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Complete Guide to Ferocity

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April 15, 2014 - 10:55pm -- Lee B.
Complete Guide to Ferocity

Starting today players will see that items will now grant a stat called Ferocity instead of Critical Damage. The intent of this change is to be part of a set of changes in the future that will rebalance the combat within Guild Wars 2 entirely. Players will be able to get Ferocity from gear as if it was any normal stat and in most cases Ferocity will be slotted as secondary stat. These changes over-all reduce the amount of damage a player can do when critically hitting.

How Does Ferocity Work?

Ferocity is calculated as follows:


At level 80, for every fifteen points of Ferocity you will get 1% critical damage.


Players start off with zero Ferocity and 150% base critical damage that can be increased by getting runes, traits, gear and food. Using these different means a profession can get 1,315 Ferocity while some professions can exceed this number.  This means that every profession can get up to 238% critical damage.

Where to Get Ferocity

Ferocity Gear


Runes come in three varieties when it comes to Ferocity: Primary Stat, Secondary Stat and Minor Stat. What this means is that a Superior Rune can offer Ferocity as a primary boost of +175, a secondary boost of +100 or will boost Ferocity a small amount. Choosing which one to get is solely dependent on what you seek out of a build and it is hard to say which is best. Here we will break them down into the three categories to help you find which will slot into your build better.

Primary Stat

  • Superior Rune of the Air
  • Superior Rune of the Golemancer
  • Superior Rune of Rage

Secondary Stat

  • Superior Rune of the Scholar
  • Superior Rune of the Eagle
  • Superior Rune of the Ranger
  • Superior Rune of the Wurm

Minor Stat

  • Superior Rune of the Ogre (+35)
  • Superior Rune of Divinity (+78)
  • Superior Rune of the Traveler (+36)


Any weapon, armor or trinket will only offer Ferocity as a secondary stat. This means that a player can only get up to 745 Ferocity if wearing full Ascended gear. The following are the only stat-types that will give a player Ferocity currently:

  • Berserker
  • Valkyrie
  • Cavalier’s
  • Assassin’s
  • Divinity’s


Ferocity Traits

Every class has access to a trait line that gives them a bonus to Ferocity. A class can get 50 Ferocity for each point invested into that trait line. This can get a player up to 300 Ferocity which equals to 20% critical damage. The following are the Trait lines that grant Ferocity for each profession:

  • Guardians: Valor
  • Warriors: Discipline
  • Engineers: Tools
  • Rangers: Skirmishing
  • Thieves: Critical Strikes
  • Elementalists: Air Magic
  • Mesmers: Dueling
  • Necromancers: Soul Reaping


Finally players can pick up foods that will grant a temporary buff to their Ferocity. At most a player can only get 70 Ferocity from foods due to the fact that Ferocity is always slotted as a secondary stat. There are only a few foods in the game that currently grant that much Ferocity and they are the Bowl of Curry Butternut Squash Soup and Plate of Truffle Steak Dinner.

How to Build for Ferocity

Due to the nature of Ferocity always being a secondary stat you should build with optimization in mind. Every class can attain 1,315 Ferocity for a total of 238% critical damage. You need to capitalize on that multiplier by giving yourself the ability to critical hit as frequent as possible and by giving yourself the largest base damage you can get. This means you need to be building Power, Precision and Ferocity.

Assuming you’ve already been building with Ferocity in mind you should be noticing that the best stat for that is Berserker which gives Power as a primary stat and Precision and Ferocity as it’s secondary stats. This means if you build entirely Berserker with all Ascended gear you will have the best possible base damage, critical chance and critical damage.

To get the most optimized build out of Ferocity you should be building as follows:

  • Ascended Berserker Gear: 745 Ferocity
  • Five Superior Runes of the Golemancer and one Superior Rune of Air: 200 Ferocity
  • Traits: 300 Ferocity
  • Bowl of Curry Butternut Squash Soup: 70 Ferocity

Following the guild above your end numbers will be 1,315 Ferocity for 88% critical damage which adds to your base 150% critical damage for a total of 238% critical damage. On top of this you will have a 63% critical chance and a huge amount of base damage dependent on which weapon you choose.