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Dragon’s Reach Part Two Achievement Guide

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August 15, 2014 - 12:34pm -- Lee B.
Dragon’s Reach Part Two Achievement Guide

The release of Dragon's Reach Part Two update has introduced us to the dire situation of Mordremoth through the story. With this it has introduced a lot of new achievements associated with this Living World episode To get these achievements you will first need to complete the story before you are allowed to attempt at them.

Party Politics

These achievements require nothing more than some time and hitting the right conversation options when they pop up. Unfortunately each achievement requires that you go through the instance again in order to complete each one. This is due to the nature of how each achievement is done. At the end of each instance, if you did everything correctly, you will get your achievement.

Super Sleuth

Super Sleuth requires that you finish this instance by doing only the essential steps in a conversation. To get this done you need to follow these steps exactly:

  1. Talk to Minister Estelle.
  2. Talk to Kasmeer.
  3. Talk to Minister Arton.
  4. Talk to Lady Claire next to Minister Arton.
    • “That’s just a bad rumor, a lie.”
    • “This doesn’t add up.”
  5. Talk to the noble next to Countess Anise.
    • “That may be complicated.”
    • “You don’t think she met with Scarlet?”
  6. Talk to the servant near Minister Estelle.
    • “I’ve had some experience with ministers, not all are bad.”
    • “Do you like your jobs?”
  7. Talk to Kasmeer.
  8. Talk to Minister Estelle.
    • "I know all about you."
    • "I have a question. Is it true that you work closely with Lord Caudecus?"
    • "Tell me more."
    • "Tell me more."
    • "Kasmeer, what do you think?"
    • "Minister Estelle, can you repeat that?"
    • "Tell me more."
    • "Tell me more."
    • "Shy, huh?"
  9. Talk to Minister Estelle again.
    • "Did you hear what the queen discussed with Scarlet?"
    • "Tell me more."
    • "Tell me more."
    • "Tell me more."
    • "Minister Estelle, can you repeat that?"
    • "Tell me more."
    • "I heard the queen was escorted out for her safety."
  10. Talk to Minister Estelle a last time.
    • "You're sticking by the claim that they arranged this in the throne room?"
    • "Tell me more."
    • "Tell me more."
    • "Tell me more."
    • "Minister Estelle, can you repeat that?"
    • "Tell me more."
    • "Tell me more."
    • "Tell me more."
    • "You told you accomplice to say it was a black cape."

Sneaky Sleuth

Sneaky Sleuth is very similar to Super Sleuth but requires you change how you begin the mission. Follow these steps exactly:

  1. Speak to the noble near the catering table.
    • "I was expecting to see Minister Wi's wife here today."
    • "(Laugh) If you've seen one minister, you've seen them all."
  2. Speak to the noble near Minister Wi.
    • "No, my lady. I merely wanted to introduce myself."
    • "Are you enjoying the party?"
    • "I wouldn't think anyone could ignore such a beautiful night as this."
    • "(Laugh) I've met a few of them."
    • "I return as regularly as I can to visit my friends."
    • "So, what were you saying about the party?"
    • "I wouldn't think anyone could ignore such a beautiful night."
    • "I hear one minister is spreading rumors about the queen."
  3. Speak to the noble near Minister Estelle.
    • "Wait. I wanted to ask you something."
    • "Is that why Minister Estelle wants to retire? A lack of excitement?"
  4. Repeat steps 2-10 from the Super Sleuth achievement.

The last achievement Shoddy Sleuth requires that you complete the instance with full suspicion without being kicked out from the map. Follow these exact steps to get the achievement done:

  1. Speak to the noble near the catering table.
    • "I was expecting to see Minister Wi's wife here today."
    • "Were YOU attending court that day?" x9
  2. Repeat steps 1-4 from the Sneaky Sleuth achievement.

Recalibrating the Waypoints

To get these three achievements it will take you at least two separate tries. This is due to the fact that Defender of the Tiny and Power Squelcher oppose one another in term of combat goals.

Mischief Maker

Mischief Maker is easy enough to acquire and can be done in combination with the others as it merely requires that you hit to actually attack the mini waypoints. When Taimi first instructs you to use her device on the waypoints just move in to attack it once. The achievement will be done after a few short lines of dialogue.

Defender of the Tiny

Defender of the Tiny is gotten by preventing any damage to be done to Taimi while she is using her device. To the left and right of Taimi, while she is on the device, Mordrem will spawn to attack her. Fortunately they move slowly and don't have a lot of health. Kill them while she deals with the miniature waypoints. It is highly recommended that you make use of cripple, chill and immobilization to prevent them from getting too close to Taimi.

Power Squelcher

Finally Power Squelcher requires that you kill the Mordrem Leyleecher after it has reached full power. When the dialogue comes up that asks who should use the device you should pick to use it but you don't actually use it. Instead you should let the Leyleecher siphon all it wants from the waypoints then kill it. Having reflect skills, vigor and a ranged weapon are recommended for this achievement.

The World Summit

This set of three achievements call all be gotten at the same time but it is much more likely that you will need to spread them out over three different attempts to get them.  These can be done solo but you will have a much easier time completing these if you have a full group together. If you did everything correctly for each of the achievements you will be rewarded at the end of the instance.

Safe Spot

First is important to note that there is a specific spot in the northeast part of the map that you can head to to avoid almost all of the dragon's attacks. The only thing that will hit you are the vines ranged attacks which don't count against any of the achievements if you are hit, or the map wide AoE attack. Staying here with a ranged weapon and you won't have to deal with most of the fight mechanics. Staying here will almost guarantee that you get Untouched by Maw and Claw.

Can't Knock Me Down requires that you avoid that massive AoE attack that covers the entire map. While the tool tip says you can jump to avoid the attack it is much better if you just outright dodge it. Count to two seconds after the orange marker shows up over the map and then dodge to completely avoid this attack.

Challenge Mote

Mote Master is done by first interacting with the floating blue energy orb at the beginning of the map. Agreeing to the challenge will add Mordrem Pods during the fight with the dragon. These pods will heal the dragon while you can't hit it but only five will spawn during the fight.

Mordrem Pods

To kill these pods you will need to allow yourself to become entangled in a Vine Chamber so you can get a buff that allows you to hit the pods. To get entangled you need to not dodge during a period where an immobilization debuff will start flashing on your bar. While you are entangled you will likely take a considerable amount of damage so make sure you are close to full health when you let yourself become entangled. Repeat this process as many times as it takes to kill all five pods.

After killing the pods the fight will continue as normal. Kill the dragon and you will be rewarded with the achievement at the end of the instance.