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Exclusive Video Interview with Chris Whiteside on the CDIs!

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January 7, 2014 - 10:37am -- Lee B.

I had a talk with Chris Whiteside about the fine details of the CDIs and how the developers have been absorbing them and the general thought process Chris has to go through for each CDI thread that comes.

Be sure to check out our transcript of the conversation if you prefer to read, or feel like you missed some fine details. It can be found here.


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Submitted by DragonWhimsy (not verified) on

A great interview, thank you both for taking the time to give us some insight on the CDI.

I met some of the ANet staff during the GW2 Birthday Bash in Seattle and was quite impressed with their passion for the game. The CDI is just another expression of that. I doubt there is a dev team out there more passionate or more open with their fanbase than ANet.