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From the Editor's Lab - Volume Five

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January 2, 2013 - 7:19pm -- Xerin
Editors Lab

The start of the New Year brings about a minor change to GW2Hub, with Sardu taking a back seat on the site to concentrate on Ten Ton Hammer and a multitude of other side projects. This leaves me and Innuendo leading the charge under the stewardship of Xerin, who’s been with Ten Ton Hammer for many, many years.

For the most part very little will change with Innuendo and I continuing our editorials and guides, but with a renewed focus on ensuring what we already have is up to date, building on the profession guides and ensuring that when new content makes its way to Tyria, that we are the first to cover it.


Holiday Events

Wintersday has (almost) been and gone and it brought a large amount of content to Tyria.  I am hopeful that we covered the necessities and any we didn’t cover at the time will be added to a new content page I’ll be making in the next few days. This content page, on the top of the navigation bar, will bring together all content related to Halloween, Wintersday and the Karka event into one location, subdivided by theme.

It might not be surprising to hear that our coverage of these events is incredibly popular and we’re keen to make this as easily accessible as possible.  If there’s anything you’d like to see on this new Holiday Events page, do let me know.

GW2 Professions

Profession Guides

I’d like to think that we’ve covered much of the basics relating to Guild Wars 2’s professions but with some professions having more guides than others and the guides often covering only the basics I’m keen to explore professions in more detail. Having amassed over 800 hours on my mesmer and a further 300 on my engineer, I’m confident that there are many people out there with questions on builds, trait choices and equipment setups that we here are able to answer. With that in mind, I’ll be working with Innuendo over the coming weeks to knuckle down key builds for each profession.  Despite this, if you have any profession builds you want to bring to our attention, please do let us know.  We’ll be more than happy to analyze it, although I’d ask that you use to show off any builds, as every other skill tool out there simply doesn’t compete.

Guild Wars 2 Trading Cards

GW2 Trading Cards

I’ve commissioned eight unique trading cards to be made with a view to giving them away in the next week or two (print pending). Each card will be based on one of Guild Wars 2’s professions.  In reality, it’s only a little bit of fun but I know as a fan of Guild Wars 2 I’d love to have a set, so do keep your eyes peeled.

10 Gold Giveaway

10 Gold Giveaway

We’ve chosen a winner of our first 10 Gold Giveaway and were a little surprised at the huge response so a big thank you to all those that entered.  The winner will be announced on Monday, with our next 10 Gold Giveaway going live at the same time. If you’re poor or just want to add to your already bulging coin purse, make sure you enter the upcoming competition; we’ll be looking for screenshots of your characters!


As always, my inbox is open for anyone to get in touch about anything on GW2Hub.  Whether it's a spelling mistake, a guide idea or whether you want contribute to the site via our Community Spotlight, you can reach me directly via email.


vanguardsoul's picture
Submitted by vanguardsoul on

The site is in good hands then. Keep up the great work! I enjoy reading all the articles.

Sardu's picture
Submitted by Sardu on

GW2Hub will always be one of my favorite creations, but I couldn't think of a more capable team to run the show while my responsibilities shift elsewhere.

For the sake of full disclosure, my shift away from GW2Hub is in no way indicative of my enthusiasm for the game waning. I've always been a massive and vocal supporter of the game and the team at ArenaNet, and will absolutely continue to be. 

In a nutshell, I recently took over as editor-in-chief for Ten Ton Hammer, so as you could imagine I will be much more involved in more aspects of our network. Can't really divulge any details just yet, but we have some big plans for 2013. I'm pretty excited, and think our readers will be too!

vanguardsoul's picture
Submitted by vanguardsoul on

Best of luck! Sounds like a great opportunity. I've enjoyed all the TTH work going way back (iir all the way back to EQ)

BrownFang Harbinger's picture
Submitted by BrownFang Harbinger on

Congratulations on your successes thus far.

Yski's picture
Submitted by Yski on

Screen shots? Better start preparing!

Now, I'm going to need a pile of dead guardians, some source of greenish glow.. laugh

Every single forum I've used to spread anti guardian propaganda has subsequently died out on me. Coincidence? I think not!