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Guide to Earning Guild Influence

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March 1, 2013 - 6:31pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Influence


With the implementation of Guild Missions and the high cost of influence to unlock the very first tiers (30,000) its never been more prevalent to maximise your guilds influence gain. In simple terms, influence is a currency that guilds spend to purchase enhancements for guild-wide upgrades and improvements. Everything that you and your guild participate in (while representing your guild) will earn influence.


There are four distinct methods to earning influence: attendance, participation, consumable and coin. Each of these provides differing amounts of influence based on the activity you’re undertaking. The largest influence gain is coin but comes at a significant price.


Earning influence through attendance could be considered the ‘bread and butter’ of your influence gain. Once every 24 hours the game checks for the number of members who have logged on and represented your guild, during the previous 24 hours. Based on this, you’ll receive an amount of influence set to 3 distinct parameters.

  • +10 influence per member, for the first 20 members.
  • +5 influence per member, from 20 to 50 members.
  • +1 influence per member, for each additional member after 50.

In real terms, it’s ideal that your guild can field 20 members per day to ensure you receive 200 influence. This way, when you have unlocked Guild Missions you can guarantee to activate one per day.


As the name suggests, having your guild participate in events or activities in the game world provides a steady stream of influence. It should be noted however that the amount earned through these activities is entirely dependant on how many members you have. Participation can be broken down into: Events, PvP and Dungeons.


  • +2 influence per member for solo completion.
  • +20 influence for a group of two or more members completing the event.

PvP Victories

  • +5 influence per member.

Dungeon Completion

  • +10 influence per member.
  • +100 influence for a group of three or more members completing the dungeon.


There are only 3 consumables in Guild Wars 2 that provide influence, with one of them in particular likely to no longer exist for the majority of the playerbase.

Tome of Influence

As just mentioned, the Tome of Influence is a one-time item reward mailed to those who purchased the Digital Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of the game. When consumed, the Tome provides an instant boost to your guilds influence (+1,000). However, the likelihood that anyone other players brand new to the Guild Wars 2 still has this to cash in is incredibly unlikely. Unless you or your guild is willing to buy dozens of digital edition versions of the game for this boost alone, it’s one to ignore.

Letter of Commendation

Similarly to the Tome of Influence, the Letter of Commendation is obtained by completing certain parts of your personal story. Each letter you receive provides between +400 and +1,000 influence. If it’s the case that your guild and it’s members don’t take part in their personal story, or have completed it, you won’t be able to rely on this as a source of influence gain.

Guild Discovery

Guild Wars 2 Influence


Black Lion Chests are notorious for the fact they give you everything you don’t want and nothing that you do want. In this instance, Black Lion Chests have a chance of providing you with Small, Medium or Large Guild Discoveries. These are consumable potions which provide an instant influence gain between +50, +100 and +300 respectively. What I will add is that the chances of you ever receiving any are astronomically small, based on the fact that you first have to buy a Black Lion Key (rare drops or purchased from the gem store) before landing lucky with the RNG. It’s best to pretend this method of influence gain doesn’t exist with you and all your members better served by saving your gems and throwing away your Black Lion Chests.


Exchanging your hard earned gold is the quickest and easiest method of earning vast amounts of influence.  The exchange rate of gold to influence isn’t particularly generous, but if the guild band together to pool their money it can make the entire process incredibly cheap. You can exchange your gold for influence at the Guild Promoter who is available in each capital city.

  • +10 influence for 2 silver
  • +100 influence for 20 silver
  • +100 influence for 2 gold
  • +10,000 influence for 20 gold


Rifa Black's picture
Submitted by Rifa Black on

an idea to have subs for being a member of a guild sounds ridiculous but practical for small guild (around 20 members) having a 2 silver sub a week or forth night might be helpful to your guild if they want to unlock the guild quests in a timely fashion XD but i don't see this happening because everyone will complain!

100% Glass Canon - Shoot first, ask questions later.

Lewis B's picture
Submitted by Lewis B on

Something I proposed ages ago was taxes and tithes, similar to Warhammer Online to secure money from your guild. Most people dont like the thought of this. My guild charges members 20 silver per week which has netted us about 500g.

chewy001's picture
Submitted by chewy001 on

Money talks, if you really want guild influence you need gold and know how to get it. I've been using a Guild Wars 2 guide that has helped me get tons of gold and my guild is loving it, they just follow me around and pick up what I can't get.  

chaosgyro's picture
Submitted by chaosgyro on

The problem with taxes and tithes in GW2 is that money is simply hard to come by for the majority of players.  Some people earn plenty, some people just enough, and others not even enough to regularly waypoint or repair.  A percentage based tax will wind up hitting the people with lots of cash far more than they would consider worthwhile, while a flat tax just kills the little guy.

Lewis B's picture
Submitted by Lewis B on

I dunno - it worked amazingly well in Warhammer Online. Would you really miss 5-10% of all that you earn? I know I wouldn't. I tend to earn about 20g a week as a bare minimum just playing the game and doing my dailies.

lamorak_'s picture
Submitted by lamorak_ on

I have a question about how influence is added for groups. You've stated that events give +20 influence to groups of 2 or more when completing the event. Does that require the people to be partied? or does having un-partied guild members doing the same event count as "a group of 2+?"

If 6 guild members were doing the same event, would a party of 4 and a party of 2 grant more influence than a party of 5 and a solo guildie? Would three groups of 2 grant even more influence?

Also, someone told me that fractals of the mists do not grant dungeon influence to the guild, despite being a dungeon. Is this true?


Lewis B's picture
Submitted by Lewis B on

I'll try to answer and will also have to do some further testing. When guild members take part in events, I believe the game calculates which guild members are participating with our without a party. I believe it does this to partly reduce any influence gain exploits by splitting parties up as you describe.

I don't believe fractals contribute either - they aren't dungeons, they're fractals.