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Warrior Build Guide: PvE Berserker/Greatsword/Support

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January 8, 2014 - 3:46pm -- Lee B.

This build focuses on the raw damage output of Berserker's, combined with Greatsword so that you can maintain some high damage numbers. Top it off you can still maintain in combat with traited Banners, or swap to traited Shouts without having to fork out more money. It keeps it lose by allowing a lot of customization in your traits and secondary weapon set, and still keep a core of damage and support. 



Great Versatility and Survivability

Lacks the strength of focusing in a particular area.

Great for any level of PvE play.

Lacks a lot of the condition cleanse and sustain needed for PvP or WvW.

Can take a decent amount of damage due to stat diversity.

Lacks condition cleanse in it's base form.


Please Note: Your secondary weapon set (longbow in this case) can be changed to suit your needs. I tend to find Longbow a solid second weapon choice for whatever you face in PvE content.

Please Note: If you swap your Tactics traits for Shouts, you can swap Banner of Discipline and Banner of Strength for shouts and Signet of the Dolyak. You can also swap Signet of Rage for Battle Standard if you need to support your group more.

Please Note: If you need more maneuverability for fights, swap out Inspiring Banners and Inspiring Battle Standard for Lung Capacity and Vigorous Shouts.

This build is for those who still want to hammer in damage, have a solid sustain and still support a group if you happen to be one. This build allows for flexibility between solo play (if you go shouts) to group play (with banners). It keeps that "Berserker is best" mindset but allows you to be a little less greedy for those who happen to run with you. 

This build follows your standard Greatsword gameplay. Get in with Whirlwind Attack or Rush. Follow up with "For Great Justice!" and Hundred Blades and auto-attack chain until Rush or Hundred Blades recharge. Use your Signet of Rage when you're going to go up against a particularly tough enemy.

Nothing terribly fancy.

The build is unique in that it allows you to adapt to a fight. Say you're doing the Dredge Fractal and you're at the end boss? Well you obviously can't sit around you banners, so swap out to shouts and keep your party strong with "For Great Justice!" and "Shake It Off!" and use Longbow. Know you're going to face the Nightmare Tree and you won't be moving much? Banners and Rifle it is!