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Festival of the Four Winds Achievement Guide

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May 21, 2014 - 4:46pm -- Lee B.
Festival of the Four Winds Achievement Guide

The Festival of the Four Winds meta-achievement requires you to complete fourteen different achievements under the Festival of the Found Winds achievement panel. The meta-achievement will reward you with a Bounty of the Festival box that gives you 1,600 Festival Tokens and one Favor of the Festival. Get this meta-achievement done while this Living World story is active to get yourself some very nice rewards and achievement points.

Queen’s Gauntlet

Within the normal Queen’s Gauntlet there are eight different achievements to get:

  • Bandit’s Bane
  • Destroyer Destroyer
  • Flame Legion Finisher
  • Pirate Purger
  • Centaur Culler
  • Ogre Obliterator
  • Gauntlet Contender
  • Gauntlet Favorite

Creature Crusher

All of the achievements associated with an enemy type require you to kill fifty of that enemy type in the Queen’s Gauntlet to get credit. For example to get Bandit’s Bane you would need to kill fifty bandits. The picture above shows you where you can acquire each achievement and will take little more than fifteen minutes per achievement if you focus on just killing those enemies.

Gauntlet Contender and Gauntlet Favorite require you to go into the second story of the Queen’s Gauntlet and participate in the one on one challenges within the cages. Gauntlet Contender simply requires that you kill twelve bosses within the cages. Gauntlet Favorite makes it so you have to add a little bit more challenge to your fights and turn on a gambit for twelve bosses. For the two Gauntlet achievements you can repeat the same boss over and over again and still get credit for them. Pick a boss that you find easy, add on a Gambit like Hamstrung, and you should complete these achievements quickly.

Boss Blitz

There are seven achievements associated with Boss Blitz:

  • Boss Blitz: Kill Kuraii
  • Boss Blitz: Wallop Wiggin
  • Boss Blitz: Slay Shurakk
  • Boss Blitz: Slaughter Sparcus
  • Boss Blitz: Put Out Pyroxis
  • Boss Blitz: Beat Boom-Boom
  • Boss Blitz

All of the Boss individual achievements merely require you to kill the named boss while Boss Blitz is active. You can finish this in one run of the event or over the course of multiple events. You can find out complete guide on Boss Blitz, including strategies for each boss, here.

Boss Blitz requires you to finish the dynamic event ten times in order to get the achievement. You can go to each boss in each event or just kill one boss and wait for everyone else to finish the event to get credit. If running with a coordinated group you can get this achievement done in little over an hour.

Labyrinthine Cliffs

In the Labyrinthine Cliffs there will be these eight achievements to complete:

  • Aspect Assassin
  • Aspect Victor
  • Crate Consumer
  • Dedicated Sprinter
  • Ready, Willing, and Able
  • Sky Crystal Master
  • Sky Crystal Seeker
  • Welcoming Party

Aspect Assassin and Aspect Victor take place within the Aspect Arena activity located within the Labyrinthine Cliffs. Aspect Assassin requires you to kill thirty opponents and to get Aspect Victor your team needs to win three matches of Aspect Arena. Choosing the best strategy for this really depends on play style, but I found the Lightning Aspect to be the better aspect to have in order to move swiftly around the map and to stop your opponent from scoring.

In the Sanctum Sprint activity there is the Dedicated Sprint achievement that requires you to place in the top three for ten games. Doing this takes practice but the general idea is to use Light Dash at almost every opportunity and get as many crystals as you can so you can Light Dash more often. Always go for the utility buffs on the map because they can give you the Aspect Master skill which boosts your aspect abilities for a short time.

Charged Essence CollectorFlying Dolyak

Within the Cliffs themselves you can complete the Ready, Willing, and Able, Sky Crystal Master, Sky Crystal Seeker and Crate Consumer achievements. To get Ready, Willing, and Able you need to participate in the Flying Dolyaks or Charged Crystal collection dynamic events five times. Crate Consumer simply requires you to open ten Zephyrite Supply Boxes that vendors will trade to you for raw materials. Finally Sky Crystal Seeker and Sky Crystal Master require you to find forty Sky Crystals and ten Master Sky Crystals.

Finally, Welcoming Party simply needs you to participate in the instanced story that introduces the Zephyrites back to Lion’s Arch. You can find this instance near the Consortium shops, where the boat takes you to the Labyrinthine Cliffs.