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The Twisted Marionette Boss Guide

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January 27, 2014 - 9:03pm -- Lee B.

The Twisted Marionette is the headline feature of this Living World event that directly links into understanding more about Scarlet Briar and her plans. It also happens to be the way to get the most profit out of this Event and is highly recommended you try to achieve this event to get your hands on all the exclusive gear and recipes before the event is pushed out of the world.

At the beginning of every even hour make sure you head out to Lornar's Pass to the Winterthaw or False River Waypoints in order to participate in this event.


Twisted Marionette Lane Numbers

When you are heading for the Twisted Marionette you will want to call out to map to ask which lane needs more people every single time. It's very important to have 20-25 people in each lane so that you can handle both the swarm of mobs spawning in the lane and the Champion that spawns inside of the Power Regulator areas.

If you are in Lane One you will want to prep to tackle a unique Champion with certain rules, go ahead and skip down to where the champions and tactics are listed out.

If you are in any of the other lanes you will have to handle a lot of mob spawn. Strong AoE damage is absolutely useful here, as well as some strong stacking of conditions like bleed and torment.

Four things I believe each player should invest in is food, utility, Fire Elemental Powder and Mortar Seed Turrets. Food and Utility buffs should be geared towards a boost towards damage with power or crit chance; while Fire Elemental Powder and Mortar Seed Turrets are for assisting in dealing a bit extra damage to mobs during the lane phases.

The Two Phases

Phase One is defending the lane against a constant wave of Scarlet's minions while another lane is dealing with the Champion Warden inside the Power Regulator areas.

Twisted Marionette Phase Two

Phase Two is when the portal of a certain lane turns green and players rush to get into the Power Regulator area. Here the lane is separated into five different arenas with five players (at max) per arena where they must destroy a Champion Warden and the Power Regulator within two minutes.

Each lane starts at Phase One when the event begins, and gain access to Phase Two one at a time in a clockwise fashion (seen in the picture above). Lane One gets access to Phase Two first and regardless of their success or failure at breaking a chain it will move on to Lane 2, then so forth and so on. Typically each lane will get a chance for Phase Two, unless one lane really fails at protecting the portal in Phase One.

Defending the Lane

Twisted Marionette Protecting the Lane

This is by far the easiest part of this World Boss. Just clear out all the mobs as they spawn before they get through the portal at the end of the lane. It's essential you make sure no spawn gets through the portal otherwise it will raise the Aethercannon Power Level and the end of the fight.

Typically the strategy is to gather up around the iconic at the mouth of the lane and help them deal with the Watchwork creatures that spawn nearby. A few other players will want to stay nearer to the portal at the end to make sure the other mobs that spawn don't dig in and cause trouble to players trying to get to the Power Regulators when that time comes.

Condition damage can be very useful during this phase for the Champion Abominations that make a bee-line for the portal. Dump bleed, torment and whatever damage you can do onto it as quickly as possible.

Power Regulators and the Wardens

Twisted Marionette Portal

Here is where the lane is split into five different arenas upon activation of the portal. Each arena is filled with 1-5 people who must fight one of the Regulator Wardens in order to destroy the Power Regulator. Each lane will want 20-25 people in it so each arena is filled with 4-5 people.

Twisted Marionette Progress

All five arenas need to defeat their Regulator Warden and Power Regulator in two minutes in order to break the chain. If any group fails the entire lane fails and the Aetherblade Cannon is filled a quarter more. An important thing to note is if a lane doesn't manage to break the chain on their turn, the Champions they fought move on to the next lane. Meaning each chain Warden needs be fought in order to defeat the Marionette.

The table below will tell you some quick ideas of what to expect from the Regulator Warden and what Marionette Achievement is tied to the Regulator Warden you fight. Getting the achievements tied with the Warden and the Marionette requires that your lane completes Phase Two.





Regulator Warden I: Blocks all attacks from the front.

Marionette Lightfoot


Regulator Warden II: Invincible while spinning. Must kite the Warden into the mines it drops to stun it to hurt it.

Marionette Sidestepper


Regulator Warden III: Launches bombs and knocks down players repeatedly.

Marionette Short-Circuiter


Regulator Warden IV: Does a shriek that stacks confusion and fires missles you must dodge.

Marionette Dodge


Regulator Warden V: Splits when you kill it to a total of five different mobs. Must kills the five before you can destroy the regulator.

Marionette Muter

  • Regulator Warden I: An easy Champion where you cannot harm it from the front. One player has to tank it's attention while everyone else deals damage to it from the sides or the back. Quick and easy, generally.
  • Regulator Warden II: This Champion is invulnerable while it spins, and while it is spinning it drops mines. Kite the Champion onto the mine and it'll become stunned for a long period of time where you can blast it with solid damage.
  • Regulator Warden III: Range and dodging skills are key here. The missiles it launches can one-shot you so you need to dodge, block or invulnerable your way through it. If in melee it can one-shot you with a leap attack so stick to range is key.
  • Regulator Warden IV: Uses a strong shriek attack that can wreck players with confusion stacks if they don't avoid it or stop attacking when stacked with confusion. Condition cleansing is also really handy here.
  • Regulator Warden V: A mob that splits into five mobs every time you defeat it. Just stack on top of the Power Regualtor and DPS it down. AoEs in particular are useful here.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a portal sickness debuff that occurs after your lane enters Phase Two. This debuff lasts about 4 minutes, so this can potentially mean that Lane 1 and Lane 2 can assist Lanes 4 and 5 to help them with their Wardens. However, you will still need to have people protect the lane otherwise the leak from the mobs hitting the portal will cause you to lose.

Victory! (or Failure)

Victory will reward you a large chest, a Hoard of the Marionette V and a few achievements if you hadn't already gotten them.

Failure will reward you a Hoard of the Marionette based on how many chains you managed to break. And death. There will be death.