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Upcoming Fashion is Exposed!

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June 6, 2014 - 9:25pm -- Vichan Xoan
Upcoming Fashion is Exposed!

For those of you who don’t know there is a certain sneak by the named that_shaman over on Reddit that regularly uproots information and spreads it about for all of us to see. Very recently he revealed an upcoming fashion that holds some promise and some issues. We’re going to look over this new style, while we continue to wait for those weapons we were promised, and judge it as “Red Carpet Hot” or “So Totally Not”.

This new fashion, that I am going to dub Lotus, appears to be very much inspired by the style those Aetherites have picked up from their “far away land”. The outfit also appears very reminiscent of Canthan styles from a long time ago. Whatever inspired this style I have this to say first and foremost: Ladies. I don’t understand why we can’t have the same look sometimes.

Lotus Norn FemaleLotus Norn Male

As you’ll see in these pictures the male and female styles for the norn, and likely for us humans, are entire different. Males are more rugged and battle-ready while the female attire has flowers and ear flaps for some reason. Why ear flaps of all things? I don’t know about you ladies but my luxurious hair will surely go over those flaps and make them pointless. I would want my hair to go over them too! I spend way too much on imported Sylvari shampoo to want them hidden behind some strange flaps. Dedicate to a hat or don’t. A strange half-hat doesn’t do anything for anyone.

Lotus Sylvari FemaleLotus Sylvari Male

As for the other races there isn’t much else to say. For the first time I feel like these outfits all relatively match one another well enough. Even for the charr, despite not being as facially concealing as the other races, match really well in their outfit. That is assuming that the tailors have finally figured out how to get those clothes to fit them correctly.

Lotus Charr

Now, as you can see, there isn’t any hint to a natural color to this outfit. I’m going to assume that the shoulder pads, gloves, boots and the facial plates are all metallic. We may see some shiny leather or some muted cloth mixed in the rest of the outfit. What I’m hoping is that we won’t see a ridiculous amount of “I’m an Assassin!” guys running around in all black or white. We kind of already have enough of that.

Lotus Asura

As for customizability I am uncertain. I know there is the Draconic heavy armor that might mix well with this armor but for other classes and armor types? I don’t think there is much to mash up with this outfit. However, I have been surprised plenty of times and surely some people will try to surprise us all. Just remember friends: A creative outfit doesn’t necessary mean it is good.

From what we get out of this outfit I give it a solid six on a scale of one to ten. Better than the Aetherblade outfits but nowhere near as good as that sexy Phalanx armor. Hopefully there will be more to come with it this Lotus armor that will woo us all.

Agree with Vichan’s fashion eye or do you think he’s completely last season? Let us know in the comment section below or send us a tweet at @CanadasMathlete or @TenTonHammer.