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Queen's Speech Release Discussion!

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August 13, 2013 - 6:00am -- Lee B.
The Queen's Speech

Happy Birthday Guild Wars 2!

Mini Jennah

We all remember it: Sitting at our computers eagerly awaiting the 28th to come and allow us to finally dig into the meat of this game. All the beta weekend events, the planning of characters and the desire to hunt down those legendaries and truly unique items. Now we're at the One Year Anniversary! I STILL DON'T HAVE A LEGENDARY! What have I been doing with my time?!

At least we all will get a Mini Queen Jennah to mark our time in game. We'll even be getting a “24-Hour Birthday Booster” and an Experience Scroll which I will undoubtedly feed into a new character depending on the bonuses from the Booster! Hope you all made a load of characters at release!

The Queen's Speech

New Instance

The newest part of the Living Story sets up for Queen Jennah to address the nation with her yearly State-of-the-Nation speech where we will be taken into a new instance and undoubtedly see more Aetherblade shennanigans. There is quite an air of mystery surrounding this particular speech and who knows what we could see as the story unfolds? My guess? More spazzing out Watchknights.

Inifinite Tonic

On top of this however is the usual Meta-Achievement and reward tied to it and in this case it'll be the Infinite Watchknight Tonic! Check out those gears, guys. The bells and whistles! You, too, can stare at that finely crafted... processor.

Lastly we'll see Ten Days of Black Lion Sales, which starts August 23rd. These sales will bring back previous items and skins that had limited sales during the first year of game. This may just be the time to purchase those infinite use tools if you missed them the first time around, or even the instruments! Log in each day to see what the newest sale will be!

World v World

Wub v Wub

Lastly for this release we will see a World v World experience overhaul. To quote directly:

“Earning World Experience will be easier for players playing normally in WvW as the WXP rate will be increased across the board. World Ability Points also will be adjusted so that a player’s total points will equal his or her current rank. New characters will start with one Ability Point, and all existing characters will receive one more.“

I am supposing this is to make adjustments for the new Masteries they have been implementing and to give people more choice between them. Expect more experience and a new ability point come the 20th regardless!

Lastly, Trebuchet Mastery will be hitting the field and allowing players to increase their efficiency with trebuchets by increasing the basic shot damage and hit radius, and adding a new supply-draining effect to the basic shot. Players can also learn a new Healing Oasis skill that provides healing to teammates.・Which is very interesting but I think we all know Healing Oasis will see very little use. It's all about damage output, and unless you're some sniper with the Trebuchet who is able to hit Zergs as they clash, stick to smacking down those walls.


With what little they have informed us of this time around it feels like this is going to be a smaller release than normal. Maybe they are gearing up for a grand finale come next release or the instanced story of the State-of-the-Nation will be a bit more involved than I think. In either case I am fine with them easing off the gas pedal a bit, or just hiding what they have under the hood, to provide us with a greater experience later on. As always keep a close eye on the Guild Wars 2 Release page for more information on what they will bring!


Merus's picture
Submitted by Merus (not verified) on

Given there's a meta-achievement and reward, but there's no actual content...

...I'd say we're not being told everything.

(Also, the dataminers on Reddit are keeling over giggling and saying we're not being told everything.)

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Submitted by Yski on

You got me curios. Seems like I must.. *gasp* do some Reddit searching

Every single forum I've used to spread anti guardian propaganda has subsequently died out on me. Coincidence? I think not!

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Submitted by LiveSpartan235 on

Ugh those data miner  I need to stay strong no spoiler for me.

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Submitted by chaosgyro on

Am I right in thinking that we still haven't seen the fruits of the new 4-team approach to the Living Story?  The way I remember it, this should be the last of the single team development timeline releases that they have before we start seeing the larger, and hopefully less copy/paste, releases from their new structure. If I'm wrong and this is from the new, longer development cycle then I'm more than a little disappointed.

Also, I really wish the present was for year-old accounts.  I've been playing non-stop since headstart, but it took me many many months, and many many deleted characters to start settling on a main profession/race combo. I won't be getting my shiny until next February or March at the earliest. :(

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Submitted by Breendaapplc (not verified) on
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