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Interesting article about GW2 concerns

April 19, 2012 - 8:35am -- Caedis

I think the guys at Zam did a nice job responding to the common concerns about GW2 and some of the ways it breaks the MMO mold.

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Submitted by Sardu on

Thanks for pointing this one out. To be honest I haven't really followed Zam very closely when it comes to GW2 since their fan site is one of countless glorified news feeds. However, this article was well written, and did a decent enough job of addressing some of the bigger concerns floating around out there.

I'm surprised they didn't take a stab at the biggest concern out there so far, and one that's been circulating ever since the first positive words were said about the game by press.

Following the industry sucker punch by WoW, a lot of other MMOs have gained a ton of pre-launch hype.Age of Conan and Warhammer Online were two games that had massive amounts of industry hype.... and then fell completely flat after launch. This has happened enough times over the years that it's turned into a bit of a "boy who cried wolf" scenario. In other words, press said all these other games rocked, but then they kind of didn't. So why should anyone believe the press about GW2?

I've seen that expressed too many times to count now. I even had someone in Best Buy ask me that one day when I was there with one of my GW2 shirts on. It's a difficult question to answer, but I'm hoping the beta weekends help since any positive praise afterwards will be by gamers and not just press. Because, you know, press aren't gamers at all. We just do it as our career. ;)


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Submitted by Caedis on

That's a good point Sardu. In particular I remember the very-hyped combat system in AoC where you had to physically position yourself to make sure you hit your target in melee. Before release it was touted as a major improvement to MMO combat but wasn't as exciting when implemented. From what I remember, part of the issues with WaR and AoC was that they only had a few over-hyped gameplay aspects (aside from lore/classes) and when players got into the game worlds, there was too little overall polish. I loved AoC for the first 20 levels, where you can tell the devs put a lot of thought into the story and immersion. Once you got out of the starting region, I felt it quickly degraded to a typical MMO with fetch or kill quests.


There will always be people who never trust press reviews/beta glimpses (with good reason). I don't really remember how much beta coverage AoC and WaR got, but it seems that GW2 has had quiet a bit of videotaped gameplay that there is little doubt in my mind that the game will be as fun as the press coverage has said.

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Submitted by Haelyn on

The one word that I am glad I haven't really seen thrown around much (with regards to Guild Wars 2) is 'potential'.  When I see that word popping up previews/reviews it usually means the game has more red flags than the Kremlin on May Day. The word 'potential' has become synonymous with underdeveloped or incomplete.

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Submitted by sylvinstar on

Potential = Horizons and Vanguard..both fatally flawed with bug ridden game engines, but some great systems.

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Submitted by oneeyered on

I really want this game to succeed and so much looks promising but you know were way past that "once bitten, twice shy" stage. So I gladly await the comments of my gaming compatriots before I jump on ship. The NDA will be lifted with next week's test so you can all slam it down good for me and I expect nothing less; good and bad. I know that certainly its just another opinion but many of us have spent considerable time on TTH together and we have many likes and dislikes. I am just so tired of the perpetual hype machine and I am in all honesty holding myself back from purchasing right now.


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Submitted by Hanshagbard on

i just dont want people to nag down on GW2 because of their own beliefs about the microtransaction systems that are out there.

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Submitted by Caedis on

I don't think the microtransaction scheme will be a big deal...ArenaNet already said that the things you can buy with $$ are going to be more cosmetic or at the very least not "pay to win."

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