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Dragon Bash: "So Lifelike" Achievement Guide

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June 10, 2013 - 9:07am -- Lee B.
Dragon Bash Holographs

Throughout all the Explorable Zones in Tyria (with the exception of Southsun Cove) you will find Dragon Holograms. Activating these Holograms will cause a horde of Holographic Minions to spawn that you need to cut down to achieve both the "So Lifelike" achievement as well as farm Dragon Coffers and Zhaitaffy. In this guide we'll cover the swiftest methods and get you on the right track to getting all the nifty Dragon Bash items.

Dragon Bash Icons

All over Tyria you will find these icons on your minimap and world map to show you the locations of Dragon Holograms. This will make your life easier to move from one point to the next, and will let you know if they haven't refreshed their timer yet.

What we recommend is that you take into consideration all the hundreds of other players in the game as well as the level of difficulty of the area and therefor the Holographic Minions you will spawn. Everyone and their grandmother will be heading to the low level zones for the easiest farm, so consider going to lesser traveled roads like Fields of Ruin, Kessex Hills or Snowden Drifts.

Dragon Hologram

Above you will see what these Holograms look like prior to activation. Clear out the surrounding area and set up any AoE skills that activate when an enemy roams over it prior to activating the Hologram. You will have about three seconds to lay down some hurt before the Holograms react to you, so lay down some quick damage AoEs. (Necromancer Wells, Ranger Traps and Barrage, Elementalist Staff and Arcane Blast, Engineer Grenades, Thief Shortbow, Warrior Axe Spin)

The enemies you kill will always have at least one piece of Zhaitaffy, but they will also have a decent chance of dropping a Dragon Coffer. Consider carrying some amount of Magic Find (or just rely on the gemstore rockets' Magic Find buff)  and you shouldn't have too much of a problem accumulating these coffers.

Hologram Fight

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