising Boon removal skills is key to dealing damage to him.

Poobadoo – Kessex Hills

“Wanted in connection with multiple harassment and public nuisance complaints. Last seen pestering tengu merchants at their trading post.”

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Prisoner 1411 – Iron Marshes

“This fugitive escaped from Scourgejaw’s Vault, an Iron legion prison quarry. Target has thus far proven expert at evading local authorities.”

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Shaman Arderus – Fireheart Rise

“The rogue shaman Arderus is sought for his potential usefulness as an intelligence asset. Reported wandering the plains near the burning forest.”

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Sotzz the Scallywag – Gendarran Fields

“Wanted for theft, public intoxication, and lewdness. Target is known to “spirit” himself around the region north of Lion’s Arch in stolen barrels of ale.”

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Please Note: Sotzz the Scallywag does not have a movement path. Instead, he spawns inside “suspicious barrels”. There are 300 spawn locations, though marked below are the most common.

Short-Fuse Felix – Diessa Plateau

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

“Wanted in connection with several proper-damage suits. Last seen behaving aggressively at Meatoberfest.”

Ander “Wildman” Westward – Southsun Cove

“Wanted for illegal trafficking of exotic wildlife. Suspected of attempting to wrangle karka in their island habitat.”

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounty

Please Note: Ander “Wildman” Westward can be found trapped inside a Veteran Karka. You can locate the correct Veteran Karka by the fact that it has a speech bubble above its head (presumed from Ander “Wildman” Westward) as well as making strange noises. Finding Ander “Wildman” Westward is relatively easy due to the limited number of Veteran Karka in Southsun Cove, with many towards the south west corner.

GW2Hub would like to thank Dius, BEER and MLH for their contributions.


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