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Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement and Strategy Guide

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March 4, 2014 - 6:56pm -- Lee B.
The Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide


The newest Living World update, The Battle for Lion’s Arch, brings us the ultimate finale to the first Season of the Living World which rallies the heroes of Tyria to attack Scarlet and her Alliances head on within the battle-torn Lion’s Arch.

All of the action for this update takes place within Lion’s Arch and Scarlet’s drill ship The Breachmaker. Players are sent all over Lion’s Arch to put down the Alliance commanders, stop miasma cannisters from being deployed and retake sections of Lion’s Arch from enemy control. Ultimately, at the beginning of every hour, players are pitted against powerful assault knights in order to gain access to The Breachmaker in an attempt to put Scarlet down.

Completing all the achievements for this Living World update will get you 102 Achievement Points, the “Hero of Lion’s Arch” title, Scarlet’s Veil helmet skin and finally the Liberator of Lion’s Arch Chest.

Lion’s Arch Boss Achievements

Bosses of Lion's Arch Locations

Throughout the hour there will be various commanders of Scarlet’s Alliances that spawn all over the map. Three achievements require you to just outright kill the corresponding commander:

  • “Putting Out the Fire” – Champion Molten Shaman
  • “Out with a Bang” – Champion Molten Munitions Specialist
  • “No More Magic; No More Poison” – Champion Toxic Warlock

Another three boss achievements require you to meet a special condition during the fight with the commanders.

“Keep Your Distance” requires you to kill the Champion Aetherblade Admiral without being hit by her teleport attack. You can see when this attack is about to occur when a deep orange/red area of effect reticule appears on the ground underneath its feet. You should have more than enough time to dodge away to avoid the attack and deal damage.

Spider Queen Cocoon

“No Free Lunch” needs you to kill off the Champion Toxic Spider Queen without allowing her to get to a cocoon to eat it and gain health back. The best way to do this is have players bunch up and attack at range. When she does her cocoon attack one player will get cocooned and she will slowly approach them. Use that slow approach time to quick burst down the cocoon and then refocus her.

Cannoneer Light Show

“Light Show” involves killing off the Champion Aetherblade Cannoneer without getting hit by the Aetherblade Megalaser. The Megalaser tell is a giant red circle with a large red laser blasting into the center of it. All you need to do is keep running around the Cannoneer in circles to avoid the Megalaser entirely.

Assault Knights Achievements

Assault Knight Locations

At the :55 minute mark to allow players five minutes to gather up and organize. At the :00 minute mark you are finally able to fight the assault knights in order to get the buffs you need to get onto the Breachmaker. There are two achievements tied to these assault knights: “Six Minutes to Knightfall” and “Bigger, But Not Faster”.

Assault Knight Stats

Each of the knights has the same attack pattern and similar buffs:

  • Reflects conditions in one mode.
  • Become incredibly vulnerable for each condition applied to them in their other mode.
  • Has a large AoE pull that follows up with a devastating melee attack.
  • Small AoE ground attack that deals serious damage to those caught in it.

Assault Knight Circles

“Six Minutes to Knightfall” requires your particular server or overflow to kill each of the assault knights within six minutes of the event beginning. This requires a strong, coordinated force to be gathered at each of the knights by the :00 mark. Builds should be centered on dealing raw damage and avoiding conditions because of the reflective shield that is on during a majority of the fight. Typically you will want to stay at range and stay within the large, colored fields on the ground to deal extra damage and avoid taking extra damage in return.

Assault Knight Bigger, But Not Faster

“Bigger, But Not Faster” merely requires you to avoid being pulled in by the large AoE pull attack called “Extraction”. You will see its tell by the large orange/red AoE circle on the ground that covers a huge radius except for underneath the knight’s feet. Dodge into that gap under its feet then immediately dodge back to avoid getting hit by this attack and the follow up.

Scarlet’s Demise Achievements

Diverse Ledges

You can kill Scarlet and achieve “In a Cage Made of Lunacy and Madness” and “Nowhere to Hide” without having to fight the assault knights and the Prime Hologram. You will want head to Lionguard Turma at the Diverse Heights Vista. There will be a purple Prime Teleporter you can use to get right to the instanced area where you finish Scarlet once and for all.

“Nowhere to Hide” will require you to have some aegis and stability so you can get to her before she can pull off her emergency shield.  We highly recommended that you take a Guardian with “Retreat!”, “Stand Your Ground!” and Hallowed Ground to get to her quickly enough. Dodge through her initial attacks and use “Stand Your Ground!” when you are near her so you can maintain footing enough to finish her off.

The Prime Hologram Achievements

Prime Light Attuned

Prime Light Attunement

Throughout the fight you will be required to become Prime Light attuned in order to damage the Hologram, or attuned to a specific color in order to damage the split Holograms. Every attack you make you have to make sure you are appropriately attuned in order to qualify for the “In Tune” achievement. Highly recommended you turn off your auto-attack in order to achieve this.

Prime Hologram No More Tricks

To get “No More Tricks, Scarlet” you must avoid every laser blast, and the lingering scorch field, throughout the fight. About every time its health drops by a quarter there will be an additional blast added to the Hologram’s attack pattern up until it is blasting four lines. You can tell it is about to blast by the large, straight orange/red line that will show on the floor as it charges its cannon. Dodge or run away from these lines throughout the entire fight to get this achievement.

Finally, killing the Hologram will get you the “One Step Closer…” achievement.

Additional Achievements

Peter the Lost Locations

Peter the Lost for the “He’ll Never Live This Down” achievement teleports to a few different locations throughout Lion's Arch. He can be found in these places:

  • In the water near The Gangplank
  • In the Crow's Nest Tavern
  • Near the Lion's Gate point of interest, very close to the Lighthouse
  • At the Durmand Dig Site
  • Behind the Lion's Shadow Inn

Diverse Ledges

“Commanding Heights” is found near the Diverse Ledge Waypoint and very much near the Waypoint. Climb up the rubble and you will eventually see the Lionguard near a glowing purple Teleporter.

Getting “Build Your Own Backbone” requires you to build an exotic (or better) Advanced Spinal Blades back piece.