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Are You Ready For the Festival of the Four Winds?

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May 19, 2014 - 6:32pm -- Lee B.
Are You Ready For the Festival of the Four Winds?

The Festival of the Four Winds is coming tomorrow and with it brings the Zephyrites to rebuild Lion’s Arch and various activities like the Queen’s Gauntlet. You will want to make sure you are prepared for the different parts of tomorrow’s update so you can fully experience every aspect of it. Use the information below to get yourself on the best possible ground for the update.

Prepare Your Characters

Queen's Gauntlet

If you weren’t here for the Queen’s Gauntlet last year you will be in for one heck of a surprise. The Queen’s Gauntlet tests your skills in your favorite profession by making you go up against an increasingly difficult set of enemies and challenges. Make sure your characters are up to snuff with the best gear you can get and that your main character is at level 80. While you will be scaled up in levels for the gauntlet you do need access to every skill and trait in the game so that you can properly adapt to each challenge the gauntlet throws at you.

We also don’t know what to expect out of the festivities the Festival will bring or what we might have to face off against. It doesn’t hurt to be as prepared as possible with your favorite character to make certain you can tackle any part of the content. At the very least this will prepare you for the future of Living World Season 2 and what it might bring.

Watch the Gem Market

Right now is going to be the best time to exchange your gold for gems. Once that update hits the conversion rate is going to skyrocket. It would be a good idea to set aside, at least, 800 gems for anything that might catch your interest on the Black Lion Trading Post when the update hits. Alternatively, after the update hits you can convert your gems to gold for a massive profit and use that money to pursue your Legendary or other items you have been hunting for.

Black Lion Chest Exclusives

We’ll be seeing some Black Lion weapon skins be cycled out of the inventory of the Black Lion Weapons Specialist tomorrow. Use this knowledge to your advantage and farm up some keys right now. In a few weeks you can sell that skin for a profit on the Trading Post.

If you do get keys make sure you don’t open your chests until you see the update notes tomorrow. During the Dragon Bash we saw Dragon Coffers added to the chest’s loot and we could see something to that be added tomorrow for the Festival. It won’t hurt to wait and you could come out with some serious profit you didn’t expect to get.

The Zephyrites Will Likely Be Trading


The last time the Zephyrites visited they helped urge us of a lot of excess materials like candy corn, mithril ore and thick leather sections. We also know that the guys at ArenaNet told us to keep a hold on our blade shards to be used in a future release. We most likely will be seeing another market set up to trade out our excess materials for other items. Stock up on those items that are in gross excess on the Trading Post to trade out for potentially exclusive items tomorrow.