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What the Finale Did Wrong

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March 6, 2014 - 9:12pm -- Lee B.
What the Finale Did Wrong

Readers I was hyped for this update for months now. I learned about what was going to happen well in advance and I was crazy excited to see how they were going to pull off drilling into Lion’s Arch, what would happen with the drill when it reached its mark and the reveal. Few could say they were as excited as me considering what I knew. I even got slightly in trouble with the Guild Wars 2 community for making some excitement over on Twitter about a month ago.

However I have some things to say about what was done wrong here. There were things that took away from that epic finale feel. It made you wonder why ArenaNet went with those decisions.

Zerg Content aka “More of the Same”

Swarms of Aetherblades

We’ve been wading through weeks of content from ArenaNet and the loudest complaint I’ve heard so far is that we’ve been getting so much of the same stuff over and over again. Just to explain this out:

  • Eight weeks of Living World content that pushes players to knot up with dozens of other players to get through it.
  • Four weeks of content that makes is go around in circles around Lion’s Arch to kill the same enemies over and over again.
  • Three “world boss” fights with the Twisted Marionette, the Great Jungle Wurm and now the Prime Light Hologram.
  • No meaningful content that takes a small party through a sufficient challenge for instance a new, temporary dungeon-like content since November. Key word here is "new" and the only absolutely new dungeon/party content we’ve gotten was in Fractured.
  • We’ve been running in massive blobs of people through all manners of content for three months now. This has been taking players out of that feeling that their individual character in a lynch point for a group. A massive group only needs extreme builds that typically only highlight damage, damage and more damage. AoE damage and condition cleansing builds reign supreme for these last eight weeks.

Making Conditions Almost Useless

The final content in the Battle for Lion’s Arch really screws over any condition build for players. The Assault Knights are either reflecting all your conditions back at you so you are truthfully only killing yourself or when you can lay conditions on them it is for such a short period of time that it is almost negligible. There is some merit to having a couple people be strong at conditions during the Prime Hologram fight in order to be efficient at handling one minor aspect of the fight. Truthfully the shining build for this content is once again the Berserker build that knows how to dodge all incoming damage.

Gear Blocking Content

Spinal Blades

Some players, especially new players, will have to seriously farm right now if they want to see what the fuss is behind some of this content. In order to skip the Prime Hologram fight, which is a serious pain for low population servers, you will have to craft yourself a Spinal Blade backpack to access the back door. That is a huge amount of resources for a new player and it seems pretty unfair to expect that everyone should dedicate so much to this task. Hopefully the upcoming epilogue will allow players to see the ending cinematic and get a feel for what was going on. Otherwise this was a terrible decision for ArenaNet and their story telling.

I want to say that I do love this update and finale but it has left a bad taste in my mouth in certain areas. That isn’t to say there aren’t plenty of good things to say about this update. Come back tomorrow when I will cover those very things to give them their own spotlight.