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Why Does Nomad's Exist?

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July 7, 2014 - 12:40pm -- Lee B.
Why Does Nomad's Exist?

Gates of Maguuma and the new zone Dry Top has introduced a new type of gear: Nomad’s. This gear is Toughness, Healing Power and Vitality focused. Which means this is a very tanky set of stats that is all about your survival.

Nomad's Armor

Before we get into the use of such stats I think something needs to be said about the cost of making such armor and weapons. First, you need the recipes necessary in even making this gear. To get the inscription/insignia at the cheapest price you need fifty geodes and fifty silver. After that you need to be lucky to find the recipes associated with the weight of armor you want from buried treasure chests or buy them off the Trading Post. This will cost you even more geodes and time or up to six gold to get all the recipe pieces.

From there it is gathering the raw ingredients. To make a full set of heavy armor you will need a total of:

  • 16 Orichalcum Ingots
  • 42 Gossamer Bolts
  • 130 Spools of Gossamer Thread
  • 35 Globs of Ectoplasm
  • 875 Lumps of Raw Ambrite
  • 175 Quartz Crystals

This is a lot of ingredients to rely on pure RNG changes. This is especially true with how hard it is to get a large amount of Gossamer and Ambrite is also hard to come by due to the only method of getting it being achievements chests or found in buried treasure chests. To buy every ingredient on the current market it will cost you roughly of 128 gold and 41 silver. Ambrite being the most expensive part of this at a whopping 109 gold and 13 silver just to buy 875 Lumps.

Nomad's Stats and Cost

Now the prices will likely go down in time due to the limited desire of Nomad stats where the stats are currently available. In PvE the only desire is to deal more damage and this armor doesn’t offer the slightest boost in damage at all. In WvW there is some hope for it but the only real application I can see such armor is on zerg-leading commanders who want to stay alive til the bitter end but even that might see limited use due to the currently high price of this armor.

WvW Point

The only major application I could see this armor is in sPvP with the ability to decap points and never have to worry about dying. The problem is that if this set of stats in PvP will not cost anywhere near as much as this armor costs to PvE/WvW players. Even if we do come back to this a month or two down the road the price of a few gold and skill points will not equal to this steep price of this armor.

So why does Nomad’s exist? If it is a set of armor that will have validity in future balance changes that is wonderful but I don’t think it should have been released now if that is the case. If it is just about offering every stat combo possible why don’t we see something more useful like Power, Ferocity, Condition Damage; Precision, Ferocity, Condition Damage or even just Ferocity main stat of some sort?

I understand that this game offers that any player can play anything and still get through it. However, no casual player is going to be able to build this armor and no expert player is going to want to. So why does this stat exist? If someone knows the answer by all means let me know but currently there doesn’t appear to be a need for its existence.

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