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The Battle for Lion's Arch Rewards Guide

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March 5, 2014 - 4:04am -- Lee B.
The Battle for Lion's Arch Rewards Guide

The newest Living World update “The Battle for Lion’s Arch” has a whole set of items and gear that are both new, and continue to drop from the previous update. The majority of the rewards surround the theme of the Spinal Blade back pieces, crafting materials and lucky item drops. The best places to get loot are between the Assault Knights and the Prime Hologram fights.

Tempered Spinal Blades

The colored Assault Knight Power Cores that drop are split between Dynamic, Static and Synergetic. Combining ten Asssault Knight Power Cores, ten Pile of Crystalline Dust, four Bottles of Elonian Wine and a Tempered Spinal Blade into the Mystic Forge will get you a colored Tempered Spinal Blade. Alternatively you can sell the Cores to the mystic forge for a great profit if you have no interest in the Spinal Blades.

Assault Knights

Assault Knight Locations

At the beginning of every hour three colored Assault Knights will spawn with Lion’s Arch. Players will have sixteen minutes to kill all three Knights in order to enter The Breachmaker to fight Scarlet. Defeating one of the Assault Knights will drop the following items:

  • Five Champion Deluxe Gear Boxes
  • A small chance for an Assault Knight Power Core

If you happen to defeat all three Assault Knights within six minutes of the events beginning will also reward:

  • Several Masterwork Items
  • Essence of Luck
  • An Obsidian Shard
  • Five Blade Shards

Prime Hologram and Scarlet

After completion of the Assault Knights you are allowed to access The Breachmaker and take on the Prime Hologram. The Hologram fight has a thirty minute timer to complete, and you have to get through three phases of combat. Upon completion of the event a chest will spawn that drops the following items:

Prime Hologram Loot

  • Several Masterwork and Rare Items
  • Ultimate Citizen’s Rescue Bag
  • Exotic Essence of Luck
  • Fifteen Dragonite Ore
  • Three Obsidian Shards
  • A small chance for an Assault Knight Power Core
  • A chance for rewards from previous Living World updates
  • An incredibly rare chance for two unique rifle skins: Scarlet's Kiss and Scarlet's Rainbow


Upon completion of the Scarlet’s Demise instance you can get three Bags of Alliance Supplies every time you complete it after you get the “In a Cage Made of Steel and Lunacy” achievement.