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Gates of Maguuma Elite Achievement Guide

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July 3, 2014 - 9:43am -- Lee B.
Gates of Maguuma Achievement Guide

The Gates of Maguuma is the first Living World story of Season Two. This release introduces elite achievements that are able to be accomplished after you have completed the story the first time. Use this guide to get all of the achievements and get all of the rewards associated with them.

Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands

No Shocks Here and A Shocking Development

Golem Mark I Electrical Discharge

At the end of the mission a Veteran Experimental Mark I Golem will spawn that you have to destroy. For No Shocks Here you need to completely avoid all of the electrical discharge that occurs when the golem is spinning in the electrical field. It is highly recommended that you use ranged weapons for this achievement as it puts you well outside of the range of the discharge.

Golem Mark I Electrical Buildup

A Shocking Development is gotten by charging the Golemites with those electrical shots and kiting them into the Mark I Golem when it begins repairing inside of the bubble. You need to get ten stacks of Electrical Buildup on the boss in order for it to become shocked. Having stability helps incredibly here as the little Golemites tend to like to knock you back before you can kite them through the bubble.

No One Left Behind

No One Left Behind

To get No One Left Behind you need to protect the Seraph Repair Workers from the Inquest while they are building the barricades. For the most part the Inquest will stay locked on you if you damage them and stay away from the workers. Having AoE knock-back and area denial can help keep the Inquest away from the workers.

Fallen Hopes

Zephyr’s Ascent and Zephyr’s Leap

For these two achievements you need to climb to the tallest point in the instance. It is highly recommended you use a speed boosting signet or swiftness in order to make some of the jumps necessary. Use the video above as a guide on how to get there.

No Rock Unturned

Inquest Survey Device 1 and 2Inquest Survey Device 3

Inquest Survey Device 4

Throughout the Fallen Hopes mission there are four Inquest Surverying Devices scattered over the map.  To spot them make sure you are always hitting the “Show Enemy Names” button (whatever key you have that bound to). A ranged weapon is particularly useful so you can continue to progress quickly through these.


Explosive Avoidance

Explosive Avoidance

To get this achievement you need to avoid being hit by a timed explosive. When Aerin throws a few bombs some of them will have a deep red area marker. Dodge or run out of that marker before it explodes and you will get this achievement.

Opportune Moment

Opportune Moment Crystal ShardOpportune Moment Leap

Just after killing the Overgrown Husk and the Overgrown Hounds a Lightning Crystal Shard will spawn on the right side of the fork. Go over and pick it up and run to the ledge where Marjory will extend the bridge. On the right you will be able to jump over and shoot Aerin in the back before he has the opportunity to jump away.

Dashed Advantage

This achievement occurs at the final fight with Aerin. You need to get him down to 50% health and get the Sun Crystal Shards to start spawning. At that moment you need to get 5-6 Air Crystal Shards before you pick up one of the Sun Crystal Shards. Jump your way up the left wall to get to a wall that has a sun picture on it. Use the Sun Crystal Shard to punch through the wall and enter an area filled with Inquest.

Here you need to kill the Golem before he gets to the force field on the far side of the room. You can use immobilization and knockbacks to buy yourself more time while you kill him. After that all you need to do is kill the rest of the Inquest in the room and you will get the achievement.