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Complete Queen's Pavilion Boss Blitz Guide

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May 20, 2014 - 11:36pm -- Lee B.
Complete Queen's Pavilion Boss Blitz Guide

How to Get There

Boss Blits Location

Head to Divinity’s Reach and to the Crown Pavilion Waypoint. There will be a portal nearby that is marked with the Living World marker. Head inside that portal and you will be taken directly to a safe area within the Queen’s Gauntlet and the staging ground for the Boss Blitz dynamic event.

Organize for the Fight


To get the Boss Blitz started players will need to donate about ten gold to Heal-O-Tron to begin the dynamic event counter. Prior to the event starting players needs to separate out into six individual groups of about 10-14 people and with a commander if possible. Each of these groups need to spread out to the six areas where the bosses will spawn.

The Mechanics of the Boss Blitz

There will be six unique bosses that players will need to kill within a set amount of time for different tiers of rewards:

  • Defeat all the bosses within eight minutes for the Gold tier of reward.
  • Defeat all the bosses within sixteen minutes for the Silver tier of reward.
  • Defeat all the bosses in more than sixteen minutes for the Bronze tier of reward.

Passing On Abilities

During the Gold and Silver windows each boss will have a unique skill that can be passed on to the other bosses that remain. Due to this mechanic the optimal way to kill the bosses, and avoid the difficulty ramp, is to kill the bosses nearly at the same time. Coordinating with the other boss groups, to kill the bosses in unison, is essential if you want to get the Gold tier reward within the eight minute timer.

The Bosses

Boss Blitz Map

Sparcus Firesplash


Sparcus is a flame shaman charr that utilizes a lava-filled terrain and a lot of fire-based attacks. His fight primarily focuses on constantly forcing you to reposition and switch between ranged and melee options to effectively fight him. During his fight you will see him do the following:

  • Teleport between platforms in the lava, doing a knockback to everyone he passes through.
  • Raise up a lava wall in specific locations between the platforms that will instantly kill you if you try to pass through it.
  • AoE burst attacks that set you on fire for a long duration.
  • Melee burst attack that causes knockback towards lava.
  • A bubble that reflects all ranged attacks and adds a bit of extra damage to the reflected attack.

Keep a ranged and melee weapon set on your bar, or focus on AoEs that can’t be reflected for this fight. Most importantly keep stability up as much as possible so you aren’t knocked into the lava. Keep a fast condition removal on hand for the constant burning you will get.

Boom-Boom Baines

Boom-Boom Baines

Boom-Boom is a human bandit that uses enhanced Engineer mechanics. The fight forces you to swap targets between Boom-Boom and a Healing Turret that heals her for an intense amount. On top of this she uses a combination of enhanced grenades and bombs to put you down. In this fight she will use these types of attack:

  • Drop something akin to a “Big Ol’ Bomb” to do strong AoE damage and a strong knockback.
  • Massive amounts of grenade spam.
  • Spawn a Healing Turret that will heal her pretty quickly if you do not take it out.

Having abilities that allow you to maneuver between two points quickly is pretty powerful here. It is pretty important to kill the Healing Turret as fast as possible in order to keep all the damage on her. Condition removal and stability will also be useful here for the grenade conditions and the occasional knockback from her bombs.

Shurakk the Savage


Shurakk is a typical ogre that specializes in their pet mechanics. The fight makes you swap from DPS to stopping damage before you kill yourself on Retaliation. With this he will attack you with long-lasting damage-over-time and some powerful ranged attacks. Expect to see these attacks in this fight:

  • Spawn a ring of hawks around himself that each have retaliation.
  • AoE Pulls and powerful AoE melee attacks.
  • Call birds to attack you to deal damage-over-time if you don’t dodge.
  • Hurl slow moving projectiles that deal heavy damage if you don’t avoid.
  • Spawns an occasional, random bomb that will knock you back and deal a bit of damage.

The most important thing to keep in mind here is to know when to stop attacking when he spawns his ring of hawks or you will quickly kill yourself. Utilize the bags of feed that are on the ground and throw them slightly behind them to force the hawks to move away and allowing you to damage him with single target damage. The only other thing to worry about here is his bombs he spawn and the ranged attack he will use which can be avoided if you are paying close enough attention.

Kuraii the Cruel


Kuraii is a centaur that uses ranged attacks and unblockable knockdowns. You will be forced to chase down Kuraii through-out the fight as groups of centaur attempt to trample you. On top of this he uses powerful ranged AoE attacks. You will see these attacks through his fight:

  • Groups of centaur that trample back and forth to knock you down and deal heavy damage.
  • Do large cone attacks that can drop players in one hit.
  • Rush over the map to force players to chase him through groups of trampling centaur.

Stability and reflection are your best friends in this fight. Stability will allow you to move away if you get caught by the initial trample of the roaming centaurs and the reflection will negate most of his single target damage. Keep ranged weapons handy when he starts to move across the map so you can continue to keep damage on him.



This boss is a destroyer that deals heavy amounts of raw damage. It will use large amounts of ranged AoE attacks that quickly cuts through a player’s health. All while you fight him lava fonts will spawn around him and bring out more destroyers to fight. Expect to see these mechanics while fighting this boss:

  • Repetitive ranged AoE attacks that can bring a player down in a few hits.
  • Can become enraged and force players down in powerful melee attacks.
  • Fights in the midst of two lava fonts that will spawn veteran and normal destroyer mobs.

This fight will be the most difficult if you do not keep constant reflection on him and control the mobs around him. The reflection will help you deal large amount of damage to him, especially if you use a Mesmer Feedback, to help you get that Gold reward all the faster. Keep a small group of people on crowd control and you should be able to handle this fight without issue.

Wiggin the Wicked

Wiggin the Wicked

Wiggin appears to be a human pirate that focuses primarily on strong AoE cannon barrages. He will launch barrage after barrage of cannon fire on your head while also doing single-target damage. This fight forces you to constantly move to avoid the deadly cannon shots but also get in to deal him damage. You will see these attacks in this fight:

  • Cross or Circular cannon barrages that center on him and forces you to back off or take massive damage.
  • AoE blinds while he attacks you in melee.
  • Occasional ranged attack that dazes you and limits your skills.

The scariest part of this fight is his constant AoE barrage that can deal some serious damage. When you first see the AoE markers show up count out two seconds and then dodge to completely avoid any of the damage. After that get right back in his face and deal as much damage as you can before having to dodge again.