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Use This Time Between Updates Wisely!

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May 8, 2014 - 8:21am -- Lee B.
Use This Time Between Updates Wisely!

We’re all waiting for the announcement of the newest Living World content to Guild Wars 2. This time is incredibly important to get ready for the newest update or to just truly became a master at the game. Whether you are a casual player, or a hardcore veteran, this list will assuredly keep you busy while you eagerly wait for the newest content.

Divinity's Reach

  • Complete every path of every dungeon.
  • Work on finishing the PvP Reward Tracks.
  • Finish your WvW Spring Tournament Achievements.
  • Become the Master of Om in Belcher’s Bluff.
  • Show everyone your true PvP skills in Costume Brawl.
  • Finish the Fashion Forward achievement.
  • Collect full sets of cultural armor.
  • Finish world exploration.
  • Perfect your look with all the possible combinations of clothes and weapons.
  • Master all the Instabilities in the Fractals of the Mists.
  • Drink as much as you can to become the Thirst Slayer.
  • Become a Grandmaster in all crafting professions.
  • Hunt down all the dive locations and become a Dive Master.
  • Organize a team for structured PvP.
  • Return to Guild Wars 1 to raise up your Hall of Monuments points.
  • Visit all the jumping puzzles in the game.
  • Work on crafting a full set of Ascended gear.
  • Go out and earn every achievement associated with Tequatl.
  • Farm up Black Lion Keys for future weapon skins.
  • Participate in a costume contest with your perfected look.
  • Prove to all your guildies and friends why your favorite class is best.
  • Go out and complete all the achievements with each daily activity.
  • Get each class up to level 80.
  • Get all the Slayer achievements with your friends.
  • Learn to play your favorite songs on the instruments in-game.
  • Get more influence in you bank guild to make it larger.
  • Get a Commander tag.
  • Organize a parade of Quaggans around a major city.
  • Crush the Jungle Wurm.
  • Master alternative gear and builds for your favorite class.
  • Craft a Legendary weapon.
  • Do all the dungeons naked.
  • Collect all of the Pact weapons.
  • Save up enough laurels for the Endless Mystery Cat Tonic.
  • Build your Luck up.
  • Complete all of the Hero panel achievements.
  • Finish a dungeon with a group composed of a single class.
  • Unlock all of the new traits by defeating the associated world bosses.
  • Screenshot yourself destroying each of the world bosses.
  • Learn how to lead Guild Missions.
  • Work on the Legendary Collector achievement.
  • Head back to Guild Wars 1 to get the “God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals” achievement.
  • Work on becoming a Dragon in PvP.
  • Become the Yakslapper in WvW.
  • Work on getting the Title associated with your favorite class in structured PvP.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments with an awesome firework show.

Whatever you end up choosing to do you can expect to see some news on the newest content release some time in the near future. At the very latest expect to see this news to come out once the WvW Spring Tournament is finished. As always keep an eye on the Hub for all news and original content Guild Wars 2 related.

Agree with the list or find it lacking some of the things you have been doing during the wait for the newest update? Let us know in the content section below or shoot us a message at @CanadasMathlete or @TenTonHammer.