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Engineer Build Guide: Flamethrower/Pistol/Shield

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May 20, 2013 - 9:57am -- Xerin
Engineer Build Guide: Flamethrower/Pistol/Shield

In this guide we present to you an engineer build guide focused on utilizing the Flamethrower Kit to burn your foe for long periods of time. The entire purpose of this build is to cause burning as often as possible while utilising the knockback and blind of the Flamethrower (as well as the confusion/knockbacks from the pistol and shield) to disorientate. What also makes this build useful in both structured PvP and PvE is the fact that the Juggernaut Trait allows you to continually keep up a high stack of might even before entering combat, freeing up several trait lines that the traditional HGH build uses. 

Please Note: This build transfers directly to PvE and simply requires you to use Rabid items.



Capable of dealing high damage

Relies on heavy use of the Flamethrower to maintain might stacks

Excellent at maintaining burning condition

Aiming with the flamethrower and ensuring you hit your opponent can be difficult

Excels at being a nuisance on a control point through the flamethrower/shield knockback

Isn't as high damage as a HGH build

Has high survivability through its use of shield/knockbacks

Not as easy to reach 25 might stacks as the HGH build

Transfers well to PvE and WvW


Engineer Build Guide: Flamethrower/Pistol/Shield

  • Incendiary Powder
  • Enhance Performance
  • Infused Precision
  • Fireforged Trigger
  • Juggernaut
  • Invigorating Speed
  • Self Regulating Defences

Why these Traits?

The principals of this build revolve around the use of flamethrower as your primary weapon in order to build up early stacks of might. Through the use of the Juggernaut Trait when wielding the flamethrower you will gain might every 15 seconds, for 3 seconds. Unfortunately and what the trait doesn't detail is the fact that the cap on this automated might acquisition is 6 stacks. However, you can surpass this number by using Enhance Performance (an additional 3 might from healing) as well as Superior Sigil of Battle (3 stacks of might when you swap to the flamethrower in combat). What makes Juggernaut so great is the fact that it will continually top up your might to ensure you're never without it, but it also means you go into combat with a minimum of 6 stacks.

The use of Fireforged Trigger is to ensure your cooldowns are kept low on your flamethrower (the blind and knockback are amazing) while Infused Precision and Invigorating Speed give you near permanent swiftness and vigor in combat.  Self Regulated Defences is designed as your panic trait for when your health gets uncomfortably low.

Please Note: If you feel you lack condition removal, you can replace Self Regulated Defences for Cleansing Formulae 409, though I'd then recommend you change Elixir C for Elixir U or B. 

  • Elixir H
  • Flamethrower
  • Elixir R
  • Elixir C
  • Supply Crate

Why these Skills?

I don't value Elixir B when you aren't utilising the HGH trait and do, when using Flamethrower, prefer Elixir C and Elixir R. The reason for this is the need to retain your might stacks but also your ability to move quickly while doing so (Enhance Performance and Invigorating Speed Traits see to that). What Elixir R also allows is for you to self revive (as well as your team mates) and it clears your conditions if Elixir C and its tool belt skill are on cooldown. These skills aren't set in stone however and it's more than possible to utilise Elixir B or H, though you'll have much less survivability. 

Please Note: Only use Elixir C in emergencies against professions that overwhelm you with conditions. You want to use it when you've under huge pressure to maximise the number of boons you receive. It's also possible with this build to use Healing Turret as it's now incredibly powerful (and also cures conditions). 

  • x2 Superior Rune of Balthazar
  • x2 Superior Rune of the Forge
  • x2 Superior Rune of Flame Legion
  • Superior Sigil of Earth
  • Superior Sigil of Battle
  • Rabid Amulet and Jewel

Why these Upgrades and Amulets?

These upgrades and amulets are all designed to maximise your damage output, while prolonging your burning. Use of the Flamethrower, Incendiary Ammo and Napalm offer you the chance to burn your opponents for long periods of time. With traits and the above Sigils, you gain a duration increase of 65%. This will not only improve your damage potential but works well alongside the bleeding stacks Superior Sigil of Earth provides. 

Please Note: If you would rather prolong your might duration, I'd recommend you use x2 Superior Rune of Strength, x2 Superior Rune of Fire and x2 Superior Rune of Hoelbrak. 

  • Pistol
  • Shield
  • Flamethrower Kit

Why these Weapons?

I recommend the Pistol and Shield to compliment the use of the Flamethrower Kit for several reasons. The first being the fact that the Flamethrower has various methods of causing burning, reducing the need for an off-hand pistol (and its Blowtorch skill). The Shield is also blast finisher and works excellently with Napalm creating combo-field that boosts your might stacks. Lastly Incendiary Ammo (the Tool Belt skill of Flamethrower) pairs excellently with the pistols high rate of fire to quickly stack burning (or to shoot through Napalm as a projectile combo-field).

When it comes to the Flamethrower and having highlighted some of its merits above, it's a bit of a black-sheep amongst the engineer community. It works wonderfully in PvE but isn't at the forfront of structured PvP. This is a shame as it has some wonderful control through its knockback, offers excellent fire fields and the much improved Flame Blast can deal massive damage (as much as 2.5-3k with critical hits and high might stacks) even on its short cooldown. 

In terms of attacking rotation, to maximise your damage output, I'd recommend the following: 

  • Open with Flamethrower and use Flame Blast
  • Knock your opponent back with Air Blast
  • Drop your fire field with Napalm
  • Change to Pistol and shoot your opponent through Napalm, utilising Poison Volley and Static Shot
  • Before Napalm expires, use your Shield Blast on it to trigger the combo-field. 
  • Activate Incendiary Ammo and stack up your opponent.
  • Change back to Flamethrower and hit your opponent with Flame Blast/Air Blast.


Ronizi's picture
Submitted by Ronizi (not verified) on

I love the flamethrower, it makes me feel like I'm playing Team Fortress 2 XP

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

You've been mentioning elixir h as a replacement possibility in the utility section of many of the engy guides, but it's the heal skill. Is there a particular one you had in mind instead?

SeanNorm's picture
Submitted by SeanNorm (not verified) on

Great Build!  I'll be giving it a go! 

I am wondering though how Elixer R allows for self-revives? I thought it only refilled your Endurance?

Again, great build! xD

Talos Grimgear's picture
Submitted by Talos Grimgear (not verified) on

Elixir R can self revive if you throw it down at your fight a moment before you know you are going down.  When thrown, anyone in the area heals back around 20% of their max HP a second.

MadJoker86's picture
Submitted by MadJoker86 on

Thanks so much for this build :) but can you kindly tell me what gears for this build you post ,i need to in w vs w / pve,   knight or rampager ?