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Fashion Forward Achievement on a Budget

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April 26, 2014 - 7:04am -- Lee B.
Fashion Forward Achievement on a Budget

The Wardrobe system brought with it a new achievement under the Fashion tab called “Fashion Forward”. This achievement requires players to unlock 1,000 unique skins of weapons and armor in order to get credit for it. Unless you have been collecting armor well in advance to this day, or just started this game, it has caught a lot of players off guard with how steep of an amount it asks for. This guide will help new or old players get the thousand different pieces together as cheaply as possible and could potentially even turn a profit.

Dungeon Gear

Dungeon Vendor

There are a total of 296 skins you can get from all eight dungeons.  To get every unique skin from a dungeon vendor it will cost you a total of 7,230 tokens per dungeon. Luckily, there is a way to reduce this massive amount. With the introduction of the new PvP Reward Tracks there is now a way to earn dungeon weapons and armor outright and only require an investment of time in PvP.

What is recommended for this guide is that you raise a PvP Reward Track by two levels, and do each explorable path of a dungeon, each day. This will get you a weapon (sometimes armor if you are completing your track) and 180 tokens. This means when you complete a track, after four days, you will have three dungeon weapons, a piece of dungeon armor and 720 tokens. Do this three more times and you will have the sweet spot of tokens earned compared to how many pieces of equipment you still need to purchase.

Times Completing A Reward Track

Earned Tokens

Weapons Chest Unlocks

Armor Chest Unlocks

Remaining Tokens



Greatsword, Staff, Longbow





Speargun, Hammer, Rifle





Shortbow, Trident, Spear





Sword, Mace, Scepter



At the end of the four cycles through the track you should be able to outright purchase the rest of the gear you need with your tokens. Doing it by this method will take you a total of 17 days per dungeon. This, of course, can be sped up if you do Arenas in sPvP to exceed the two level cap that is imposed on Hot Join PvP.


By leveling up your Tailoing, Leatherworking, Armorcrafting, Artificing, Huntsman and Weaponsmithing to 400 you can get access to a total of 321 different skins. This is worthwhile for the player on a budget as it allows you to craft as you explore, and allows you to begin crafting towards Ascended and Legendaries. Alternatively, you can outright purchase these items off the Trading Post if you have the excess money to do so.

Weaponcrafting and Huntsman can unlock Bronze, Iron, Dredge, Darksteel, Mithril, Krait, Bandit, Godskull, Beaded and Pearl weaponry.

Artificer and Huntsman can unlock Green Wood, Soft Wood, Dredge, Hard Wood, Elder Wood, Krait, Bandit, Godskull, Beaded and Pearl weaponry.

Tailoring will unlock Embroidered, Student, Acolyte, Winged, Feathered, Masquerade and Exalted light armor.

Leatherworking will give you Seeker, Outlaw, Noble, Leather, Rascal, Prowler and Emblazoned medium armor.

Armorsmithing gives you Chain, Scale, Splint, Tempered Scale, Barbaric, Gladiator and Draconic heavy armors.

Badges of Honor

WvW Vendor

By participating in WvW you can get yourself 84 skins that will cost you a total of 6,327 Badges of Honor. These armors can also be purchased with karma, with the exceptions being Mist Walker, Diviner and the helm to the Buccaneer armor. To get these skins head to your world’s borderlands and head to the Armor Master who will sell you skins for Badges of Honor.

For light armor you can get yourself the Devout, Dry Bones, Stately, Primitive and Diviner armor sets.

Medium armors you are looking to get are the Rogue, Buccaneer, Stalker and Mist Walker armors.

Finally, the heavy armors to get are the Dark, Studded Plate, Militia and Heavy Plate sets of armor.


This will be your second to last sets of gear to mark off on your list as it will be the most expensive. The cost will total up to 378,980 karma for 60 different skins that can’t be acquired anywhere else. Luckily with all the dungeon running and WvW you will be getting close to this number so long as you don’t spend your karma on anything else.

Ebon Vanguard Weapons


This karma vendor is located in the Fields of Ruin near the Hawkgate waypoint. Purchase from the Tier 1 vendor for the cheapest version of these weapons.  These weapons are 9,800 karma each for a total of 186,200 for the whole set.

Pirate Weapons


This vendor is located at the end of the Weyandt’s Revenge jumping puzzles located within Lion’s Arch. After you get the chest located near Weyandt head out as normal and you will run into the First Mate and he will sell you Pirate weapons. Each weapon costs 9,800 karma each for a total of 186,200 for the whole set.

Modniir Weapons


In the Hirathi Hinterlands, to the southwest of the Cloven Hoof waypoint, there is a karma vendor who will sell you a variety of Modniir weapons. You will have to complete her Renown events in order to unlock her shop. Purchase the Fine quality weapons for 280-420 karma each to a total of 6,580 karma for the whole set.


This last set of weapons and armor can all be found all through-out Tyria or just outright purchased off the Trading Post. It is highly recommended you purchase these last as you may just encounter a lot of these skins while going through WvW, PvP or the various dungeons. This is a total of 243 skins and will be the equipment with the steepest prices associated with them.

For weapons you will be getting the Aureate, Flame, Glyphic, Krytan, Norn, Ogre, Orrian, Shiverpeak, Steam and Verdant sets.

Light armor you want to get Acolyte, Cabalist, Country and Magician.

For medium armors you will be looking for Privateer, Rawhide and Studded armor sets.

Finally, heavy armors will need to get the Banded, Reinforced Scale, Worn Chain and Worn Scale sets.


  1. All gear you don’t want to keep you can throw into the Mystic Forge for a chance to get new skins for your wardrobe.
  2. Make sure you get all possible skins from Living World events to ease the amount you need to keep from this guide. Usually this is cheaper and faster than most options here.
  3. Skins unique to classes, like the elementalist gems, do not count towards the achievement.
  4. Hall of Monuments skins will count towards the achievement and provide a great way to cut out some sets from this guide.
  5. Getting cultural armor will also count towards the Emperor’s New Wardrobe achievement as well as all the different racial cultural armor achievements.