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Daily Meta-Achievement Guide

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April 7, 2014 - 10:44am -- Lee B.
Daily Meta-Achievement Guide

April 7th Daily Meta-Achievement at a glance:

April 7th Location

  • Daily Gatherer,Daily Kills, Daily Puzzle Jumper, Shiverpeaks Veteran Killer and Skill Interrupter can all be done near the Taigan Waypoint in Wayfarer Foothills.
  • Daily Gatherer, Daily Kills, Daily Mists Invasion Defender, Daily Mists Tower Capturer and Daily Puzzle Jumper can be done within the Mists as part of your daily WvW rotation.
  • Daily Activity Participation (Crab Toss), Daily Fractal Runner and Daily Crafter are all easy replacements to any of the achievements above.

Today’s daily achievement chest isn’t too difficult to get with the WvW Spring Tournament fully under way for the next few weeks. If you are doing your WvW rotations you should easily be able to complete Mists Invasion Defender, Mists Tower Capturer and World Ranker through normal gameplay.  You can round out the daily by getting Daily Skill Interrupter, Daily Puzzle Jumper, Daily Gatherer or Daily Kills rather easily while roaming around the Mists.

April 7th Jumping Puzzle

If you’re looking to take a break from WvW you could head on out to the Taigan Waypoint to kill a few Veteran Pinesouls to knock out Daily Shiverpeak Veteran Killer. Take the time here to finish Daily Kills by clearing out the large amount of dolyak and Sons of Svanir. Make sure you get Skill Interrupter by interrupting the dolyaks during their charge attack as it has a long wind up. Finish this area by gathering up all the resources like Onions, Carrots, Aspen Saplings and Copper Ore to get Daily Gatherer. Lastly you can head to the Northwest to the Shamans Rookery to do the jumping puzzle and get Daily Puzzle Jumper.

Daily Skill Interrupter

Easy alternatives to any of the achievements above would be Daily Crafter, Daily Fractal Runner and Daily Activity Participation. Daily Crafter can be knocked out easily with doing Ascended material crafting, like Bloodstone Bricks, or you can focus on preparing your wardrobe for the upcoming April 15th patch. Daily Fractal Runner can be done easily at low Fractal levels with a random group or high levels with a coordinated team and doing it will also help round out the wardrobe with potential Fractal weapon skins. Lastly today’s daily activity, Crab Toss, can be done quickly and get you some easy Southsun materials.

Check back here daily for an updated guide for today’s meta-achievement and how to complete it as fast as possible with as little travel as possible. If we haven’t update the daily guide for today’s meta-achievement you can always head over to our Complete Guide to Daily Achievements. We break down all known daily achievements and guide you on how to complete each one as easily as possible.