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A Very Merry Wintersday Patch Notes

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December 10, 2013 - 1:14pm -- Lee B.

A Very Merry Wintersday

Toymaker Tixx and his flying Infinirarium are returning to Lion’s Arch, which can mean only one thing: Wintersday is coming! Sharpen your snowball-throwing skills and pull out your warmest clothes; the festivities are about to commence!


  • Protect the gift dolyaks from waves of malfunctioning toys.
  • This activity can now be entered with a preformed group.

Winter Wonderland

  • Navigate the treacherous snowflakes, exploding presents, and narrow ice ledge to earn Wintersday gifts.
  • Toymaker Tixx will now wait at the halfway point and will give players an option to receive a present right away, receive more presents at the end (if players can make it there), or to create a temporary checkpoint.
  • There is no longer a delay to allow all players to attempt and complete the puzzle.

Bell Choir Ensemble

  • Players can show off their musical skills in this rhythm-based activity and earn Wintersday gifts each time they successfully complete a song.

Snowball Mayhem

  • Players can join a team, pick a role, and battle to return presents to their base in this PvP activity.

Tixx’s Infinirarium

  • Group up with friends to help keep Tixx’s toy-making operation under control.
  • All five paths will be available for the duration of Wintersday.

Donation Drive

  • Ho-Ho-Tron (aka Hobo-Tron) and Marcello DiGiacomo have returned, and they’re looking to collect coins and ugly sweaters for the victims of Scarlet’s attacks.
  • After receiving enough donations, they will load up their gift dolyak and make for the asura gate to Divinity’s Reach, dropping gifts for players along the way.
  • Protect the gift dolyak from greedy snowball-throwing skritt to ensure a merry Wintersday for all.


  • Wintersday gifts have been updated for the new year. Open them for chances at crafting materials (including the coveted ascended crafting materials), Essence of Luck, new crafting recipes, and more. To show off Wintersday pride, keep an eye out for special rare items such as the adorable Mini Ho-Ho-Tron, the returning Unbreakable Choir Bell, new Endless Tonic recipes, and recipes for the new ascended back-slot items: Light of Dwayna and Shadow of Grenth.
  • The gift-exchange vendors have returned to Lion’s Arch. Players can exchange their unwanted gifts for something else.


  • Each of the activities listed above has one or more achievements that can be earned by participating in the festivities.
  • After completing the Very Merry Wintersday meta-achievement, players will be awarded a box containing their choice of either one Wintersday toy miniature or a giant stack of Wintersday gifts.

The Nightmare Ends

  • Return to Kessex Hills to experience the culmination of the Tower of Nightmares.
  • When entering Kessex Hills, players with an actual level higher than 25 will automatically be redirected to a story instance.
  • Players at level 25 and under may still opt to play the story instance by speaking to Marjory’s helper, Dee, in Kessex Hills.

Open World

  • The lands surrounding Viathan Lake in Kessex Hills have been forever altered by the tower. Explore the region to discover new events.
  • Toxic Offshoots and Seedlings continue to appear across Tyria.
  • Several renown hearts in Kessex Hills have been updated based on the lingering effects of the Toxic Alliance’s tower.
  • The Moogooloo Waypoint and the Meadows Waypoint have been removed.
  • Rewards
  • Completing The Nightmare Ends story instance will reward players with a new Antitoxin Injector Skin (back-slot item).
  • Finishing the Nightmare’s Aftermath meta-achievement will award players a Tricolor Key.
  • The Tri-key Chest can now be found in Kessex Hills.
  • Pieces of the key for the Tri-key Chest can be dropped by creatures throughout Kessex Hills or can be acquired through trade with Marjory’s helper, Dee, back at Thunder Ridge Camp.


  • The Nightmare’s Aftermath meta-achievement will task players with exploring the fallout of the Tower of Nightmares throughout Kessex Hills.
  • Additionally, completing Nightmare’s Aftermath daily achievements will also contribute to the meta-achievement. These are earned by participating in specific The Nightmare Is Over content each day.



  • Armorsmith, Tailor, and Leatherworker can now be leveled to a rating of 500.
  • New ascended-material refinement recipes unlock at a rating of 450.
  • Ascended insignia recipes are now available for purchase from master craftsmen and require a rating of 500 to craft.
  • Ascended armor recipes are now available for purchase from master craftsmen and laurel merchants and require a rating of 500 to craft.
  • Crafting discoveries for exotics have been reset to allow for rediscovery that gives bonus experience and facilitates leveling to a rating of 500.

Changes to Rewards

  • Ascended armor can now drop anywhere that ascended materials or other ascended items can be found.
  • Loot dropped by the Karka Queen has been improved; she also has a chance to drop Settler’s insignias.
  • Sentinel’s insignias can now be purchased from the guild vendor.
  • Exotic armor pieces with the stat combos Rabid, Dire, Magi’s, Soldier’s, Cavalier’s, and Shaman’s now have a chance to salvage their insignia.

Structured Player vs. Player

  • Players will now have a chance at receiving Essence of Luck when salvaging PvP items.
  • Players can now earn gold while participating in PvP.

There is a 5-gold-per-day cap in Custom Arenas and a 15-gold-per-day cap in Solo Arenas and Team Arenas.

Rewards are higher in Solo Arenas and higher still in Team Arenas.

  • Added a temporary vendor to the Heart of the Mists that has items that can be purchased with both glory and gold. The vendor contains the following items:

Tomes of Knowledge

PvP dungeon armor sets

PvP cultural armor

20-slot bags

Custom Arena starter kits


  • Fixed a bug with the dredge commissar group event in the Dredgehaunt Cliffs that would cause it to run too frequently. With this fix, the event will have a minimum downtime of 20 minutes between runs.


  • Pristine Fractal Relics can be converted to the Fractal Relic currency by double-clicking them.
  • Mistlock Instability on fractal level 37 has been re-enabled.


  • The ascended version of the Triforge Pendant is now account bound and soulbound on use, instead of soulbound on acquire.


New Items and Promotions

  • New, exclusive faces have been added to the Total Makeover Kit. Three new faces for each race and gender have been added for a total of 30 new faces that can only be acquired from the Total Makeover Kit in the Gem Store.
  • The Collection Expander is now available in the Gem Store in the Upgrades category for 800 gems each. Each Collection Expander increases the stack size allowed for all collections by 250 to a maximum of 1000.
  • During the Wintersday celebration, every Black Lion Chest now contains 3 Giant Wintersday Gifts in addition to its usual rewards. Black Lion Chest Keys can be purchased in the Gem Store in the Consumable category for 125 gems each or 25 for 2100 gems.
  • The new Permanent Snow Globe Finisher is now available in the Gem Store in the Upgrades category for 700 gems. Drop one of four randomly selected, beautifully animated, snow globes on defeated foes.
  • Holiday Gifting Event

From now through December 31, players who send a gift to a friend can purchase that same item in any quantity for themselves at 40% off! Let the sharing begin! All discounts must be claimed by 11:59 p.m. PST on December 31.

  • Improvements

The Style category of the Gem Store is being streamlined, and the following pieces will no longer be available starting December 17th:

  • Bunny Ears
  • Aviator Sunglasses
  • Sport Sunglasses
  • Wide Rim Glasses
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Khaki Cargo Shorts
  • Riding Gloves
  • Riding Boots
  • Riding Pants
  • Layered Vest
  • Cherry Blossom Shirt
  • Ornate Ruched Shirt
  • Country Lace Gathered Shirt
  • Silk Brocade Vest with Shirt
  • Leather Hoodie
  • Casual Hoodie
  • Designer Hoodie
  • Fitted Casual Shirt

Players who previously purchased these items will still retain the ability to use them.