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Complete Guide to Super Adventure Box

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March 31, 2013 - 7:00pm -- Lee B.
Super Adventure Box

The Super Adventure Box dungeon, slated to be released on April 1st, is the newest Holiday content for Guild Wars 2. While it has many of the staples of game play in it, it also changes and trivializes other aspects of game play that will be discussed in this guide. This guide is to provide you with information to get a running head start on release day to save your Princess.


The entrance to Super Adventure Box is right next to the Magustan Court Waypoint in Rata Sum. Two easy ways to get there is to either just take the Waypoint and walk directly to the dungeon, or to go through the Waypoint in Lion's Arch to Rata Sum which will drop you next to the dungeon as well.

Getting Into the Dungeon

Upon approaching the mini Asuran Gate you and your party will be prompted for a “ready up” before you can continue. Entering the dungeon will bring you to the virtual land of Super Adventure Box where you will find Moto awaiting your Continue Coins to get started.

Once you you have passed by the big-mouthed gatekeeper you'll find yourself in a of lobby waiting for you to either go through the open door which leads you to the normal way of playing through the content, or if you speak with the smiling cloud it will lead you to Infantile Mode.

The only differences between the two Modes is that Infantile Mode will help you skip those pesky jumping puzzles and provide you a direct path to the end of every World. Normal Mode encourages you to explore, find hidden chests and fight every enemy. You can do both Modes solo or with a group.

Game Play

Super Adventure Box Health, Skills and Lives

Once you've begun you should notice a few changes to your health bar and skills (seen above). Your health bar has been reduced to nothing but three hearts (with three being unlocked later), all your skills are gone and you have no weapons! Enemies and environment will do anything between a half to full heart of damage, there is no fall damage and you have a certain amount of lives before you're kicked from the game and have to put in another Continue Coin.

As for the Game itself: Your Princess/Girlfriend/Significant Other has been captured! It's your job to go through each of the Worlds to find her! The way forward involves you going toe to toe with enemies, jumping through various obstacles to gather more Baubles to help you along the way to your Princess, shops to buy lives, health and useful items and the end of each world involves you breaking apart a cage while avoiding various hazards.

Continue Coins, Baubles and Bauble Bubbles

Baubles are tokens you'll find through out your time in Super Adventure Box that will allow you to purchase all sorts of things from the item shops. You'll find either your standard blue Bauble which is considered one, or a orange Bauble for ten.

They are found after defeating enemies, finding secret caches and in chests so be sure to go out of your way to collect as many as you can! For you can trade 250 Baubles to Moto (the real one just outside the Super Adventure Box) into a Bauble Bubble that can be used to purchase all sorts of things.

At the beginning you will only be able to hold a set amount of Baubles in your Wallet and you cannot carry more than your walle's size, and ones you carry into the Box do count towards your Wallet's total. Later on within the Worlds you will have the ability to increase your Wallet's size to hold all those Baubles.

Bauble colours represent the following numerical values:

  • Blue 1
  • Green 5
  • Orange 10
  • Red 20
  • Purple 50

It is important to note that when playing Normal Mode with party members the end of each World will reward you with Bauble Bubbles instead of just Baubles. These chests are also able to be gained on each world, for each character you decide to run through the dungeon. So multiple runs with a dedicated party will surely net you Baubles quickly!

Health, Checkpoints and DEATH

Health is a very precious resource now that each character has been reduced to a finite amount of hits. However, there are still a few things in the player's favor to keep on going: Food, Checkpoints and Dodging. The player will still have that precious dodge and it's more useful than ever, but still reduced to two dodges in succession before waiting for the bar to refill. Food is to be had in case you get hurt, and they give varying amounts of health depending on which you manage to find. It's also wise to note that the pots and furniture can be smashed inside of the stores for a rather reliable source of food to keep your health up with. It's a good idea to keep those pots whole until you really need them, or until the end of each World to gather up any extra Baubles they may contain.


Checkpoints however are available in case all else fails. These are found about twice through out a world and act as a barrier until all players in the world gather on each of the flashing keys so that they might continue on. If a player dies they will be respawned at the nearest checkpoint to continue on. Each death will take a life away from you until you hit zero. Upon the death of your last life you will be kicked out to the gate with Moto awaiting another coin. Feed him a coin and jump back into the fray, or take a break to cash in your Baubles.

Weapons and Elite Skills

At the beginning of your adventure you'll be given one deadly Pointy Stick to arm yourself on your journey to your Princess. Along the way you'll come across newer weapons like a whip, bombs, a slingshot, a key and even a torch. Each of these you'll either find or purchase from the Item Shops to help you along.

The pointy stick is your bread and butter. A decent range and deals about 25 damage per swing. Always there. Always trustworthy.

The key is another item you'll find early in your adventure. It has a short range, and therefor more risky to use, and deals another 25 damage. The difference, however, is that when you use the second skill near a chest you can unlock it and get all those precious Baubles within. At any time you can drop your key to swap back to the Stick.

The whip you'll have to purchase from an item shop, has a longer range and even a secondary function to stun your enemies. It deals 25 damage, but is slower to use.

The bomb you'll have to purchase but it has the benefit of being either a ranged weapon or a delayed blast weapon. It deals a powerful 50 damage in a small radius, but each time you use it you have to spend a Bauble. A very costly weapon, but very powerful.

The slingshot provides a ranged attack and deals roughly the same amount of damage as the stick for those who prefer to stay at the back while fighting. 

The torch isn't so much a weapon, but neither do you have to purchase it. You will find it in an item shop for no cost and it's only real function is to provide a small nimbus of light.

A key thing you'll find in your time among Super Adventure Box is a power up star. When you pick it up you will glow red and you will deal extra damage to enemies for a very short time. Usually found in barrels that you can smash.

Lastly, in zone 3 you will encounter your first Elite Skill. As an Elite skill, it provides a blow-back that has a large radius. Be aware that its use is one time only until you change zones or re-enter the Box. 


You'll come across all sorts of colorful creatures you will have to cleave through in your way to the end of each World. Everything is out to get you in one way or another, but luckily they all have a sound and visual cue to help you stay alive. Approach carefully and make sure to keep the hints written here in mind.

Red Monkeys will let out a sound as they lift a pineapple over their heads and soon a red X will appear under your feet where they intend to throw it. You can generally move out of the way, but make sure you are not between them and the X or else you will still be hit.

Snakes generally will just face you and spit in a straight line at you. It's a slow moving projectile so you can move swiftly out of the way.

Spiders are an interesting enemy as you can approach them and generally be done with them before they sort of wind up and start spinning. The spin is deadly so either make sure you finish them before hand or coax them to spin and wait for them to stop.

Queen Bee Dogs are a massive, intimidating "boss" creature with a mass of hit points. They have two attacks: A ranged attack where they fire a rapid succession of Bee Dogs at you and you need to dodge out of the way quickly; or, a spin attack that is also fast and you need to move quickly out of the way before they roll over on you. Generally it's a good strategy to let a party member keep aggro and the rest of the party deal with it from behind, but make sure everyone is watching out for that deadly spin. Bombs also are a great choice for this creature as you can attack it from a safe distance and give yourself time to move and dodge all of it's attacks. Also, Queen Bee Dogs will be protecting a Honeycomb and smashing it will award everyone with a good amount of Baubles.

Bunnies are seemingly harmless, however if you kill enough you will bring for the wrath of the deadly BUNNADO! When it comes up, and you will hear a strange sound after you've killed the last Bunny, stay back and out of the way until it stops and all the Bunnies drop down to start swarming. Attack quickly and dodge often and you'll get through it just fine. If you have bombs just plant one on the ground and kite them over it and you'll clear them out swiftly.

Each enemy will also have a chance to drop a key, a Bauble or some health. It's a good idea to go out of your way to beat these guys up if you're looking to get as much shiny loot as possible.

Frog Boss Super Adventure Box

King Toad

At the end of world 1, you will encounter a giant frog boss. Although relatively simple, it's actually quite easy to die here. What you need to do is pay attention to his eyes and stand on the opposite lily pad to the way he is looking. Once he has stopped staring, he will beat his belly in the water causing a tidal wave knockback around him. Just dodge as the water ripple nears you, or jump to the temporary lily pads in front of him to avoid them all together. After he reverts back to his normal animation, you should attack the jewel under his mouth. Attacking this enough will cause a piece of the gem to splinter off, and similarly to Jade Maw, you need to throw this into his mouth to stun him. Once stunned, you can freely attack him, repeating the process until he is dead.

Moto's Shop

Moto, in Rata Sum, awaits you when you leave the Box to trade every 250 of your Baubles into a single Bauble Bubble. These Bauble Bubbles are the true currency you want as you can purchase components necessary for the Mystic Forge, a new Box of Fun with pixelated effects or even new weapon and backpack skins.

Moto Shop


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I' ve come across so many  colorful creatures, yeah, really colorful. At the end of world 1, the giant frog boss at the end of world 1 is quite annoying. My character  died so many times there. Frustrating. So my advice is not to belittle it.