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Escape From Lion's Arch Merchant Guide

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February 19, 2014 - 10:10pm -- Lee B.
Escape From Lion's Arch Merchant Guide

This Living World update has introduced us to a whole set of items that players can get if they pay attention to the merchants. Consumables, Recipes and unique Tonics can be found spread out through all of the Refugee Camps among the merchants. Using this guide will help you not only find which merchants sell what, but also make sure you are spending your currencies wisely.

Heirloom Lost and Found

Heirloom Lost and Found

This merchant trades in Found Heirlooms and standard currency for mostly Alliance Supplies. Outside of this there is also an option to purchase a Selfless Potion which gives a Halo to the character that uses it. The Suspicious Heirloom Lost and Found merchant, typically found right behind the normal one, will offer a Thoughtless Potion which will give Horns to the character that uses it.

The best thing to do with your Found Heirlooms are to accumulate enough to get these potions, otherwise you are relying on chance from the Alliance Supplies.


Miyani Ascened Recipes

Miyani offers her usual affair of Mystic Forge related items for standard currency. However, she does offer Ascended Recipe: Gift of Blades for the armor crafting professions.  It isn’t known if these new recipes are a limited time offer for this Living World update.

Lionguard Belongings Collector

Belongings Collector

This merchant trades in Found Belongings and standard currency for a wide variety of item. The completely unique item to this merchant would be the Ascended Recipe: Gift of Blades. Alternatively each of the individual six merchants offer a unique inventory of cooking goods.

It is hard to say what the best purchase here is. If you have the gold to throw at Miyani for the Ascended Recipes than it would be best to purchase Tomes of Knowledge, Obsidian Shards, Cooking Ingredients or even Zhaitaffy. The Zhaitaffy in particular can help you acquire Dragon Bash foods that can sell well.

Tiggs, Commodore Lawson Marriner

Tiggs InventoryLawson Marriner Inventory

Tiggs and Commodore Lawson Marriner offer a standard affair of items for standard currency. Each, however, will offer one consumable item for players. Tiggs will offer players a Swift Moa Feather that acts as a standard “utility” buff (like potions) that will seemingly increase a player’s base speed by 25%. Commodore Lawson Marriner offers players a Powerful Potion of Slaying Scarlet’s Armies that will increase damage by 10% to all of Scarlet’s minions, and reduce damage by -10% from Scarlet’s minions.

I highly recommend players get a stack of the Swift Moa Feathers. While they don’t seem to stack with any other kind of speed boosts, they are a great consumable to replace those speed boost skills for a mere “utility” buff slot. This is a huge item for Necromancers and Rangers, especially in WvW environments.

Urmaug, Ellyna Graidy and Evon Gnashblade

Sharpening StationMaintenance StationTuning Station

Urmaug, Ellyna and Evon offer a standard affair of items for standard currency. On top of the usual stock each will offer a different recipe for each of the weapon crafting professions at 5 gold each. Evon will offer a Maintenance Oil Station, Urmaug offers the Sharpening Stone Station and Ellyna sells the Tuning Crystal Station. These stations will act as a feast but for “utility” buffs.


bargamer's picture
Submitted by bargamer on

The Gift of Blades Recipes from the Collectors are a total ripoff, when up on the Captain's Ship, the Mystic Forge Attendant offers them for 5 gold.

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Submitted by Lee B. on

I think they offer the same thing as Miyani which is sort of the same thing as the Collectors.