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6 Trading Post Tips

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September 13, 2012 - 3:35pm -- Xerin

With the Trading Post finally online and working, its been an interesting period to watch its progress as players finally get to grips with what is and isn’t possible.  What I’ve also found most interesting is how old Auction House habits might not necessarily apply here. In this second entry relating to the Trading Post (you can find the first overview here) I wanted to briefly cover some of the early tips I’ve learned.

1. Support Tools

First and foremost, I’d recommend anyone who is serious about ‘playing’ the auction house that they seek out an application similar to this.  It makes life incredibly easy for monitoring profit margins where numbers are already tight.  If you’ve a tablet or phone to hand, it’s well worth having it next to you just to check your maths.

2. Supply versus Demand

With the Trading Post shared across all servers, Supply versus Demand is frantic.  There are potentially millions of players listing items and buying them constantly.  You only have to search for a single item and press the refresh button to see the frenzy of activity.  This makes buy-out tactics (to then list at a higher price) almost impossible at this stage as the market moves far too quickly for you to ever control it.  As a result, it’s much more profitable to do the supplying through resource gathering rather than buying bulks to then sell on.

3. Profit Margins

Leading on from the above, profit margins at the moment can be incredibly small unless you fall onto a product that happens to sky rocket (here’s looking at you, Mystic Coins).  Chasing tiny margins can see you lose heavily if the market changes.  Using an App like the one I linked above will provide you with a good steer but you’ll quickly get a nose for what is or isn’t worth pursuing.

4. Watch the Market

When the Trading Post first opened Copper Ore was selling incredibly cheaply (8 copper) and yet the demand for Copper Ingots was high and the purchase price incredibly high (50 copper).  I utilised this gap, quickly buying large quantities of Ore, turning them into Ingots and selling them for a huge chunk of profit.  This window has unfortunately passed (and was very short lived) with the price of Ore versus Ingots now equal, but there have been plenty of opportunities since to see similar surges.  Paying attention to what people are seeking (such as legendary weapon ingredients) will give you a good idea on what you should be buying in bulk.

5. Do The Leg Work

Making money in Guild Wars 2 isn’t necessarily easy and will require some effort on your part (unlike playing the Auction House in World of Warcraft).  Gathering resources is currently the best and most guaranteed method of making money.  I would recommend that you determine what is or isn’t selling well and find the location where you can harvest or farm it.  I’ve found one particular location that gives me a huge amount of Vials of Blood that are selling incredibly well at the moment.  Unfortunately this can be time consuming but as the old saying goes: money doesn’t grow on trees.

6. Take A Trade Skill

To reach 400 in any trade skill can potentially be expensive but by the time you’ve reached level 80 you should have a significant quantity of resources in your crafting bank to quickly rattle through the levels.  Once you’ve obtained a trade skill you enjoy, finding a particular recipe you can make easily should allow you to turn some profit.  Bags always sell well in MMOG’s and although 20 slot ones are incredibly expensive (and also require Ecto’s) 18 slot ones are much easier and can, with a little work on your part, be easily crafted and are often quick to sell (though profit margins can be small).

In the coming days I'll be providing a diary of my trading post success (or failure) by starting out with 1 gold and seeing just how I get on, so stay tuned for my rags to riches tales. 

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MokiCzech's picture
Submitted by MokiCzech on

Looking forward to diary, I find this incredibily interesting.

I'm a master baiter!

Artair's picture
Submitted by Artair on

Also looking forward to the diary.

But selling Bags most times doesn't seem a viable option as the profit margin for silver/gold invested/bound per bag is quite low. Most bags sell way below production cost as of today, only equipment boxes seem to sell with a profit around 1 silver each.

kichwas's picture
Submitted by kichwas on

Mats in your bank cap at 250, and then start using up bag space - so don't level crafting at 80, level it as you go in bursts.

I'm coming back to it every 5 levels - to make new gear for my characters. This keeps my excess mats down, gives me at level gear so I can be more effective, gives me XP from leveling crafting (small), and makes it easier for me to gage which mats I can throw at the TP (these over here, are all for old recipes, time to sell them).

(I'm also leveling all 8 crafting professions at once, across 4 characters - the often just sit there and craft - then get taken out to run around when needing a break from my 'mains' - which turns into a handy source of "lowbie mats" as I pass them by (and a quick way to fill in the daily achievement).


JSmooth's picture
Submitted by JSmooth on

I can hardly sell anything I loot from mobs on the AH. Almost everything I pickup can be sold to a vendor for a greater profit. If I have a Chestpiece of Doom (just made that up) that can vendor for 50c, the AH will have some listed as selling for 51c with a 5c listing cost. Maybe I don't completely understand the TP mechanics. But, that seems like a net loss if I were to use the TP in that instance. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Nyth_'s picture
Submitted by Nyth_ on

It's even worse than that. When you sell something the TP takes another 10% of the sell value as taxes.

Basically instead of selling said Chestpiece of Doom, clueless people put it on the TP and end up with almost 15% less profits than someone who vendored it.

In fact if you widen your view you notice that this goes for 90% of the stuff you get. Nearly all blues and a lot of greens sell for less than vendor price on AH (if you account for taxes); even salvage items can sell for 20copper and would only nett you 1 or 2 cloth if you salvage them which sell for 3-5c on the TP.

It's much harder to play the TP in GW2 than it is to play the AH in WoW; profits are rather small and the market is so volatile with the cross server TP.

Arya_dee's picture
Submitted by Arya_dee on

Indeed right now it is pure chaos, and like the chief economist at ANet said, they are starting to see a skewed surplus for a lot of goods. Now they are making some of these articles craftable in the mystic forge crafting "fun" boxes. You might see demand rise for certain articles soon and that should help level some of it. 

Most of the chaos will ebb out as we move into the coming months and the TP has taken some trade cycles. The reason for example copper is in such high demand is due to the large influx of new players and players wanting to start crafting. This will level out at one point, but never fully heal since there will always be people making new alts or starting a new crafting profession. 

Right now the market is very volatile and it's better to supply mat's and buy gems. Gems by the way will become more expensive as people level up and a larger percentage of the popualtion becomes rich. Right now gems are very cheap, they will continue to sink a bit more, but expect the price to skyrocket soon as demand and supply levels. 

chewy001's picture
Submitted by chewy001 on

The key to making money is to know where the resources are and the best places to farm so you can get it fast and turn a profit.  I have been using a guide that shows me exactly where the best places to go are and it has saved me tons of time.  Its called Zhaitan's guide, worth taking a look at if you really want to take advantage of the trading post.