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Complete Guide to Daily Achievements

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March 6, 2013 - 5:55pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Daily Achievements


In this guide, we provide a complete breakdown of all the daily achievements in Guild Wars 2 and where the best locations are for completing them. It should also be noted that the new daily achievement structure and the daily activities you can undertake is specific to each day, with players free to choose a variety amongst the available list. We’ve added hyperlinks below to quickly jump to the achievement of your choice.

Guild Wars 2 Daily Achievements

Ambient Killer - Kill 50 creatures

I found the best location for this to be Barrier Camp Waypoint. On the island there are around 50 crows, stood on the floor. All you need to do is walk around the island, quickly killing them. As the island is tiny, it’s incredibly quick to clear this daily due to the volume of critters.

Aquatic Slayer – Kill 25 enemies underwater

The easiest location was Castavall Waypoint in Bloodtide Coast. There are dozens of risen immediately next to the Waypoint that are low level and easily killed.

Ascalonian Event – Complete 4 Events

It’s debatable as to whether you should travel to Plains of Ashford or Diessa Plataeu and I have no preference for either. Plains of Ashford has lots of events (especially when you guest onto a Very High capacity server) and is made easier by the fact it’s so low level. Diessa Plataeu however has several event chains in the upper right hand corner near the dredge.

Ascalonian Killer – Kill 40 Ascalonian Enemies

Completing a wing of Ascalon Catacombs is the easiest option here (story or explorable mode). However, it’s also possible to farm Ascalonian Ghosts in Plains of Ashford next to Ascalon City Waypoint to complete the daily quickly.

Ascalonian Veteran Killer - Kill 3 Veterans

Over in the Plains of Ashford, at Windrock Maze (to the southeast of Ashford Forum) there are 3 Ascalonian Veterans: Veteran Air Elemental, Veteran Shadow Skelk, Veteran Spark. Killing these three will see you complete the daily in quick time.

Champion Slayer – Kill 1 Champion

Champions are identified by a Gold border surrounding their portrait. You can find many at the end of an event chain, in any dungeon, during guild Bounty Missions or when attacking a keep or tower in World versus World. As you only need to kill one, any of these options are viable though I prefer to undertake one of many event chains in Cursed Shore.

Condition Applier – Apply 50 Conditions

Simply attack any enemies with conditions (Bleed, Weakness, Poison, Burning, Chill) to earn a contributing point. If you aren’t specifically condition specialised, it might be worth equipping a weapon that allows you to apply them.

Skill Interupter - 15 Skills Interupted

An incredibly easy daily to complete, as all you need to do is knockback, knockdown, daze, interupt, pull or push your foe just before they attack. Every profession has one or more skills capable of doing this, so using it on 15 enemies will see it completed.

Condition Remover - Remove 20 Conditions

Although this might sound like a lot, all you need to do is find an enemy who can regularly cause a condition on you before you remove it. Skills such as Healing Turret or Healing Spring are excellent for this, especially against the risen in Cursed shore which cause Bleeding and Poison. Alternatively, you can also cure conditions on others making it incredibly quick during any popular events.

Costume Brawl Champion – Become a Champion Once (25 hits on a player).

To complete this daily, you need to successfully hit an individual 25 times. If you have an endless tonic of any type, use it and have a friend stand still while you attack them. Alternatively, equip the Boxing Gloves from the gem store.

Crafter – Craft 10 items

You don’t have to physically craft 10 items to complete this daily, simply refine any gathered materials for a quick completion.

Daily Events – Complete 5 Events

Without wishing to repeat myself, Cursed Shore is still an excellent choice here. The Plix event chain at the north of the map has multiple stages that should see you complete it in no time. If you miss any of the Plix stages, you can refer to our Cursed Shore Farming Guide for other events in the area.

Daily Kills - Kill 50 Enemies

Next to Meddler's Waypoint is an event called Halla Corpseflayer. The risen attacking her continue to spawn for a long period of time, allowing you to amass 50 kills in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, running any dungeon should see this completed in a single wing.

Daily Feast - Consume 25 Food

If you're already a level 400 chef, producing and eating any food you wish will see this daily completed incredibly quickly. Alternatively, if you have no experience of cooking you can visit the Chef trainer to learn the skill. Once learnt, you'll be able to make loafs of bread  at level 0 which you can then eat. Lastly, you can always buy any number of cheap food on the Trading Post to eat. 

Daily Recycle – Salvage 10 items

If you don’t have a stockpile of blue and green items you can immediately salvage, it’s easiest to just buy a series of any salvageable items from the Trading Post.

Dodger – Dodge 15 attacks

Outside of Meddler's Waypoint are Risen Grubs. These Grubs fire slow moving poison projectiles which are easily dodged. Simply tag 2 or 3 of them and let them attack you while you dodge on the spot. In a couple of minutes you will have finished. An alternative to this is the Igniter Flame Legion enemies in Flameheart Rise. Their flamethrower attack when dodged is considered 5-6 dodges.

Dungeon Completer – Complete 1 path of any dungeon

Many dungeons are quick with the right party and can take as little as 15 minutes. Ascalon Catacombs, or Citadel of Flame (path 1) are incredibly quick. Twilight Arbor (UP) is also worth doing with the right group.  It should be noted that Fractals do not contribute towards this daily.

Event Mentor – 5 Sidekicked Events

All this daily requires is you to take part in an event below your level. What I would suggest is that you travel to Wayfarer Foothills and take part in the Frozen Maw event chain besides the Krennak’s Homestead. This chain spawns every 20 to 30 minutes and will also allow you to complete “Shiverpeaks Killer”

Fractal Runner – 1 Fractals Completed

Run any fractal of your choosing at any level.

Gatherer – Gather 20 items

Head straight to Cursed Shores Meddler's Waypoint where you’ll be surrounded by a nucleolus of nodes to harvest straight away.

Group Event Completer – 2 Group Events Completed

If you’re already participating in the event chains in Diessa Plataeu (Meatorberfest and Dredge Assault) it’s very likely you’ll have already completed this. Alternatives are Kessex Hills (to the far west) where the Centaur event chains repeat constantly, or the Plix event in the north of Cursed Shore are both great options.

Healer – Revive 10 Allies

When I’m not in WvW and running with my guild (who will happily throw themselves off a cliff for me) I always head to Diessa Plateau. At the Naegling Waypoint there is a charr fortress. Surrounding it are numerous dead NPC’s that have been killed by seperatists. Running around the outside of the fortress twice should see you complete the daily or alternatively, if the event inside the fortress is running, a Giant will most commonly have killed every NPC inside leaving you with around 50 to revive.

Karma Spender – Spend 750 Karma

Rather than simply wasting 750 Karma on any item you won’t use, I’d recommend you pick up a Lost Orrian Jewellery Box from one of the vendors in Orr. If you have a good amount of Karma boosters activate, there’s a high chance you’ll earn your Karma back.

Keg Brawl Stealer – Steal 5 Kegs

You can find Keg Brawl to the west of Hoelbrak. In order to steal, you have to intercept the keg from your opponent before it touches the ground. The easiest method of doing this is to ask a friend or guild member to join on the opposite team. You can then pass the Keg between you both.

Keg Brawl Scorer – Score 3 Goals in Keg Brawl

You can find Keg Brawl to the west of Hoelbrak. In order to score, you need to return the enemies Keg to your goal line, repeating this 3 times to complete the daily. Keg Brawl isn’t particularly busy so its easily done and even easier when pairing with a friend who lets you score.

Keg Brawl Victor - Defeat your opposing team  

Similarly to the other Keg Brawl events, it's best to complete this achievement with a friend and during quieter periods. Keg Brawl is always fun and although often quiet, matches do occur and games last as little as ten minutes. 

Kill 40 Enemies

To kill 3 birds with one stone (Krytan Killer, Group Event Completer, and Daily Events) simply undertake the Kessex Hills Centaur event chain. As stated earlier, it repeats frequently and allows you to mop up all these dailies in one swoop.

Kill Variety – Kill 13 different creatures

Over in the North East corner of Gandarran Fields is an arena event that spawns a mix of different creatures you can fight. Completing each cage should be enough to complete this daily and if not – there are various other creatures surrounding the arena that you can kill to finish up.

Krytan Event Completer – Complete 4 Events

As mentioned previously, completing the centaur event chains to the west of the map in Kessex Hills is a great way of completing this daily. The event repeats itself every 5 minutes and has 3 stages, with the fourth easily completed nearby.

Laurel Vendor – Visit the Laurel Vendor

Waypoint to Lions Arch and visit the Laurel vendor just opposite the WvW portals. Easy.

Leveler – Gain 1 level

Similarly to the Personal Story Completer, making a level 1 character and gaining level 2 is the quickest option here. Alternatively, you could always run a single path of any dungeon or help take several towers or a single keep in WvW.

Maguuman Slayer – Kill 40 Enemies in Maguuman Jungle

Travel to any of the following locations, to kill enemy here: Metrica Province, Caledon Forest, Sparkfly Fens, Mount Maelstrom, Brisband Wildlands. I would personally recommend Caledon Forest simply because there are large amounts of risen that are easily killed.

Maguuman Veteran Killer – Kill 4 Veterans

Similarly to the Veteran Killer daily, I’ve found the best location to be the Veteran Moss Hearts just south of Twilight Arbor. The swamp is packed with them; they are slow moving and die incredibly quickly.

Mists Caravan Disrupter – Kill 5 enemy caravans

This isn’t always an easy daily achievement if you’re on a Borderland that isn’t your own. The best method is to simply find an enemy supply camp and wait for the Dolyak to arrive. It isn’t exciting, but is effective.

Mists Invasion Defender – Kill 10 Invaders

This is surprisingly difficult if you are by yourself so the best thing to do is ask in /map chat where large fights are happening (or look for the orange swords on the map). There’s no shame in joining the “zerg” here to kill 10 players quickly.

Mystic Forgesmith – Use the Mystic Forge 5 times

The quickest method here is to throw in any random blue or green items you have. Alternatively and for speed, bring up the Trading Post and search for Blue weapons of any level. Filter for the cheapest and buy 20. Put all 20 into the mystic forge in batches of 4 to complete the achievement in seconds.

Personal Story Completer – 1 Personal Story Completed

If you have a free character slot, undertaking the tutorial of any race at level 1 will complete this achievement. You can then delete the character to do it all again the following week. If you don’t have a free slot and still haven’t finished your personal story, it’s a good excuse to finish it off.  

Puzzle Jumper – Complete 1 Jumping Puzzle

If you’re undertaking the Mists Invasion Defender, it’s easiest to travel to the jumping puzzle at the north west corner of each map. However, you can always complete the Lions Arch jumping puzzle which is fairly quick and also safe from enemy players.

Skill Point Accumulator – Earn 3 Skill Points

Completing this achievement is easiest on an alternative character who doesn’t yet have map completion. Simply go to a zone you haven’t finished, complete 3 skill points and you’ll be done. Alternatively and if you have no alts and have world completion, running a dungeon a handful of times should provide you enough experience to earn 3 Skill Points.

Shiverpeaks Killer – Kill 40 Enemies

As mentioned above, travelling to Wayfarer Foothills and participating in the Frozen Maw event chain will see this completed quickly. Alternatively, just roam the zone attacking any enemies you see.

Veteran Slayer – Kill 5 Veterans

There are multiple locations where you can complete this achievement, with WvW the most common (killing sentries or taking over supply camps should see it completed in minutes). When it comes to PvE however, I’ve found the best location to be the Veteran Moss Hearts just south of Twilight Arbor. The swamp is packed with them, they are slow moving and die incredibly quickly.

If any achievements are missing, please let me know via comments or [email protected] and I'll update the list.


Wedge7's picture
Submitted by Wedge7 on

New one from today: Daily Interrupter. I did it easily with a thief using offhand pistol and headshot, interrupting the screech of moas. 

vanguardsoul's picture
Submitted by vanguardsoul on

Ascalonian Veteran Killer - Plains of Ashford - Windrock Maze. There are a couple veteran Skelk and Air elementals.

Daily Feast - If you're a chef, you can make "Loaf of Bread" at level 0 and all of the ingredients can be bought from the chef trainer.

Lewis B's picture
Submitted by Lewis B on

Thanks Soul, that Veteran tip is awesome! Great find. I've added that in :)

Galen's picture
Submitted by Galen on

For Daily Feast, you can go to the MasterCheif Vendor and purchase Rice in Bulk for 49 Karma.  This unpacks into 25 Rice Balls which can be eaten as food.  If you have Karma spender and nothing better to buy, you can always 750 karma worth of these rice balls and then just keep them in your bank until your daily feast comes up again.




Wedge7's picture
Submitted by Wedge7 on

Another new one: Daily Puzzle Discoverer. You have to discover 3 jumping puzzles (I think you only need to discover, and not complete, the jumping puzzle). Easy way: the 3 in LA. 

Hagenfels's picture
Submitted by Hagenfels (not verified) on

Ambient Killer - In Rata Sum at the Incubation lab. Lightning bugs spawn every few moments.

Galen's picture
Submitted by Galen on

In Wayfairer's Foothills, if you go up where the Norn intro has you kill the Ice Wurm, there are tons of raves all around and they never end up fully going away.


Also, I've noticed that Godslost Swamp, where the Shadow Behemoth is, is filled with both Frogs and Sparkflys....more than enough for several people to max this out in moments.




Hagenfels's picture
Submitted by Hagenfels (not verified) on

And a nice combo is in the waters south of Mabon Market:


Daily Healer

Daily Aquatic Killer

Daily Maguuma Killer

also you can Dodge the Whirlwind attacks of the jellyfishes