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Triple Trouble Achievement Guide

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January 23, 2014 - 11:44pm -- Lee B.
Triple Trouble Achievement Guide

All of these achievements are accomplished within Bloodtide Coast and are associated with The Great Jungle Wurm. The achievements are separated that two are associated with the different types of Wurms, two are associated with any of the Wurms, the completion of Phase One then the completion of Phase Two. Completion of all of these achievements will take multiple efforts and intense coordination of a guild or server.

The Great Jungle Wurm events begin every odd hour server time, in rotation with the Twisted Marionette.

Triple Trouble

120 Total Achievement Points

Triple Trouble

50 Achievement Points - "Great Jungle Wurm Slayer" Title

Standard complete all the achievements under Triple Trouble to get this achievement finished.

Wurm Barf

5 Achievement Points

Get regurgitated by the Amber Great Jungle Wurm.

Get eaten by the Amber Wurm by getting coated in the Wurm Attractant after killing the Plague Carrier Abomination shown in the screenshot above. Once you have the buff go to where the red arrow is and stay there with 20 other people so that you get devoured. Inside the Wurm you will want to get the Harpoon on the corpse behind where you spawn, then attack the Pyloric Valve. You will get spit out and that's how you get the achievement!

Wurm Bait

5 Achievement Points

Get covered in Wurm Attractant while escorting the Vigil crusader.

This achievement is done in the escort to the Amber Jungle Wurm. On the way a Plague Carrier will spawn. Burn it down and stand in the cloud that spawns. Achievement done!

Wurm Hurdler

10 Achievement Points

Avoid getting hit by any of the Great Jungle Wurm's spin attacks.

When you see a large red circle right on top of one of the Wurm's, dodge through it as it spins and you will get the achievement.

Wurm Phytotoxin Collector

5 Achievement Points

Collect each of the colored phytotoxins around the Crimson Jungle Wurm.

During the fight with the Crimson Jungle Wurm you will see a few colored gaseous clouds with a color icon hovering over it. Get each of the colors during the fight (all at once, or one at a time for the collectors) and you will get this achievement.

Phytotoxin Enthusiast

5 Achievement Points

Get exposed to the Phytotoxin during the escort event prior to facing the Crimson Great Jungle Wurm.

Wurm Egg Scrambler

15 Achievement Points

Destroy 1/10/30 Great Jungle Wurm Eggs before they hatch.

Just hunt down the Eggs as they spawn and burn them done before they hatch.

Wurm Decapitator

5 Achievement Points

Decapitate the 3 heads of the Great Jungle Wurm in the first phase of combat with each of the three heads.

Wurm Kleptomaniac

5 Achievement Points

During the escort quest to the Cobalt Jungle Wurm you will encounter a pirate who gets eaten by a Wurm. Near to him is a bottle of rum. Pick it up and it's done!

Wurm Demolitionist

5 Achievement Points

Place 1/10/30 Powder Kegs at the bast of the Cobalt Jungle Wurm.

After the escort quest to the Cobalt Jungle Wurm you will need to gather powder kegs and place them near the Wurm. During the event you will see a red keg icon on the minimap. Gather up enough and drop them and this achievement is done. Be careful, however, as kegs will explode over time or explode when you get hit.

Wurm Slayer

10 Achievement Points

Destroy each of the 3 Great Jungle Wurm Heads.

Completely destroy the 3 Great Jungle Wurm Heads in the second phase of combat. This phase is unlocked after you decapitate the 3 heads within ten minutes of each other in the first phase of combat.