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Engineer Build Guide: Turret/Pistol

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May 21, 2013 - 1:55pm -- Xerin
Engineer Build Guide: Turret/Pistol

In this guide we present to you an engineer build guide focused on utilizing turrets. I will forewarn however that utilising turrets sacrifices a great deal of utility in comparison to the flexibility of elixirs. What makes this turret build guide interesting s the fact it's great 1 on 1 and is formidable at point defence. I'm not suggesting it is better than HGH but I believe this to be the best turret build currently possible.

Please Note: This build transfers directly to PvE however due to the nature of boss damage (and notably area of effect spells) turrets aren't always viable.



Capable of "locking down" an area

Relies heavily on turrets surviving in order to support your damage/control

Remains potent at dealing condition damage

Lacks the condition removal of an Elixir build

Excels at 1 on 1 through its use of turrets

Isn't as high damage as a HGH build

Has reasonably high survivability

Turrets die easily if focused and need to be actively managed

Is a fun and original build


  • Knee Shot
  • Hair Trigger
  • Protective Shield
  • Power Shoes
  • Deployable Turrets
  • Kit Refinement
  • Adrenal Implant

Why these Traits?

With only one weapon set (Med Kit doesn't count) it's important to ensure that your pistol cooldowns are as short as possible. To compliment this, Knee Shot is taken to ensure that your foes when glued (from the offhand pistols Glue Shot) remain in place as long as possible. This gives you time to move but also greater time for your turrets to track your target. Protective Shield is taken to add additional defence based on this build having few escape methods while Power Shoes provides a reliable and near permanent swiftness when in combat (to further compliment Adrenaline Implant). Lastly, Deployable Turrets is invaluable to place your turrets in sneaky positions or in unexpected locations while Kit Refinement (when using Med Kit) offers Magnet Aura to add further defense and reflection back at your foes. 

What all this brings together is a replication of Swiftness and Vigor you can achieve from existing traits (albeit differently) to instead take alternatives traits to bolster your turrets and/or survivability. Many might wonder why I wouldn't take Rifled Turret Barrels (turrets deal more damage and have more range) and the reason for this is the fact that Adrenal Implant is better. 

Please Note: It's viable to change Protective Shield for Cloaking Device if you want a trait that offers utility over raw protection. 

  • Med Kit
  • Elixir R
  • Net Turret
  • Rocket Turret
  • Supply Crate

Why these Skills?

Your choice of turrets is entirely dependant on your play style. I choose to take Net Turret and Rocket Turret primarily for their utility and tool belt skills. The Net Turret is incredibly annoying to fight against as it offers an immobilise as its tool belt skill (you fire a net out) but also a net the moment you drop it. Rocket Turret does deal good damage (direct and burning condition), but where it really shines however is when you overcharge it, causing knockdown to those it hits. What I would recommend is using your tool belt skills first before you place your turrets, as placing a turret down will replace your tool belt skill with "Detonate Turret". If I were to recommend a turret not to take, it would have to be the rifle turret simply because the damage is awful. 

The use of Med Kit over Healing Turret is a difficult choice, but primarily because Healing Turret doesn't function too well with the minor traits that allow you to use your heal twice, while specialisation in the Tools trait line (reducing your tool belt cooldowns) allows for your heal to be as little as 15 seconds. The Med Kit also pairs nicely with Kit Refinement, giving you some added protection through Magnet Aura.

Lastly Elixir R is designed as your condition removal, self revive and stun break. It's your get out jail free card but be sure to use it sparingly as it's the only stun break you have. 

Please Note: The alternative to Elixir R is to use Elixir S which provides you with immunity, shrinks you to confuse your opponent and also provides stability or stealth from the tool belt. 

  • x6 Superior Rune of Earth
  • Superior Sigil of Earth
  • Superior Sigil of Corruption
  • Rabid Amulet and Shaman's Jewel

Why these Upgrades and Amulets?

Maximising Superior Sigil of Earth affords you with x2 Magnetic Aura: one when you drop to 50% health and one when you change to and from the Med Kit. What this allows is for a good amount of breathing space under heavy fire and buys you enough time to heal up, or evade several attacks. The additional toughness and chance to cast protection on yourself is also an additional bonus as this support your Protective Shield trait. 

The use of Superior Sigil of Earth and Corruption are based on the fact you only have your pistol to deal damage directly if your turret dies, so stacking bleeds remains a priority. Superior Sigil of Corruption is there to bolster your relatively low condition damage to above 1,000. 

When it comes to the Amulet, there's very little point in choosing anything other than Rabid as you need the critical strike chance to stack your bleeds while the toughness it offers gives you some much needed defence. Were I to suggest any other Amulet it would have to be Shamans simply for the higher toughness. 

Please Note: If you would rather increase your damage further, it is a possibility of replacing Superior Sigil of Corruption with Superior Sigil of Battle as changing to and from Med Kit will trigger its effect. 

  • x2 Pistol

Why these Weapons?

There is the possibility of using a shield with this build, but your damage would plummet and you would lose out on the high condition damage of Blowtorch. In addition, Glue Shot really helps keeping players in place to make your turrets job easier. What I would recommend is the fact that you open with Glue Shot, followed by Blowtorch and Static Shot. It's a powerful rotation that will deal high damage in a short window, all (hopefully) supported by your overcharged net and rocket turret.


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Submitted by Aquila (not verified) on

Hey thanks for all the effort, I wanted to ask if it would be possible to release a Warrior build too someday, like some sort of "how to get the maximum dps possible" for PvE dungeons and stuff. Thanks and keep the good work up!

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Submitted by Lewis B on

I think that pretty much covers all the Engineer builds, so the Warrior should be next up I imagine :)

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Submitted by Nikos (not verified) on

Great, but u are missing some build with elixir gun!!! Please!


Great page,  the most informative of all!

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Submitted by MadJoker86 on

Thanks so much for this build :) but can you kindly tell me what gears for this build you post ,i need to in w vs w / pve,   knight or rampager ?