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Warrior Build Guide: Hammer/Longbow/Burst

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December 2, 2013 - 8:34pm -- Lee B.

This Guide covers the basics of one of the most popular builds you'll find in PvP. Every lobby and across the open world you are likely to see a hammer toting master of heavy damage that is the Hammer Warrior. When you focus on an enemy with this build, not many will be able to stop the constant CC you will give them nor will they be able to stop the huge damage when you have them pinned.

Please Note: If you wish to translate this into PvE make your armor Berserker's and your Trinkets Valkyrie stats.



Huge Damage Potential.

Long cooldowns on your rotation.

Tons of single target CC.

Have to constantly watch for Stability or Defiance.

Fore of destruction when you pick out an enemy.

Very vulnerable to conditions and multiple attackers.

Please Note: There is a variation on the equipment of this build that takes mace/shield instead of longbow for more stuns and surviability.

This build is great all around for all aspects of game play. The roaming Warrior in WvW, point capturer in sPvP and awesome for open world exploration in PvE. It may slow down a bit when going up against mobs with Defiance, but the amount of CC you bring can severely cut down their Defiance stacks. The main focus, however, is sPvP focus as a point capturer.

This build is centered around a game style that is about controlling your enemy and punishing them once they are in your control. With access to a significant stun, knockdown, push, cripple and immobilization it'll be hard for your enemy to do what they want so long as you make them blow all their stunbreakers and stability early.  When you got them under control? That is when your traits are worthwhile because your damage in increased substantially so long as they are being held by some CC.

It's truly a staple Warrior build to understand because it's the most prevailent in the game. Some serious damage upfront, a lot of control and utilities to back up the generation of damage and control. I highly recommend anyone who is getting into sPvP to play this build at some point just to understand it's strength and weaknesses, especially the long cool downs.

Whenever you're heading into a contested point it's my opinion that you pop Berserker's Stance and Balanced Stance. You want to generate your adrenaline fast so that you can get Earthshaker as quickly as possible. As soon as your adrenaline bar fills the attack rotation should be:

  1. Earthshaker
  2. Backbreaker
  3. Fierce Blow
  4. Staggering Blow
  5. Swap to Longbow
  6. Pin Down
  7. Arcing Arrow

Then you continue your attacks until you can pull off that rotation again. If you see a kill and don't have all your cooldowns, but Earthshaker is up? Go for it. Always kill fast otherwise their friends are going to be coming sooner or later to push you off.

Never stand on a point either. You aren't that survivable. You can assist with point protection, but always move to take key areas and to fight enemies off. You're a shock trooper and you need to get in the thick of it to disrupt everyone with your stuns while your allies hopefully back up with hard damage or conditions.

Keep in mind, too, that your Battle Standard keeps the fight going in your favor. I tend to save mine for when an ally goes down, but I can see the use in having it down as you go into a fight. A major tide turner that shouldn't be underestimated.